What’s Your Summertime Grub Go-To?

Late July, summer hitting its peak, the weekend is here. How’s the grubbing these days? Are you all about the burgers and dogs? Steaks on the grill? How do you do your summer grub in your neck of the woods? Here in the mid-atlantic, this is a familiar sight…


6 comments on “What’s Your Summertime Grub Go-To?

  1. wenkie says:

    I’ve hauled in a ton of peppers (Italian, Banana, Poblano, Jalepeno) and tomatoes from the backyard so I’ve been eating my way though those. Most recently italian pepper marinara over hot italian sausages.

  2. T.J. says:

    Easy. Kielbasa (gotta be from Filipek’s in Meriden) on the grill with a little barbecue sauce. On a soft potato roll with some kraut or yellow mustard. Heaps of cool potato and egg salad with some dill pickle spears on the side. Yay.

    • Lancaster says:

      Having just moved to Connecticut, I’ve been trying to determine what appropriate regional summertime grub would be. So far I’ve had quite a lot of excellent pizza and grinders, as well as steamed cheeseburgers from Ted’s Cromwell location, but those strike me as anytime foods. I’ve yet to sample the available German and Polish fare.

  3. Satyr says:

    Yuengling is a good start! I would like to say a crab boil would be nice, but blue crabs aren’t readily available around here.Spicy crawfish or shrimp are a good choice, along with the usual potatoes, corn, onions, and smoked sausage. As far as the grill goes, fresh bratwurst and kielbasa from Charlie’s Meat Market in Memphis is always a winner. And if you want to take it easy, a Boston Butt or 2 on the smoker is pretty choice.

  4. Raiders757 says:

    That is truly a familiar site in my neck of the woods as well. To answer the question is rather difficult. There isn’t much I make in the summer that don’t make all year round. My smoker never gets put away, so it’s burgers, dogs, brats, steaks, pulled pork, beer can chicken, or what have you twelve months a year.

    I think the advantage of summer is all the fresh veggies one can grill, so yea, that has to be my answer. Fresh veggies. Fresh hickory smoked corn on the cob is the shiz. Fresh maters and fried green maters from the cast iron skillet. Yummy!!

  5. ljay says:

    Yeah, I miss crabs. We would spend days in waist deep water with a piece of raw chicken tied to a string, a net, and a bushel basket floating in the center of an inter-tube. Took about 3-4 hours to fill that bushel basket with some real nice Jimmys. Those were the days.

    Anyway, I grill/smoke year round also but grilled squash and fried green tomatoes are the summer vegetables of choice.

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