Open Forum Friday, March 2nd 2012

It’s Friday and time for an open forum.  What would you like to discuss?  Here’s some stuff circling my brain at the moment:

  • Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell coming out on March 8th
  • I started working on a Google+ page for GrubGrade and trying to get the hang of it.  Anyone using Google+ yet?  How exactly do I link to it?  I’ll try to post site updates there along with the GrubGrade Facebook and GrubGrade Twitter account.
  • Sometime around May 2012, GrubGrade will debut a bit of a facelift… or GrubGrade 2.0 as it were.
  • We’ve got new writers that you may be noticing already or will begin to notice soon.  GrubGrade needs a bio section don’t you think?  I’m working on getting together bios of everyone contributing to the site. Murray, Chefprotoss and Erin Jax have been here for a bit and newcomers Mitchery and Dustin are just getting started.  Dustin will have a review of the Southwest Patty Melt from Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. sometime published tonight or this weekend.
  • Who sent me all those 7-11 Spicy Big Bite pics?  Was it you Chef?  In any case, I’m posting this pic 🙂

36 comments on “Open Forum Friday, March 2nd 2012

  1. Natalie says:

    I am a little too excited to try the Doritos taco. I don’t even have high hopes for it tasting good, I just want to taste the novelty.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Can’t wait to try the Doritos Locos Taco. Two yummy things in one! Hope I’m not disappointed.

  3. SkippyMom says:

    I love the idea of a bio section! So a yes vote here.

    I don’t know if you have ever asked this question [survey like] but I was wondering what everyone’s favorite flavor of Slurpee is – and what was the cheapest you ever remember paying for one?

    I hope y’all have a spectacular weekend!

    • Ryan says:

      I haven’t had a Slurpee in the longest time. I remember the Coke Slurpee and the Cherry Slurpee being the main players… but was there ever a Cherry Coke Slurpee? I want one.

      Attn Writers:

      Anyone want to review the new $1 Bacon & Cheese Potato Stix from 7-Eleven?

  4. Mitchery says:

    Anytime taco bell puts out something new I am sold. I’m looking forward to the Doritos taco as well as the different variations they will come up with it. I’ll start writing up my bio for you today. It’s going to consist of pictures of Jim Henson, he-man, pee wee herman and my all time favorite sylvester Stallone.

  5. Joe Cool says:

    Look at that picture! I want that monster in my mouth.

  6. Lindsay says:

    I really, really want that hot dog. 🙂

  7. Natalie says:

    Also, I vote that Chefprotoss goes back to Steak n Shake to review the frisco melt. Seeing GG slander the SnS name was a little bit too much to take.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      Way ahead of ya lol. Its in the pipeline. Just remember that I reviewed S&S in the perspective of being surrounded by burger joints. They have some tough competition. I can only be honest =)

    • Lochlain says:

      I don’t think swiss cheese and sourdough will make much difference! The frisco melt is my favorite thing there, but its overpriced. The $4 deal for a double burger and fries is a good deal. There’s a bunch of them by me (Indiana) and I don’t know anyone who would recommend them for a burger. But I don’t see the big deal about Five Guys’ burgers either!

      • Raiders757 says:

        I love S&S, but being that there isn’t one even close to me, it’s been nearly ten years since I’ve ate at one. From what I recall, I can’t see how one would like S&S and not like Five Guys. Although a bit overpriced and just as easily better made at home on a cast iron skillet, Five Guys burgers kick ass. If I had to choose between the two, I would take Five Guys in a split second. Then again, S&S have some really good shakes, so it would be nice if one opens up in my area in the near future. The nearest one to me right now, is in the Richmond, Va. area.

  8. Mike N says:

    Tomorrow, Saturday 3/3/12 if Free Pretzel Day at all Auntie Anne’s (excepting airport and turnpike locations.) I love me a free pretzel!!

  9. Chefprotoss says:

    I was gonna write a review for that after work tonight. Grrr… =P

  10. Dr. Fart says:

    For discussion:
    Fart vs. Queef, which is the more promising flavor for 2012?

  11. 4X4, Animal Style says:

    I really should post more, but eh, life and all that good jazz. That, and well, you guys make me jealous with all the options you have that I don’t.

    I’d be happy to give a bio and do more reviewing, I live to eat. Sadly, my area really isn’t the best for all kinds of fast food, but I’d be happy to do what I can- doing a review for Quizno’s around a year ago was awesome.

    Of course, I have some news I should break to you all, some very good, the other makes me weep.

    Good news first: Dunkin’ Donuts has another new breakfast sandwich, this one called the Hot and Spicy Breakfast Sandwich: bacon, with pepper jack cheese, habaneros and diced jalapenos inside the little [s]powdered[/s] egg patty omelet, all on an English Muffin. As someone who finds ghost chiles not mouth-burning, but rather enjoyable, this is absolutely fantastic.

    Granted, spicy is an overkilled and overused flavor profile, but this is the first time I’ve heard Dunkin’ Donuts doing anything in the spicy department. Let me know if you’re all interested in a review/pics, I’d be more than happy, my guess is that I’m in a test market.

    Of course, the bad news is to follow. Taco Bell is getting rid of 2 of its Chalupas, leaving only the Supreme left. As an ardent fan of the Baja, mainly due to the creamy, spicy sauce, I truly ask why. I’ve checked not only Taco Bell’s site for it on the menu, but also the nutrition guide, it is [i]No Mas en uno u otro[/i]. Sure, that Doritos Loco Taco looks yummy, but I’m not okay with that trade.

    I really want to know everyone’s thoughts on these, especially the latter.

    • TheWarden says:

      Oh dear.

      The baja are the only gorditas / chalupas I get. It’s all about that creamy sauce, baby.

      I suppose you can still get it made – the baja sauce is either their pepper jack sauce or it’s called something else that I can’t remember. But additional sauce is no doubt an additional cost.

      No muy bueno.

  12. Jade says:

    Thinking about summer menus. Over here (the UK) at McDonalds anyway, there’s often a set of themed menu items that get rolled out one at a time, so for two weeks it’s x, the next two weeks it’s y, etc – does it happen in the US at all?

    A mediterranean themed set of items would be awesome – Greek gyros pork sandwich (gyros spiced pork patty, leaf lettuce, tomato, raw onion slices, tztziki sauce), Italian chicken sandwich (like the BK Chicken Marinara sandwich but not terrible, and maybe with a bruschetta-type tomato sauce)….maybe some kind of hamburger item with chorizo for a Spanish theme?

    I really wish pork was used more in fast food in general.

    • Ryan says:

      In the states, the promos usually run for longer than 2 weeks at a time.

      Chorizo is underutilized. I think the American public fears if something is too outside the box… or at least the businesses are wary so they limit a lot to small test markets.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      A couple years ago, Subway had a pulled pork Cuban that was surprisingly awesome. I’m not sure if it went national or not.

  13. Dustin says:

    I’m really not on board with Taco Bell doing away with the Baja sauce. I hope this is all a sad, terrible dream.

  14. Murray says:

    Dude!? I didn’t like it when they got rid of the Santa Fe version. I am totally not cool with axing the Baja.

    Must…contain…excitement for new Doritos Locos tacos. At age 36, must…find…better things…for which to live.

    On another note, I am long overdue to submit a bio and make a Gravatar, so I’ll try to get on that.

  15. COBRA says:


    • Ryan says:

      Just checked, there’s one about 50miles away from me. If I’m ever near one, I’ll definitely get a burrito.

  16. Charlotte says:

    I’m a big fan of Doritos being the catch-all remedy to spruce up crappy Mexican food. Sometimes (when I’m high or just not high) I get an enchilada Lean Cuisine, smush the rice together with it and eat it like a dip with nacho cheese Doritos and it’s about three thousand percent more delicious. Vive le sel!

  17. Raiders757 says:

    I’ll be in line to try the Doritos Locos Tacos by 11:00AM. I loved Doritos until they became over-priced and started slacking on the cheese powder stuff, so I have to try one of these things. I can’t see it being bad at all. Of course it would kick more ass if Taco bell released these shells in their grocery store taco kits. Having a Doritos locos shell with homemade taco fillings would just take the already awesome taco night to a whole new level.

    That Big Bite pic is making me want a hotdog. It looks tasty despite being a 7-11 dog, which I don’t care for all that much.

  18. Carebear says:

    So is Adam no longer writing for this blog?

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