Open Forum Friday, February 10th 2012

I was thinking how GrubGrade needs an open forum section where readers can spill out their thoughts, ideas, and maybe even recommendations of what they’d like to see reviewed at some point.  Or just have a discussion amongst yourselves about any grub related topics.  Friday seems like a solid day to kick off some discussions well into the weekend.  So let’s see how this goes.  Open Forum Friday.  Be nice… or at least try to try.  Thanks!

57 comments on “Open Forum Friday, February 10th 2012

  1. Roberto says:

    I love this idea! I know I will be reading it everyday

  2. pete says:

    haha! food and stuff! wooooo opinions yeah!

  3. Lindsay says:

    I love it too!

    Brueggers Bagels had a “birthday bash” and they were giving away 3 free bagels yesterday (2/9/12) from open to 2PM. I got 2 cinnamon and sugar and 1 blueberry. Did anybody else partake?

  4. ljay says:

    I’d like to see an area where users/readers can post pics and reviews of food/meals they eat both out and at home.

  5. COBRA says:

    Id really like to see a review of panchero’s

  6. Ed H says:

    Tapatio hot sauce-flavored Doritos are great.

  7. Chefprotoss says:

    More cowbell…

    • Raiders757 says:

      Thank you. I shall now carry my drunk arse over to my old 70’s Pioneer stereo and crank “Agents of Fortune” from my old vinyl collection, saved from my youth. I’m sure my daughter will wake up and give me evil looks. Question is, will my wife even notice, as she is immersed deeply into the world of “Skyrim”. I’m not sure she realizes it’s a little past 2:00AM, and that she’s been playing for nearly six hours.

      Ah yea, the warm sounding crackles are taking me back in time already. Now playing: ‘This Ain’t the Summer of Love’.


  8. rob says:

    I would like to be able to download whatever item is being reviewed. For example, you could click on a button and down load a Roy Roger’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich, then after eating it you could comment on what you thought of it.

    It would be best if the food download was free or discounted.

  9. Bekah says:

    Fabulous idea. I read you daily.

  10. Jenna Z says:

    Less local places like the reviews of Roasthouse Pub and Shoppers’ Doughnuts. More pizza news! And Ice cream news!!

    • Sherm says:

      I like the local reviews, if only for the fact that they give the reader something to look at when there’s nothing going on/being reviewed in the fast food world.

      • Ryan says:

        Thanks for the comment. Yeah the local eats are few and far between, but we know where our bread is buttered. It’s normally a last resort thing to do local restaurant reviews. There are places around my hometown that can be a breath of fresh air for me writing-wise, so it’s almost therapeutic to cover something I want to rather than forcing something I don’t. Furthermore, I’m working on two other projects behind the scenes that will end up benefitting from my ‘once in a blue moon’ hometown focus.

        But anyways, the primary focus on GG… the chains. In that area, something big coming within the next 7 days that the readers should really enjoy 🙂

  11. @graciHas says:

    what’s best valentine’s day dinner for a single guy besides a handle of vodka?

  12. Keith says:

    I do see the merit in focusing reviews on chains since it will appeal to widest majority of readers. But it’s also nice to see what our reviewers are grubbing on locally.

    I’d like to see:
    -Food reviewed without any special orders, substitutions or omissions (people know what they like or don’t like, but food should be reviewed as-is).
    -Less cereal reviews
    -The elimination of the egg-white anything
    -A more open-minded approach toward mayonnaise and mayonnaise based sauces
    -More humor

    So, in other words, fewer Adam reviews! lol, I kid, I kid!

    • ChrisLad says:

      Can we have less snobby and worthless comments. Aka Keith comments. I kid I kid

      • Keith says:

        Ah, exactly the kind of defensive response I was soliciting. I guess no one can handle criticism on the Internet anymore – especially when it’s warranted.

        So Adam’s reviews annoy me… so what? I don’t know how more people don’t find his reviews juvenile and pretentious, but he’s certainly snapped at anyone whose criticized him. Probably why he started his own blog… I know I’m not going near it, and if it means less of his goofy, sideways-hat face at GrubGrade, I’d say we all win.

        • ChrisLad says:

          People can’t take criticism on the Internet? Hardly. The criticism and substance less comments bother people because we’re aware that nearly no one would be as coarse and negative in “real life” as they do sitting smugly behind their monitors. You made a charge and then in preteen fashion said “I kid”. As anyone could see you really meant that; why the fake jest?

          I like the style differences of the writers. Diverse tastes and perspective make for an engaging, unique blog. Adam and Chefprotoss inject more personality and humor into their posts than Ryan whose reviews tend to be very matter-of-fact. This is a good thing. It isn’t grubgrade the faceless corporation: it’s a collection of stories from real people.

    • Raiders757 says:

      “-A more open-minded approach toward mayonnaise and mayonnaise based sauces”

      Why? Mayo is nasty, and damn near every place in America sells out with a lame mayo based sauce on one thing or another. Using mayo as a sauce base is a cop-out. How about being more open minded to healthier more creative non-mayo based sauces? Mayo based sauces are for chefs with no balls.

      Jut my biased opinion mind you. 🙂

      Also, isn’t this mainly a fast food and junk food site? If you want snooty reviews about pretentious overpriced and overrated food, I’m sure there are a thousand blogs penned by someone looking down their nose at the world for you to read.

      …and Adam is doing a great job!

  13. Biff Bagel says:

    Denny’s, Chili’s, Applebee’s!

  14. Eilish says:

    You should review:

    Sun chips
    Whataburger apple pies
    Kix cereal
    DQ blizzard of the month
    Just classic junk food!

  15. drpep says:

    No matter how tough the beefsteak you can always get your fork in the gravy.

  16. A Connor says:

    Olive Garden and IHOP

  17. mweav067 says:

    Personally I’d like to see an actual forum added to the site, unless that would be too difficult.

    Also, I’d like to see McDonald’s issue a rather public apology for their radio ad that mentions that eating a mcnugget is safer than petting a pit bull. A nationwide TV commercial publicly apologizing would fit the bill.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      agreed on the forum. PLEEEEAASE ryan…

      • Ryan says:

        Considering it, but trying not to detract from the day to day format of the site. Since GrubGrade continues to grow, I want to continue the trend and not turn it into something completely different almost 3 years in. That said, it has been something I’ve thought about for a while. This “Open Forum Friday” is a baby step towards possibly something bigger down the road so stay tuned. If it makes sense, it will be considered.

        • ljay says:

          The problem with a forum is that it tends to dilute the main purpose of the site AND imo they tend to become very clannish in nature often making new people feel uncomfortable or unwanted. People start to become obsessed with post counts and other silliness.

          Would hate to see that happen here.

        • ChrisLad says:

          I like the open forum friday idea. Otherwise I like that the comments tend to stay on topic. I think the current format helps nearly all comments stay food related.

    • ljay says:

      Not sure what a “rather public apology” is but what they should have said is shooting a pitbull is safer then petting a pitbull.

      I think all reasonable people would agree don’t you?

      • Jade says:

        Pit bulls are only as dangerous as their owners make them.

        • Ryan says:

          If you’ve been bitten by a pitbull, raise your hand…. or nub. Ugh, sorry, that was a controversial bad joke.

          I publicly apologize for my insensitive joke towards non-violent pitbulls, their owners and victims of animal attacks.

          My cat Ozzy bites me almost daily btw. Pathetic weak jaws he has.

    • Raiders757 says:

      I have yet to hear that McD’s commercial. WTF? I have a pit, and she’s a spoiled princess. It’s a shame bad owners give the breed such a bad rep. Reading Ljay’s response just makes me sad, and reasonable people would agree that a bad dog, it’s the fault of it’s owner. Pits are a great breed and are very loving dogs, and anyone who doesn’t believe me, is just letting the media shape their opinions for them.

      Speaking of bad radio adds, has anyone heard that terrible Hooter’s radio add about free food on Friday’s? I just want to strangle the idiot that came up with that idea in the board room. Maybe I’ll sick my pit on them, so she can lick him do death from drowning in her happy drool.


      • Raiders757 says:

        Oh yea. A message board/forum would be awesome.

      • mweav067 says:

        The ad basically says the eating a McNugget is safer than petting a Pit Bull.

        The ad was pulled rather quickly I think. I know McDonald’s issued a rather short apology on their corporate website, and even then it was sort of hidden on the front page of it. A national TV ad apologizing for the fiasco would satisfy me.

  18. Chefprotoss says:

    Lol. A while ago I thought about reviewing the casual chains more. Then I realized I don’t really like any of them. With fast food, I love the nostalgia and the simplicity. Poyeyes fried chicken is exactly what quick serve chicken should be. Not only is it cheap and non-pretentious, it’s god damned delicious. If Applebee’s tried to do the same thing, it would cost too much and most likely not taste half as good. Sure I have a soft spot for Red Lobster, but I generally have an awful time at casual restaurants. Don’t even get me started on the gastronomic travesty that is Olive Garden. Though I would like to know how the other writers and you guys feel about this subject.

    • Raiders757 says:

      I wouldn’t mind reading reviews of those sort of places, but the bad part would mean you guys would have to go and eat their food. I have to also side with the anti-Olive Garden crowd. That place is a joke anymore. Haven’t bothered to eat there in years, and probably won’t ever again.

      • Mitchery says:

        Agreed about the casual fast food chains. I think that’s why I always like to hear about the local eats more than anything. I mean how often does someone go to a major city and think “I wonder what is good around here”? I find myself doing that all the time.

        For instance, I was born and raised in New York and there are a million places to get pizza and sandwiches that are fantastic. However, I can’t exactly be their guide if they ask me based upon where they exactly are in the city or borough. There is just to much to keep up with and it would be nice to have a central location to go to for that information.

    • Ryan says:

      I personally think GrubGrade needs to cover more fast-casual chains. We slack 🙁

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