Memorial Day is AWESOME!

Well, barbeque season kicked off yesterday and it got me thinking. Thinking about how awesome Memorial Day is. Sure Christmas has presents and an overweight guy who breaks into your house, and Thanksgiving has gravy… lots of gravy. Well Memorial Day is a day of honoring those who made it possible for us to do what we are doing, which is putting giant slabs of meat on a fire. It’s what you should be doing anyway. My coworkers and I feasted on many things yesterday, but the piece de resistance was clearly the Turtle Burger.

It’s a full pound of ground beef, stuffed with hot dogs and wrapped in bacon. It shouldn’t taste as good as it does. It’s life affirming. Thanks to those who sacrificed so I could partake in the Turtle Burger. What did you guys do for Memorial Day? More importantly, what did you eat?

5 comments on “Memorial Day is AWESOME!

  1. SkippyMom says:

    I don’t dare show my husband that picture, but it, indeed, looks life affirming. Wow.

    We had hot dogs and hamburgers [separate :(] baked beans, coleslaw, fruit salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, a red white and blue cake [which looks so cool] and individual apple pies [equally as cool]. All made by me 😀 [except the grilling part].

    I love being able to give thanks and remember my Uncles and Dads who served our country proudly and LOVED to bbq and eat on this holiday. 🙂 I especially miss them when I make the deviled eggs – they all loved them and I always had to make dozens [like 5 or 6] because there was never enough. I wish they were still here. 🙂

  2. Unknown says:

    The only thing that could make it better is grilled cheese for buns.

  3. VanessaG says:

    Wow!! I thought it was a real turtle at first!! My family had an awesome cookout with soooo much good food. My favorite thing we made was grilled pizzas. 🙂

  4. JF says:

    I’ve seen pictures of this before, but never ventured to try it. I love hamburgers, hot dogs and of course bacon! It just seems like way too much to intake at one time.

    But I am sure, at some point, I will give it a try. It sure looks good!

    But I want to know, how did it taste?

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