Guess the Grub: Heart Attack Edition


12 comments on “Guess the Grub: Heart Attack Edition

  1. Manavee says:

    Oooh, I think I know this one, since I ate it just today. Is it Noodles and Company’s BBQ Pork Mac and Cheese dish?

    If it is, I thought it was just alright. I wished it had been a bit cheesier, as the shredded cheddar on top just wasn’t cutting it for me. You seemed to get a lot more of the onions and pork and cheese than I did, though.

  2. MP says:

    Pig slop?
    I don’t know, fried onions or clams? Pulled pork? Two kinds of cheese, maybe it’s some breakfast thing from Denny’s.

  3. Fenny says:

    Looks like a KFC bowl, topped with either french-fried onions or the battery bits they give you at Long John Silver’s. There’s also some pulled pork and bbq sauce in there. It’s a melange.

  4. Doug says:

    BBQ pork Mac ad cheese at noodles and company

  5. Slow Gonzalez says:

    This looks like a bed of those fried cracklins you get with your fish planks at Long John Silver’s topped with pulled pork and cheese. Gosh, why doesn’t this exist?

  6. rob says:

    I was going to guess Captain D’s

  7. Briteeni says:

    Pulled pork, cheese fries & onion straws?

  8. sandy says:

    Where are the noodles? I don’t see any. Not a big fan of Noodles and Company but my daughter and her teenage friends all love the place. Too generic and not enough flavor for me. I love this website by the way, great job!

  9. maynardb61 says:

    Looks like it needs a fried egg on top..

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