Sandwich Sunday: The Perfect Summer Lunch?

Well, it’s about time. I know I haven’t added another installment of the Sandwich Sunday series since December, but if there was ever going to be a time to resurrect the weekly feature, it’s now. After all, tomato season is fast approaching, and is there anything better for lunch in the summer months than two toasted slices of wheat bread spread thick with cream cheese, black pepper, sea salt, and ripe, juicy tomatoes?

Ok, not to steal a line from our buddy Q at Brand Eating, but what’s your favorite summer sandwich?

19 comments on “Sandwich Sunday: The Perfect Summer Lunch?

  1. Tomato sandwiches ARE summer to me. We always used mayonnaise growing up, but my next one will totally be cream cheese.

  2. I LOVE cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches on wheat berry bread. I take whipped cream cheese and blend with finely minced onions, minced cucumber, dill (fresh is best), salt and pepper, and a little mayo. Then, you can top with fresh cucumber as well!

    • Adam says:

      I agree. Dill is amazing, but I didn’t have any. Fresh basil would also be great, but I was out of herbs. I like cream cheese over mayo because I like that little touch of sweetness and cream!

  3. That’s unamerican.

  4. Keith says:

    That sandwich is in desperate need of some bacon. Otherwise, I’m with Murphy – wayyy too boring and British.

    And doesn’t cream cheese fall into your distaste for “white foods,” Adam?

  5. Manavee says:

    Yes, there is something better than that.

    Add some meat, you damn hippie!

  6. SPM says:

    The texture on those tomatoes looks terrible

  7. Charlotte says:

    Hell yeah! Nothing like a tomato sandwich. I prefer Miracle Whip though.

  8. Raiders757 says:

    I would have to say no to the question asked. I had cast iron steak, mashed taters, and salad for lunch yesterday. Yea, it took a lot longer to make, but it was so worth it.

  9. Francois says:

    Tomato season isn’t “fast approaching”. It’s been here for a short time now and will continue well into August. In any case, those tomatoes do look rather pathetic (this coming from somebody who has grown tomatoes for almost the last 10 years now). Great sandwich concept, though. I love them. You just need a good tomato. So many people believe that tomatoes need to taste “watery”.


  10. Mike says:

    Those are some AWFUL looking tomatoes. Whats it coming to when our countries kids think that is a good mater?

    • Adam says:

      Ah,now I remember why I retired the series. I guess you propose throwing food out and letting it go to waste, then? Hey, it tasted good, sorry the picture destroys your faith in America…

  11. mary says:

    I don’t know why everybody is hatin’ on the picture of the tomatoes. They look to me like fresh tomatoes, not the hard, chalky monstrosities (sp?) we are used to getting from the grocery that are picked green and allowed to “ripen” in transit.
    But that’s just me………

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