Arby’s Fish Sandwich Commercial with GrubGrade Mention

It’s not the greatest quality video, but here’s the Arby’s Fish Sandwich commercial with mention. 🙂

29 comments on “Arby’s Fish Sandwich Commercial with GrubGrade Mention

  1. Blogartop says:

    Congrats. You’re now the Roger Ebert of fried crap!

  2. Shannon says:

    Yay! Ryan, you finally got! How?

  3. J.B. says:

    It was cool except for the creepy accent.
    I still think they should have paid you, but oh well, I guess technically you can’t.

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks… haha yeah, I guess the accent was supposed to be a Jacques Cousteau imitation or something.

    • Raslup says:

      Creepy Accent sounds like Spanish ?? Along with the Queens English and whatever the Aussies speak.. I don’t like it. Just use someone that speaks USA…. Ya’ll or Youseguys !!

  4. Marvo says:

    That’s cool. They even said Grub Grade dot com in the commercial. Have you seen an increase in traffic since the ad came out?

    • Ryan says:

      There has been an increase in traffic… but I can’t quite tell what it’s from. The McDonald’s oatmeal going nationwide has provided a spike.

  5. skippymom says:

    My family is applauding! YAY! I feel like your mom, I am so PROUD of you guys. YAY!

    And we all decided that was definitely not Jacque Costeau – but a high pitched Antonion Banderas.

    You guys are so great and this is very deserving.

    ::Skippy happy dance::

  6. Manavee says:

    The funny thing is that if Arby’s customers actually check this site out, they may find quite a few middling to negative reviews of Arby’s products here (as I don’t think you’ve been that complimentary of many of their products, the fish sandwich excluded, in the past).

  7. Jim says:

    Tried the sandwich today on your review. Tasted like a bland flattened fish stick. Still prefer the filet of fish from Mc d’s.

  8. Nasir says:

    Gotta go with Jim here. Tried it because of the review. Everyone in my family was disappointed and complained about how bland it was. Granted, the fish filet was a good size but it was sorely lacking in the taste department. I would not give it anywhere near a 8.75. The Deep Sea Double from Checkers, though nothing special, was better than this and got a much lower score. Its truly mystifying as to why. But I suppose differing opinions occur every now and then. I usually agree with the reviews here though. Keep up the good work guys!

  9. Shannon says:

    I am truly shocked to see that anyone is complaining about any menu item at Arby’s being bland. Arby’s is infamous for having tons of salt in their food, even more than other fast food restaurants.

  10. Nasir says:

    By bland, I meant that it lacked strong features or characteristics. I just wanted to remark on the fact that it was uninteresting. I should have been clearer perhaps. It wasnt meant as a reflection on lack of salt or the like.

  11. Sara says:

    I heard a radio commercial for this sandwich mentioning this afternoon. The commercial was being played on KGRS “Mix 107.3” out of Burlington, IA. I believe it was a local announcer rather than a nationwide type commercial.

  12. Aimee says:

    I’ve finally seen the commercial!!! I found the bun to be a little too fluffy for my tastes & shredded lettuce? They might as well skip the preliminaries & throw a handful in my car. I, too, liked that it was an actual fish, not pieces of multiple random fishes. Fish? Fishes? 🙁

    I would have liked to get it home to doctor it up with some Frank’s red hot, but I was hungry & alas, the sandwich didn’t live that long. I will definitely try it again. It’s on par with the new one from Wendy’s with the panko crumbs.

  13. Jesse says:

    Congrats guys this is pretty awesome. Also, I went to check my mail the other day and had some coupons in of them being from Arby’s. The one side with a big picture printed on it was of their fish sandwich and the same quote they have been using featuring Grub Grade, just thought it was pretty cool.

  14. wibia says:

    Awesome. I just got the coupons in the mail and they had the same Grub Grade stamp… About time you get some respect!

  15. Nancy says:

    Ryan, I work at Arby’s & I would just like to tell you that if you come into our store the fish sandwich POP has the GrubGrade stamp on it also. I have also had quite a few guest ask for a pen so they can write down the site. 🙂 This is my first visit & I’m loving it so far. 🙂

  16. Star says:

    Tried to do a search on your page because I tried the fish sandwich simply because of the rating and I definitely would not give Arby’s the #1 spot. What were the #2, #3, #4 and so on rated fishes?

  17. 4X4, Animal Style says:

    Heh, wow. I just went on Arby’s homepage were the fish is featured again- and so is Grubgrade’s mention, with the same statement as this ad, one year later; this is awesome, Ryan!

    Now, if only Arby’s was in my state, I love me my custom fast food there.

  18. Idaho Spud says:

    They’re two for $5 out here and the commercial is a different edit. If I could, I’d send you a WMV… I work for a production company, e-mail me if you’re curious.

  19. Enhanced Eddy says:

    I recently had the Arby’s fish sandwich for the first time (2 for $4) and I was amazed at how good it was for a fast food fish sandwich. The fish seemed really fresh, moist, flaky and nicely battered and fried. I’ve had much worse fish fillets in an actual fish restaurant.

    A few weeks later I got it again and immediately I could tell it wasn’t going to be as good. The fish seemed to be fried a little harder and the flesh was a little darker in color (Frozen too long?). It was still pretty good, but not as amazing as the first one I had. So at least in my town, the quality isn’t super consistent. Its still my favorite fast food fish sandwich, but I will keep my expectations a little lower for next time.

  20. jenne says:

    congrats! just had one btw….and it was very delicious and pretty big too…. very satisfying.

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