Sweet Cinnamon Wheat Thins Giveaway Winners

Lots of great sounding ideas tossed around in my “What should I eat these with?” question regarding Wheat Thins’ latest Sweet Cinnamon flavor. I’ve chosen 10 winners with what I can only assume would be — borrowing a phrase from Tyler Florence here — “absolutely fabulous” combinations, but at the end of the day, an idea pulled from multiple suggestions won me over.

That’s right, even a cereal-eating, packaged-food junkie like me decided to take a more thought-out approach to the crackers, using them as an accent and garnish for an entrée. After dry roasting a pumpkin I had left over from Halloween, I took out the old Magic Bullet and added the pumpkin to a reduced mixture of milk, sour cream, and seasonal spices. I added a few tablespoons of PB&Co’s Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter for an extra level of smoke and spice, then topped with crushed crackers and roasted pumpkin seeds. I give you, Peanut Butter Pumpkin Soup with Cinnamon Crunch.

Thanks for all who participated, here are my favorite entries (emails have been sent out to the winners, but if you have not received an email, please let us know in the comments:

  • jrdunn (for the cinnamon raisin peanut butter suggestion)
  • COBRA (because I’m under the impression Lox goes with everything)
  • Manavee (for knowing how much I love cereal)
  • Kaylin (for the idea of a crumble topping)
  • Mengda Zhang (also for knowing about my love of cereal)
  • Nicki (If I had heavy whipping cream, I would of tried your idea)
  • Jesica F. (Nachos. Brilliant!)
  • ChrisLad (Cheese, what can I say? Honestly not bad with Muenster)
  • coldmilk (Bacon. ‘Nuff said)
  • Zachary Jacob Zblewski  (for my 3rd favorite word in the English language… smorgasbord)

As always, thanks for reading, and be on the lookout for more product reviews and future giveaways!

4 comments on “Sweet Cinnamon Wheat Thins Giveaway Winners

  1. Jesica F. says:

    I have not received an email.

  2. COBRA says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDNT GET AN EMAIL YET.

  3. Jesica F. says:

    Got the email during the day today. Thank you so much!!!!

  4. Obbop says:

    Note boo-boo lip.

    But the multi-million dollar winning Lottery ticket will make up for it somewhat.

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