Happy New Year! Who Wants A 2011 Chick-fil-A Calendar And Milkshake?

Every month there’s a coupon for a free item at Chick-fil-A within their 2011 Cow Calendar.  This year the theme is “The Cows of Reality TV”.  Some free grub examples… Free 8-count Nuggets for April, Free Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad for May, Free Small Hand-Spun Milkshake for June, Free Spicy Chicken Sandwich for September and a Free 3-count Chick-n-Mini’s for November.  There’s over $25.00 in FREE CFA food in each calendar by the way.  Time for a giveaway!  I’ll pair up each Chick-fil-A Calendar with a Free Milkshake too.  Sound good?  Leave a comment letting me know what your perfect go-to order at CFA is and I’ll draw some random winners by Monday.  Good luck!

101 comments on “Happy New Year! Who Wants A 2011 Chick-fil-A Calendar And Milkshake?

  1. Jeff says:

    Two chicken sandwiches with extra pickles and waffle fries. It’s awesome every time.

  2. Kwame says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich, waffle fries, and lemonade!

  3. John says:

    I’ll have everything on the menu. Only then will I die a happy man.

  4. Heidi S. says:

    My perfect order: Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Waffle Fries, Fried Pie (depends on my mood which kind), and Sweet Tea!

  5. Bunny says:

    Breakfast minis with honey and Waffle fries.

  6. Emily Elisabeth says:

    #1 no pickles with a diet coke

  7. Shan says:

    Chick n minis and a sweet tea! What a way to start the morning.

  8. Hassan says:

    o.G. chicken sandwich is always a good choice. I still want to try the spicy chicken sandwich, perhaps in it’s original form as well as customized. and of course, waffle fries

  9. Mary says:

    Chicken biscuit and a Diet Dr Pepper

  10. bluetooth says:

    Strawberry milkshake and diet coke cause I’m watching my figure.

  11. Bryan says:

    Original Chicken Sandwich, waffle fries, and some coleslaw with coke zero. Honey roasted BBQ for my sandwich and chick fil a sauce for my fries.

    Pretty much everything else on the menu is good too, but the above is the best.

  12. sarrah says:

    Dear lord, I would really love this.

  13. sarrah says:

    Disregard the first comment. I got too happy.

    Anyway, my peerfect order it:

    Original Chicken Sandwich (no pickles)
    Small Waffle Fries
    Chik Fil a Sauce (3)
    and an Orange Juice 🙂

  14. Shannon says:

    Chargrilled chicken sandwich with waffle fries and a sweet tea

  15. DD says:

    chicken biscuit all the way…

  16. Nick K says:

    Spicey chicken sandwhich meal with a coke, original chicken sandwhich with cheese, nuggets with polynesian sauce.


  17. KC McSmith says:

    I love the spicy sandwich combo, but the original sandwich is amazing too. Always have to have a lemonde… no one does it better, sugar free even. I’m excited about trying the spicy biscuit this week 😀

  18. David says:

    I only need the largest order of waffle fries they have and a milkshake of varying variety.

  19. Cari says:

    I like the chicken nuggets with the buffalo wing sauce, fries and a large sweet tea!

  20. Bardia says:

    Chargrilled chicken club sandwich with honey roasted BBQ sauce, waffle fries (with some CFA sauce for dipping), and a lemonade with no ice!

  21. George says:

    You just can’t beat the original chicken sandwich combo with extra pickles and a lemonade. It’s fast food perfection.

  22. Tracy says:

    Chicken minis (why don’t they serve these all day!!), waffle fries and a chocolate shake with extra chocolate. You got me hooked on those minis after reading a post about them.

  23. Aimee says:

    #1 with a lemonade, no butter sauce!!! A gallon of lemonade and 5 original sandwiches, no butter sauce. We live an hour away from the Chick, so when we go, we plan ahead & get enough to freeze!

  24. J says:

    Chicken sandwich, medium fries and 2 packets of Chick-fil-A sauce!

  25. Mimi says:

    Chicken Sandwich with extra pickles :0)

    zum zum

  26. MikeH says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich. buttermilk ranch. half sweet/half lemonade…. mmmmm and polynesian sauce for the fries….

  27. Auzzie says:

    A Chargrilled and Fruit Salad with berry balsamic vinaigrette is a perfect meal. Tasty and healthy.

  28. Matt says:

    Got to go for the Original Chicken Sandwich and waffle fries.

  29. Anne Marie says:

    Chicken sandwich, fries, diet lemonade, and a small ice dream with blueberry topping 🙂

  30. Jenni Rich says:

    Grilled Chic club with Fries and Polynesian sauce

  31. Von Berry says:

    I love the basic chicken sandwich with waffle fries and a coke. Sweet.

  32. Drewby says:

    I actually eat healthy when I go to chick fil a. I get a grilled chicken sandwich with a side of soup instead of fries.

    The milkshake will be my cheat though =]

  33. Jill Neal says:

    I just tried their chicken noodle soup for the first time the other night. It was awesome. But why wouldn’t it be? Everything on their menu is awesome!

  34. Brooke says:

    Original chicken sandwich, waffle fries and lemonade. Polynesian and chick fil a sauce!

  35. Raiders757 says:

    My perfect go-to order at CFA is the standard chicken sandwich combo with waffle fries and an unsweetened tea. Add a little ketchup and a packet of Texas Pete to the sandwich and I’m in CFA heaven.

  36. Halevy says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a slice of lemon pie!

  37. skippymom says:

    The little chicken sandwiches for breakfast! Low in sodium. YAY! And a lemonade or a tea. Mmmmmm

    Eat more chiken’

  38. Marianne says:

    I love the 8 count nuggets and waffle fries – with plently of Polynesian sauce for dipping, of course!

  39. rob says:

    Loving the chicken noodle soup in this cold weather.

  40. Nicki says:

    My always go to order at Chick-fil-A…Chargrilled Wrap, 8 count nuggets, Large Waffle Fries and a Large Unsweet Tea.


  41. Mandy says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich with extra pickles and ranch. Add a large waffle fry and diet lemonade and I’m in fast food nirvana.

  42. Nora says:

    Had my meal today, 8 piece nuggets, fries with honey mustard and cole slaw. Yum to 2011.

  43. Jessica says:

    Chicken sandwich with extra pickles, fries with a mayo/ketchup combo (I know…) and cole slaw. Perfection.

  44. tuyet says:

    The #1 on a wheat bun with sprinkles of waffle fry crumbs and polynesian sauce drizzled all over it. mmmm.

  45. Minh says:

    3 piece strips, waffle fries, two chick-fil-a sauces and one honey mustard, with a fresh lemonade on the side. Definitely good.

  46. Courtney says:

    Favorite go to order at Chick-fil-a, a cookies and cream milkshake, small waffle fries, and a chicken strips salad. Yum, yum, yum!

  47. Joseph says:

    this is my go to meal. chick n strips combo, with either the buffalo or buttermilk ranch sauce and a sweet tea

  48. Amy says:

    8 pc. nuggets with Polynesian and barbecue sauce (I like them mixed together), med. waffle fries, and med. sweet tea! *droooool*

  49. sophia says:

    Their ice-cream cone, and their chicken nuggets 🙂

  50. Meg says:

    3 strips with waffle fries and a lemonade!!

  51. David says:

    A #5 (12-piece chicken nugget combo), value-sized with
    sweet tea to drink. Add a chicken sandwich and you have the perfect

  52. maxchain says:

    The Spicy Chicken Sandwich combo (hold the pickle), with lemonade. Oh yeah.

  53. Chris W says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and if I’m really hungry, some chicken nuggets.

  54. Brandon says:

    #1 with sweet tea. The original and as good as it gets.

  55. J.A. says:

    #3, Spicy chicken sandwich with extra pickles, fries and a large coke. Oh and ketchup, for both the sandwich and the fries.

  56. Matt says:

    Two chicken sammiches.

    That’s all, doesn’t need any sides. Chicken sammich B is the side to chicken sammich A, and vice versa.

  57. Sunny says:

    2 originals-no pickles
    1 spicy deluxe
    1 buffalo sauce

    Usually take one of those originals home 🙂

  58. Jeffrey L says:

    Chicken Sandwich Some Waffle Fries And a coke

  59. Btyson says:

    The original chicken sandwich with waffle fries, a sweet
    tea, and a hand spun milkshake. I Especially like the peppermint
    choc chip shakes, they are delicious!

  60. Jordan says:

    Although I would love to say my favorite order at CFA is
    the Char-grilled and Fruit Salad, I cannot resist those juicy
    little nuggets (8-piece) and a side of waffle fries!

  61. marianne says:

    Chicken biscuit … that is all!

  62. Roy Heintzelman says:

    My perfect order is the Spicy Chicken Sandwich (with just
    pickles and mayo on it. I don’t want to dilute the taste with
    cheese or lettuce or tomato!), waffle fries dipped in a mixture of
    ketchup and mustard with salt sprinkled on top (you need that salt
    because their waffle fries, while good, never seem to have enough
    salt on them), and a Cherry Coke. And of course, this holiday
    season, I’ll be rounding that meal up with a hand-spun Peppermint
    Chocolate Chip Milkshake! Yum!

  63. manmeet says:

    I would kill for their spicy chicken sandwich!

  64. John R says:

    anything as long as i can wash it down with thier shake!

  65. Clevegal42 says:

    Mmmm…nuggets and waffle fries with Chick-Fil-A sauce mixed with their mayo and unsweet tea sweetened on my own. That’s my favorite.

  66. Dorimer says:

    I heart the chicken nuggets with Polynesian sauce, waffle fries, carrot & raisin salad and diet lemonade. MMMMMM!!!!

  67. Courtney says:

    Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, Waffle Fries, and a Diet Lemonade. Heaven.

  68. Kat says:

    Grilled chicken sandwich, extra pickles with Chick Fil-A sauce is where it’s at!

  69. bj says:

    Chicken strip meal with Dr. Pepper and Chick-fil-a Sauce, Polynesian, Barbecue, and Honey Mustard.

  70. Nicki says:

    Perfect Breakfast…

    Two Chicken Burritos
    Hash Browns
    Large Unsweet Iced Tea

  71. Adam says:

    Deluxe Spicy Chicken Sandwhich (load that sandwich up with spicy buffalo sauce!), Waffle Fries, and a Dr. Pepper! Mmmmm, on second thought maybe make that two deluxe spicy’s

  72. wp says:

    chicken sandwich no pickles. Large waffle fries. And a large sweet tea. Can’t beat that.

  73. Fat Donkey says:

    Three chicken sandwiches, waffle fries. I’m too cheap to get a soda.

  74. Joanne says:

    Deluxe grilled chicken sandwich with extra pickles, fries, diet lemonade light ice.

  75. Bobby says:

    A whole 20ct chicknminis platter all for myself. What…I’m a growing boy. I need my nutrients.

  76. Nate says:

    I love the original Chik-Fil-A sandwich, no toppings besides the pickles and butter!

  77. Zack says:

    A original chicken sandwich with waffle frys will do me
    just fine (:

  78. Jenny says:

    #1 on wheat white 2 ranch dressings and a buffalo sauce on
    the side. arnold palmer to drink.

  79. Tyler M says:

    Chicken Sandwich Combo and an 8 count Nugget with
    Polynesian sauce, get this everytime

  80. billy says:

    I’d get the chicken sandwich on a wheat bun.. deluxe it..
    add bacon and ranch.. and a lemonade to wash it all down.

  81. Rebekah A. says:

    8-count nuggets, waffle fries, and a BIG cup of sweet

  82. TheWarden says:

    Original deluxe chicken with the awesome honey mustard
    sauce. Hold the pickles. Yeah, I know, I must be the only one who
    doesn’t like pickles.

  83. JC says:

    I love the spicy chicken wrap. It’s so cool and fresh, but
    the dressing and cheese are so savory and rich. I love it!

  84. melanie says:

    My order would include: 1) Chicken sandwich deluxe
    smothered in honey mustard sauce 2) Order of waffle fries dipped in
    honey roasted bbq sauce 3) Order of 8 pieces of nuggets dipped in
    honey roasted bbq sauce 4) Large Diet Coke 5) Regular Strawberry
    Shake nom nom nom 🙂

  85. Steve Schindler says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich, waffle fries, and chocolate
    milkshake. And I usually buy the calendar but forgot this

  86. Eric says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich, cole slaw, and a large lemonade. I
    do love a chicken biscuit though and I’m looking forward to my free
    spicy one tomorrow.

  87. Alec says:

    # 5, 12 count, upsized with a pepper m.d.

  88. XYZ says:

    Char-grilled Chicken salad with a fudge brownie.

  89. Andy says:

    The Bacon Ranch + pickles and some waffle fries.

  90. Stew says:

    I get myself 4 of the large boxes of nuggets and have a
    huge nugget feast. And, no, I don’t do this often.

  91. dave says:

    chicken caesar wrap, waffle fries, lemonade… to

  92. tom h says:

    12-piece nugget combo, Dr P and Polynesian

  93. Jonathan says:

    chicken sandwich and some waffle fries

  94. Adam A says:

    Two spicy chicken sandwiches, extra pickles, then
    polynesian sauce and ketchup to dip. Large waffle fries, honey
    mustard and mayo to dip. Lemon pie. Peppermint choco milkshake.
    Large iced tea – half sweet, half unsweet.

  95. V8Cougar says:

    Chik-Fil-A sandwich, Waffle Fries, Lemonade

  96. Jordan P says:

    Spicy chicken sammy, waffle fries, and a coke

  97. Subbu says:

    Chik-Fil-A sandwich, Waffle Fries, choco milkshake

  98. Theorbo says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich or Biscuit + Large lemonade and large waffle fries … SO GOOD!!!

  99. chuck says:

    I could live off of their waffle fries for the rest of my life

  100. Rebecca says:

    Chicken sandwich, waffle fries, lots of extra bbq sauce, and a diet lemonade with no ice. heaven

  101. Ashley H. says:

    Original chicken sandwich, large waffle fries, lemonade or sweet tea. Favorite. Fast food. Ever.

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