GG Giveaway: Who Wants Some Free KFC?

I’ve got some $5.00 KFC gift checks up for grabs.  Who wants one?  Maybe you can try KFC’s Popcorn Chicken with your prize.  Leave a KFC or GrubGrade related haiku in the comments for a chance to win.  I’ll kick it off:

  • Free Popcorn Chicken, (5)
  • Free Food Always Tastes Better, (7)
  • GrubGrade Giveaway (5)

112 comments on “GG Giveaway: Who Wants Some Free KFC?

  1. Chris says:

    It’s no Chik-Fil-A
    but I do love the Colonel

  2. Adam says:

    Fried Salty Goodness
    Get in my stomach right now
    Thanks to a giftcard

  3. Roy Heintzelman says:

    KFC Chicken
    Always Tasty and Juicy
    It Leaves Me at Peace

  4. Elise says:

    Don’t go there often
    Never had a Double Down
    Or should I change that?

  5. bigthal says:

    Doublicious meal
    Be sure to pack the pepto
    All for five Dollars

  6. Manavee says:

    One Filet O Fish
    Adorned with bright red ketchup
    A brisk emetic

  7. Sara says:

    KFC is delicious
    They always get my order wrong
    so getting more free food from them
    Makes me want to sing a song

  8. Colin says:

    Extra Crispy Strips
    Is Ambrosia of the gods
    Biscuits on the side

  9. Andi says:

    Why do I hunger?
    Aye me, I just read GrubGrade
    There goes my waistline

  10. Joe says:

    Love Popcorn Chicken
    Yours truly reads everyday
    Let me Double Down!

  11. TheRouis says:

    I wake in the night
    Five chicken littles I eat
    Kentucky Fried Open Late

  12. Christopher says:

    Secret seasonings
    and a touch of wheat flour;
    grease is good for me!

  13. Roger H says:

    I’ve never been a poet

    But at least I’m doing Haiku Right

    Now give me some chicken!

  14. Justin ST says:

    This ain’t worth writing
    5 dollars ain’t much at all
    Rather have Popeye’s!

  15. nuttyturnip says:

    It’s not Bojangles.
    But chicken is still chicken.
    Nuggets are tasty.

  16. Ross says:

    As a customer rarely seen,

    The Colonel receives my money only occasionally,

    For free I would visit.

  17. Rafa says:

    Its not a nugget
    A chicken has none of those.
    But whats a popcorn?

  18. Dly says:

    Greasy fried chicken
    Turning napkins translucent
    Call me a medic

  19. Jkiller says:

    Chicken is yummy.
    Kentucky Fried Chicken too.
    Now let’s go get some.

  20. Koni says:

    They’re not boneless wings
    I’ll have this popcorn chicken
    Honey Barbecue

  21. JF says:

    My popcorn chicken
    Tastes better than K F C
    I’ll eat it, for free

  22. Susie D. says:

    I must tell you all
    I have not eaten Colonel’s
    In about eight years

  23. Opy says:

    This pregnant woman
    needs to fill her craving for
    crispy fried chicken!

  24. vanfanusa says:

    I need five dollars
    to buy fried popcorn chicken
    please, please select me

  25. jessica wagg says:

    i want a couple double downs
    to help pack on the pounds
    grubgrade will help
    with these gift cards they were dealt

  26. 4X4, Animal Style says:

    (Hope you don’t mind if I do two here)

    Chicken from heaven
    Rejuvenate my spirits
    Here! Into my mouth


    Trans fat fried Chicken
    It’s bad for you, so they say
    More for me, eat away!

  27. Russ says:

    Lions and tigers
    And bears, oh my. I hope they
    Don’t steal my chicken.

  28. Fast Foodie says:

    Looking at GrubGrade
    Is Just Like My Fav’rite Porn
    I have a Boner!

  29. Livlaugheat says:

    The Colonel’s secret
    Spices and herbs cannot be
    Beat. Love that chicken!

  30. Jon says:

    Hey look, KFC
    I want popcorn chicken now
    Free if possible.


  31. Emily Bo. says:

    I want some chicken

    I guess just like KFC’s

    and some gravy too.

  32. Eric says:

    Chicken. Fried Chicken.
    What better way to enjoy
    our fowl feathered friends?

  33. Ryan McAllister says:

    Why try the chicken

    The popcorn is much better

    Don’t fall for the trap

  34. Brian C says:

    Engineered sans beak!
    Horror of modern science??
    Nah. Urban legend.

  35. jrdunn says:

    Grub Grade: the best blog
    Adam, he is my main dawg
    I eat in the fog

  36. @coldmlk says:

    It is not popcorn
    A KFC specialty
    Nor is it chicken

  37. Chris B says:

    Box shaped like popcorn
    A relic of time gone past
    Now in ‘tato bowl

  38. Mikey F Baby says:

    Next to liquor store
    It’s a great combination
    Helps with hangovers

  39. James says:

    Grub Grade is my fav
    Fried Chicken… all the rave
    With the gift Ryan gave

  40. SkippyMom says:

    I love KFC
    Give me some of that puh-lease
    A leg? So I beg!

  41. Karee says:

    My kids get angry
    When I eat fast food chicken
    If I win, don’t tell

  42. @graciHas says:

    kfc would make my week
    it would also kill my diet
    but i still want to win

  43. alex says:

    Popeye’s ain’t got nothin
    On KFC’s odd poultry
    Popcorn chicken woooo

  44. Tyler M says:

    KFC Chicken
    It’s so so finger lickin’
    Let’s get it kickin’!

  45. Raiders757 says:

    I can’t even remember that last time I ate at a KFC.

  46. Mike F. says:

    Fried chicken, OH YEAH!

    Grandma’s recipe is best.

    KFC is k.

  47. Patrick says:

    Grub Grade is the best
    They put good grub to the test
    So we skip the rest

  48. Santiago C says:

    Double down sandwich,
    it will probably kill me.
    I still enjoy it 🙂

  49. Malcolm says:

    Give me some chicken
    I prefer ranch for dipping
    Do I hear #winning?

  50. TheWarden says:

    I Ne’r done haiku;
    For fried chicken I’ll try to.
    Grub Grade is the best!

  51. PlatypusPoetic says:

    One finger lickin’
    Two pickin’ my chicken spot
    Three chin dip-drippin’

  52. Jesica says:

    Have never tried the
    popcorn chicken but it looks
    like a tasty treat.

  53. Malika says:

    I love chicken and
    Free chicken would be awesome
    So I better win!

  54. Philip says:

    I like KFC
    I like free food anytime.
    Free food for me, please.

  55. M86 says:

    Tasty fried chicken
    What’s the secret seasonings
    Yummy in my mouth

  56. Peabclickin says:

    I dono how to do these
    But I want some free chicken
    I win I smile 🙂

  57. aryana says:

    what better than free
    golden, hot

  58. Jason says:

    Fried Chicken my love
    Come home to my arteries
    My heart stops for you

  59. CraigRussell says:

    Colonel Sanders
    Is spinning in his grave-ey
    Bring back the old taters

  60. AJ says:

    Loves me somes KFC and popcorn chicken…..also look forward to your food reviews each and everyday!!

  61. Aaron says:

    Tasty chicken

    Quick and easy

    Chicken grease salt

  62. pandaman says:

    since i was a kid
    i really loved popcorn chickenhelp me i’m really high

  63. pandaman says:

    ince i was a kid
    i really loved popcorn chicken
    help me i’m really high

  64. Yan zhang says:

    Awesome!!! Free food!!

  65. Jim says:

    Five dollar gift check
    Used it on some chicken bites
    Now I’m on the can

  66. Nick says:

    I don’t like haiku’s
    I do enjoy fried chicken
    Hopefully I win

  67. Courtney says:

    Popcorn chicken feeds
    Gluttons of fried meat chopped
    Morsels of winning

  68. missouri says:

    Finger lickin’ good
    My popcorn chicken is hot
    Just like my wifey

  69. simon says:

    will you find me here
    i’m way at the bottom man
    grubgrade comment here

  70. mikey herdy says:

    GrubGrade and fast food
    The perfect combination
    I want fried chicken.

  71. Forsberg says:

    I Heart KFC
    No popcorn chicken, you tease
    I’ll get wings for free!

    My Kentaco Bell for some reason doesn’t do popcorn chicken 🙁

  72. mike says:

    bro, hook me up, bro

  73. mike says:

    oh i didn’t see rules
    whats a haiku
    i’m not educated

  74. Tony says:

    I saw this today.
    and I truly love GrubGrade!
    How’d I love to win!

  75. wrongway says:

    finger lickin good
    the way it always has been
    and ever should be

  76. Julien says:

    KFC Boneless Wings
    Served With Potato Wedges
    Doth Make My Heart Sing

  77. Chris says:

    Diet Destroyer
    Delish and hard to resist
    Carne Diem, bros.

  78. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    Late Night Hunger Time
    I Need A Midnight Snack Stat
    2 Days Til Payday

  79. Michael says:

    What is this grilled junk
    Give me my deep-fried goodness
    Sanders better fry

  80. Derek says:

    I never win these,
    But this time I will succeed.
    I want KFC!

  81. j says:

    I shouldn’t eat it
    However, it is so good.
    F***, I love chicken.

  82. Brixton says:

    My Popcorn Chicken
    Brings Better Taste to the Yard
    Grubgrade Contest Yall

  83. Stew says:

    I love Chik-Fil-A
    Always have and always will
    Also K.F.C.

  84. Theresa says:

    KFC’s Popcorn Chicken is surprisingly tasty!

  85. Francois says:

    Free stuff is spiffy
    Even if it’s KFC
    I enjoy fishing

  86. Jeev says:

    Some persons are dumb
    You don’t understand Haiku
    Stupid people wow

  87. Brian says:

    GrubGrade is very awesome
    I wish I could win this prize
    I want chicken please

  88. Amy says:

    Chicken chunks of yum
    Would be much better spicy
    But will take for free

  89. jen says:

    Oh KFC
    you broke my heart
    give me my twister back

  90. Katherine says:

    My husband loves it.
    So I better win a card
    To make him happy.

  91. Kayleigh says:

    I always regret,
    KFC when it comes out.
    But it sure tastes good.

  92. Elissa says:

    if only it was
    bojangles or, say, popeyes
    but no, KFC

  93. Jessica says:

    I love fried chicken

  94. Jessica says:

    It’s not Popeyes
    Free makes it taste better
    It will suffice

  95. Shannon says:

    Fried Chicken, Oh so good
    With some mashed potatoes
    It’s like heavenly

  96. Shannon says:

    Fried Chicken, Oh so good
    With some mashed potatoes
    It’s like heaven

  97. David says:

    Love the eleven
    herbs and spices on white meat
    with biscuits. Yum. Yum.

  98. Libby says:

    Popcorn chicken great
    Chicken popcorn not so great
    I’ll get first for free

  99. VanessaG says:

    Yummy, yummy, in my tummy
    I love mine with lots of honey
    KFC is great on my break!

  100. dwight carter says:

    love that chicken form popeyes opps um KFC

  101. Heidi says:

    Deep fried tastiness
    Or grilled to suit your diet
    Give me some Colonel!

  102. Curtis W says:

    I want one, when will you end the contest?

  103. MrEleganza says:

    When I tasted it
    I doubled down on LIFE, man!
    Buns are for suckers!

  104. Laura says:

    GrubGrade is food porn
    Delicious popcorn chicken
    Get in my belly

  105. Sean says:

    Time for KFC,
    time to raid /ck/ about
    that deep-fried goodness.

  106. Patty says:

    Oh KFC, you
    taste buds water at your sight
    Lets meet in my mouth

  107. Marisa says:

    Bless you dear Grub Grade
    I could get a Double Down
    And die happily

  108. Brian C says:

    Torturing us now
    Really? This long to decide?
    Just tell me I lost. 🙁

  109. Kendra says:

    KFC will be
    Kentucky Fried Chick-
    en to me. Always.

  110. Travis says:

    Delicious Goodness
    I always want to eat more
    Free food is awesome

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