Testing: BK Chef’s Choice Burger from Burger King

10/23/11 UPDATE: BK Chef’s Choice now available nationwide at participating locations.

Thanks to GrubGrade reader Justin for the info:  Spotted in Watervliet, MI, the BK Chef’s Choice Burger.  This new Burger King burger features a 1/3 pound ground chuck patty and hardwood-smoked bacon. Other than that, can’t really tell what makes this a “Chef’s Choice”.

Also spotted on this menu board littered with items I’m not familiar with… BK Fire-Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Homestyle Chicken Strips and a Three Pepper Cheeseburger.  The Three Pepper Cheeseburger is under a heading that says “Thick Burgers”… hmmm, I wonder how Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. feels about that.  Details are sparse, but we’ll update if these go nationwide.

31 comments on “Testing: BK Chef’s Choice Burger from Burger King

  1. Adam says:

    Interesting with the “Fire-Grilled Chicken Sandwich.” Is it a rebranding of the tendergrill? Makes sense if it is, especially considering Wendy’s and MCDonald’s are putting a lot of attention into rebranding their chicken and changes the recipe and buns. Thanks for the update!

    • Mike says:

      I am an insider, you are all in for a shock BK will knock your socks off within the next 12 to 18 months. I promise!

  2. Nick says:

    I’m more interested in the new dessert section

  3. Adam says:

    Anyone else notice “flame broiled beef chili” under value menu?

  4. Josh says:

    We have the new menu items here at my location in NW Reno. The Fire-Grilled Chicken Sandwich is pretty good. Otherwise, I haven’t tried any of the other new items yet.

  5. Raiders757 says:

    BK is in dire need of trying something new. They are THE worst fast food joint in the U.S. hands down. It says a lot when your worse than McDonald’s. Everything needs to be revamped and improved. Even the new look versions that have been popping up in my area, aren’t very appealing. Not good when your food already sucks.

    Their veggies suck, their burgers suck, their fries suck, their salads are boring, sauces and dressings blow, the buns are bleh, the new nuggets are crap, and the service is bad. The Tendercrisp is the only decent thing they have, but the medium combo cost more than Chic-fil-a, which is absurd. BK is in dire need of a complete makeover from the ground up.

    Looks like they just might be trying to do so. It’s about time.

    • Adam says:

      And yet they are still, what, the third top grossing FF venture in this country? LOL, it seems like we rag on them all the time, but apparently people still eat there…

      • J.B. says:

        They do those numbers because of the sheer size of the corporation and the number of locations it has and the amount of coupons that they send out.

        Trust me as the competition grows and there are more and more alternatives, their market share will dwindle.
        Wendy’s, Arby’s, Taco Bell, Subway and Burger King are marked for death. It will take some time due to their sheer size, but it will happen.

        • SPM says:

          I don’t even know where to start with your statement, first off the coupons that BK sends out aren’t of any particularly great value, so I tend to doubt they are resulting in a huge draw. Second, there aren’t too many fast food restaurants that are coast to coast in this country, so I don’t see any chain emerging to knock out BK or Wendys. Taco Bell is the only national “Mexican” fast food restaurant and even survived the ecoli scare so I doubt they are going anywhere. Subway has more locations than any other fast food place, so even if they were to shut down half of their shops due to the oversaturation of the market they have taken part in, they will be just fine. Arbys is a niche restaurant that is probably the most likely to be “marked for death” but even that isn’t for certain.

          • J.B. says:

            If you don’t think the coupons draw in a significant amount of business you are delusional. Why do you think restaurants send out coupons, for the hell of it?

            I said it will take time for these restaurants to fall due to their size, but fall they will. Five Guys is growing and I know many people including myself that would gladly open a franchise tomorrow if they were available, but they will not. If In N Out so desired, the could flood the country with stores and severely dent the big burger chain’s business.
            Del Taco is expanding and are far better than Taco Bell is.

            Subway is terrible and only exists because they hand out franchises like water, I know, my friend owns 4 in a five mile radius. Their stores do a half to a third of the business that a store like Jimmy John’s does. Another neighbor of mine owns a few Tropical Smoothie restaurants and they do at least double what the Subways do.

            McDonalds is the only one taking the challengers seriously and actively upgrading their menu and restaurants. They are the only ones that will survive.

  6. Steve says:

    I eat there every two weeks because that’s how long it takes me to forget.

  7. Eric says:

    The new chicken tenders were such a disappointment – tasteless and bland – worse than the old ones. They need to roll out these homestyle chicken strips if they’re any good

  8. Robert says:

    BK does have issues. Mostly with quality I think. The produce is almost always terrible. The Fries bottom of the fast food barrel. Its chicken tender offering is also among the worst. Its Burger are not bad but, often ruined by bad produce. Its chicken sandwich offering run a mix from ok to terrible. Only in its breakfast menu do they seem to get things right.

    I think a revamp could be good for them. Get new fries, new chicken everything, better drink offerings, a revamp of its burgers with better produce and a focus on more quality toppings prepared your way. A bigger push of its decent breakfast offerings, a bigger selection of salads, a few wraps would not hurt either, and remind people they do have unique items like onion rings and chicken fries.

    Whatever they do, they need to do something.

  9. rob says:

    BK has the Whopper With Cheese going for it, it always tastes pretty much the same.

    Also you can get some onion rings even if they aren’t terribly good onion rings.

    Otherwise it’s a place to eat if you don’t have any choice.

  10. Nick says:

    Last Saturday, I actually emailed Burger King about their menu during a drunken rant. I pleaded for them to bring back the Big King and make the Angry Whopper at least somewhat spicy (it was much longer than that).

    The burger patties are better than Wendy’s or McDonald’s, it’s just that everything else sucks. Instead of competing with the other two, they need to separate from them.

  11. Kevin says:

    Who’s the chef making the decision?

  12. TonyJaguar says:

    I enjoy Whoppers, and the classic chicken sandwich. I enjoy BK. My name is Tony Jaguar.

  13. maxchain says:

    Damn, we had the new menu littered with COMING SOON stickers for a while now–I wanted to be the one to break the news. What I can tell you is that the Mushroom & Swiss Burger is pretty unimpressive. It’s disappointing when a place relies completely on the topping to contribute any flavor with this sort of thing, fast food or no.

  14. Brian says:

    I also haven’t seen BK introduce Smoothies anywhere else yet, but they’re on that board for $2.59 in what looks like three varieties (I’m guessing similar to the three as McDonalds–Wild/Mixed Berry, Strawberry Banana, and some sort of Tropical).

  15. pugpog says:

    I just experienced this new menu in Maine and I was not at all pleased. All I wanted was a bacon double cheeseburger…my standard hangover craving and I ended up with a Chef’s Choice. It was the WORST meal I have ever had at BK and ended up in the trash. I didn’t even want to feed it to my dogs it was that bad. The sauce on the burger tastes terrible, tangy, can’t discern the flavor at all, the bacon had a super fake and overwhelmingly strong smoky flavor, and the fries also had a strange tang to them. So disappointed. BK will go out of business fast if they switch to this menu everywhere.

  16. Lisa says:

    If Burger King wants to gain the upper hand on the competition, they could start by being the first major fast food burger chain to offer sweet potato fries. Why hasn’t anyone done that yet???

  17. Disappointed says:

    Had the Chef’s Choice Burger… it was horrendous. Looked good at first… purple onions, thick sliced bacon, large patty, fresh lettuce and 2 tomato slices. It smelled a little strange (not in a bad way like it was spoiled, just an unfamiliar smell). Took the first bite… hmmm… a little spicy, good crunch, bun is nice an…DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT !!! The sauce springs to life and it is like an unholy blend of smoked cheese, pepperoni, mayonaise, and cat urine. Seriously. It even left a burning feeling in my nose. The closest thing I can compare it to is the taste of one of those nasty old “italian” hot pockets and even that is giving it more credit than it deserves.

    This burger had so much potential. I may try it again without the sauce if I can get over the trauma of the first experience. How that sauce made it’s way through taste testing is beyond me.

    Final note: I am not a picky eater and I generally enjoy fast food. Whoopers, Big Macs, grilled chicken sandwiches, crispy chicken sandwiches, spicy/hot sandwiches,fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets, salads ect… I’ve all eaten and enjoyed. I just wanted everyone to know that I’m not some fastidious snob looking down on cheap and easy food. This Chef’s Choice (fire that chef, imo) Burger is really that bad.

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  19. Swolt says:

    I was craving BK earlier so i decided to go through the drive through on my way home from work. At first i wanted a whopper but i saw BK had just came out with the new “chefs choice” burger. I’m not a picky eater at all and i often enjoy trying out new food, but this has got to be the worst tasting burger from any fast food restaurant in the US. The sauce on this thing they call a “burger” taste like raw sewage

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  21. Eric says:

    Now I know I wont try the chefs choice looked good but not now. I tried the mushroom and swiss topper and was very disapointed McDonalds angus mushroom swiss is much better. f

  22. brendan says:

    While in college I worked at BK for a bit. When BK says “Chef’s Choice” do they imply that chefs work at BK? Talk about selling a myth! I’ll stick to Whoppers and Whopper Jr’s since those taste pretty good and are very basic concoctions of beef, bread, cheese, vegetables, mayo and ketchup. These items have minimal processing of the meat and fresher ingredients. The fish and chicken selections sit in heated bins for hours at a time, and are more breading, salt and oil than actual meat. Also, the tartar and ranch sauces are not fit for consumption as they do not need to be refrigerated, even after opening. I personally draw the line at foods that do not spoil. I microbes won’t break the stuff down, then I doubt it’s a good idea to eat.

  23. Al says:

    Tried the new BK chef choice burger made with Angus meat, that tasted like they forgot the G in angus. It was so awful and the sauce tasted like what come out of a G less angus. Reminded me of school burger patties dry like cardboard.

  24. Jenny says:

    I just tried the Chef’s Choice Burger Value Meal. Disgusting! Thank goodness I had fries. I had to throw it out. When I spend $8.00 on a meal I expect something a little better than a cheap McDonalds Hamburger (which I like). Hmm maybe the “Chef” is undercover for McD’s. I will take a McD’s burger over this chef burger anyday. Just saying.

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