Taco Bell Beef Lawsuit Dropped

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  1. SkippyMom says:

    I had no idea Taco Bell was run by Australians. giggle.

    And this lawsuit had “duh” factor written all over it. Too big to make that kind of huge mistake [and lie about beef content].

  2. J.B. says:

    What a bunch of bogus nonsense.
    Of course they settled with the law firm.
    I don’t know an attorney on Earth that would file this type of suit against this type of company unless they had solid proof and were confident they could at least get a settlement.

    This is a billion dollar company after all, I am sure they have entire floors of attorneys, how come they did not counter-sue this law firm? Who asks for an apology these days?

    My next door neighbor is a Yum Brands VP, maybe I will ply him with liquor one day and get the truth out of him.

    Google “Advanced Meat Recovery” and find out where your cheap beef really comes from.

    • Bubbs says:

      – “What a bunch of bogus nonsense.
      Of course they settled with the law firm.” –

      Of course they did. And so has every chain restaurant in America that adds seasoning and a small amount of fillers to their hamburgers. You’re so right – they’re all paying millions of dollars to law firms, and lying to you about it, in order to have their menus say their burgers are made of ground beef.

      You friend, like the annoying kid burning his tires wanting to imitate Vin Diesel in your avatar, are just spinning your wheels.

      • J.B. says:

        You are obviously some moron that works for Taco Bell.
        The very fact that I have never seen you comment on here before makes it pretty obvious.

        Could you please point out the other companies that have been sued over similar issues like this and with this much publicity as well as the law firms that have sued them?
        I will be waiting.

        If Taco Bell was truly in the clear on this issue, they would have immediately sued this law firm for libel and defamation, not asked for an apology. Are you truly dense enough to believe that a company that large would lose millions of dollars in sales as well as have their reputation tarnished and not sue if they were in the clear?

        And Vin Diesel is doing ok, he makes tens of millions of dollars a year, while you make tens of dollars.

        • AttorneyS says:

          1. Libel is the written form of defamation. Slander is the oral. Defamation is itself just an overarching legal category.

          2. Firms are immune from Libel when filing a suit as long as the firm had a reasonable belief of facts. The judge then examines those facts in favor of the plaintiff, and if all are true the suit is valid. That is why the case was not just dismissed.

          3. Taco Bell’s demand for an apology would alone violate any standard non-disclosure agreement for a settlement. Therefore if one occurred the firm would likely disclose said settlement.

          4. Insulting each other is not productive, and Internet tough guy’s are not intimidating. Chill out.

          • J.B. says:

            Thanks, I already knew the definition of libel and slander, I don’t recall asking you or anyone else for it. The law firm filed the suit on paper and wrote about it, ergo why I used the term libel.

            According to your point #2 you stated that the suit was not dismissed by the judge after examination because the facts were valid, so are you saying that the law firm is correct with their initial statements then, because that is how I interpreted your statement.

            Following that train of thought then why in your lofty opinion do you think the suit was dismissed? I assumed like all attorneys the suit was filed for the purpose of making money and lots of it, so why would it be dropped if it was valid?

            I am pretty sure that even as an attorney you cannot go around destroying the reputations of companies and costing them tens of millions of dollars and then throwing up your hands and saying “my bad” with no repurcussions.

            Clearly there is more to this story.

            You are also assuming that if there is a settlement that is was standard as was the NDA.

            As Francois said, it is looking more and more like this was concocted by Taco Bell, at least these later machinations.

          • Justin ST says:

            Do you actually have a job as a lawyer, or are you one of those wannabes who may or may not have a degree?

            You don’t seem to understand human nature at all…just procedure. You assume people are robots, and that is foolish.

          • AttorneyS says:

            JB if you know the definition’s then use it properly. You said libel and defamation. They are the same thing.

            No, clearly you did not read my second point closely. I said that a judge must take all the facts in the case alleged by the plaintiff as true to determine if the suit should be dismissed. So if everything they said was true the suit would not be dismissed. That does not mean the suit is valid or accurate.

            Many attorney’s file suit not for money but out of principal and volunteer on numerous cases year in and year out. It is a myth that we only care about money. If it was about money, no attorney would ever work as a prosecutor, or in public interest, or a public defender.

            A firm can file a suit, it is immune from suit as long as they had a reasonable belief in the facts. Since the judge ruled if the facts are true the case was valid, that gives them a reasonable belief. Firm is immune.

            Firm cannot be paid by Taco Bell to file a suit against Taco Bell. It is highly illegal and would result in the attorney’s losing their license to practice law amongst other things.

            A court would never validate a non-disclosure agreement allowing for the video demand of apology. Also the firm had individuals named as it was a class and anyone of them could speak out.

            Do I think there is more to the story? Sure there always is more to a story, but I don’t think it is a giant conspiracy. It doesn’t make since, especially to Francois belief of it being a Taco Bell PR blitz since sales have actually dropped since the suit was filed. The earnings report shows a lot of negative since this case occurred.

            JustinST: Yes I am a real attorney. I have a nicely framed JD on my wall, a bar card in my wallet, and court appearance forms in my briefcase.

        • Bubbs says:

          How can you be so angry and defensive while reading a food blog? Can’t you go find some puppies to kick or something else to make you feel good about yourself?

  3. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    Ehh… So we learned that taco bell is evil. Their beef is delicious. Spin aside, I have no problem making a pact with the devil for a cheesy gordita crunch.

  4. Justin ST says:

    I have avoided Taco Bell ever since hearing of this. There is just no need. I didn’t even know how good Taco Bell was back in the 80’s. It’s a shame.

    The recent ads by Taco Bell have told me everything I need to know. I was repulsed by their sheer arrogance.

  5. Jason says:

    Taco Bell is disgusting.

  6. Francois says:

    I still can’t believe any of this got as much publicity as it’s gotten. It’s almost as if the Taco Bell higher-ups got together to trump up some bogus controversy in order to, for some reason, get more publicity. Do that many people really think the top fast-food places don’t put filler in their meat products? Particularly Taco Bell. There is no way that they could keep their prices as low as they are with using purely meat without fillers.

    The Taco Bell people should just create a realistic campaign of “Yeah, we know, it’s not real food–but it’s tasty”.

  7. mitchery says:

    I’m happy it’s over because it was stressing me out. I was eating so many volcano burritos a day that Frodo could of destroyed the ring by throwing it in my excrement.

  8. somesteve says:

    taco bell with victory and vindication. lawsuit against them on their beef was dumb. taco bell is cool

  9. Jim Harbaugh Scramble says:

    Sad that there is so much ignorance in the thread of a great blog.

  10. Mattitude says:

    Who give a flying F what any of you think,if you don’t like it…DO NOT GO TO TACT BELL!!!! As for me,it hasn’t stopped me from eating it,and even if it contained dog s**t and body parts,I would still make a run for the border and order up a Nachos Bellgrande with a quickness!

  11. Lanis says:

    I swear, there is almost always some dick on this site who will yell “OMG U OBVSLY WORK FOR THEM SINCE U DONT AGREE W/ME”.

    God forbid anyone on a food review site just like fast food and the places that sell them.

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