Return of the XXL Chalupa from Taco Bell

Last October, Taco Bell introduced the XXL Chalupa (see my FULL REVIEW) and it’s back for another round on the promotional item carousel.  Starting Thursday, October 6th, the XXL Chalupa makes its return.  Last year, I bought the Beef version of the XXL Chalupa for $2.99.  Chicken or Steak option also available.

A double-sized Chalupa shell packed with seasoned ground beef, crispy lettuce, tomatoes, real cheddar cheese and nacho cheese sauce, red strips and topped with reduced fat sour cream.

With Halloween around the corner, was hoping for a return of the Black Jack Taco 🙁  Nutrition for the XXL Chalupa (Beef): 650 calories, 39g fat, 9g sat. fat, 55mg cholesterol, 1300mg sodium, 53g carbs, 7g dietary fiber, 6g sugars, 23g protein.

17 comments on “Return of the XXL Chalupa from Taco Bell

  1. Chris says:



  2. John says:

    I thought it was awesome! Glad its back!

  3. Chefprotoss says:

    They need to bring back the original grilled stuft burrito.

  4. Justin says:

    Yeah I would like to eat the Black Jack Taco again, too. Most people I know didn’t like it, but I thought it was great.

  5. JR says:

    Yes indeed, the Black Jack Taco was one of my favorites before it got yanked.

    What I am waiting for TB to bring back is the Bellbeefer…like a Mexican sloppy joe

  6. Neko says:

    I wanted the Black Jack taco to come back!! Why did tb bring back that chalupa? I had it chalupa last year and didn’t care for it much.

  7. Mike N says:

    It’s dawned on me that, even though it seems I’m always at Taco Bell, I’ve never had a Chalupa, XXL or otherwise. The XXL looks too unwieldy, though.

    @JR — I’d like to see the BelBeefer too. My go-to Taco Bell has a ‘classics’ menu which includes just two items: the Tostada and the [beloved] Chili Cheese Burrito. All TB needs is some burger buns and they’d have the BelBeefer back.

  8. Steve says:

    I think they shouold seasonalize this like the Great Pumpkin and only have it show up in the most sincere Taco Bells.

  9. Seeker says:

    I don’t know why but these make me very drowsy and lethargic which isn’t good for lunch. Likely the oils and stuff, but damn was it tasty.

  10. Tim says:

    Just had my first XXL Chalupa, the one with steak, and I was disappointed. Not much steak in it, this was nothing special. I always want to give Taco Bell a chance, but I won’t be ordering this one again.

  11. HerpDerp says:

    I had one of these things last night… it looked just like the advertisement. It tasted delicious, but I had serious gut rot after that.

  12. Andi says:

    This is seriously one of my fav items on the menu. For some reason, it’s just /that/ much better than a regular chalupa and fills me up like none other. But… they made me fat last time around so I may have to pass this time around…

  13. jake says:

    I opened the box and picked it up, then all of the contents fell out from the bottom. Very disappointed, had to eat it with a spoon wich looked very special. Tasted good though.

  14. Jon says:

    XXL Chalupa – Where’s the Beef?
    So I decided to give Taco Bell another try with the return of the XXL Chalupa. Pitiful, there was barely any meat and the taco I had to accompany it had just as much meat in it as the so-called XXL Chalupa and if you’ve seen the amount of meat in a taco, yea, exactly what I’m saying. Don’t know if it varies store to store but mine was not warranted nearly $3 for a vegetarian pita sandwich.

  15. gerardo says:

    Actually the American version of Mexican food is pathetic… That’s why there’s no Taco Bell in Mexico.

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