Popeyes Wicked Chicken Is Making a Return for a Limited Time

I was a big fan of Popeyes Wicked Chicken… (my review here).  The gnarly-shaped strips of fried chicken will be returning on Monday.  Time to build up my mini-Tabasco sauce collection. 🙂

via NRN:

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen said it is bringing back its award-winning Wicked Chicken after the limited-time offer drove strong sales last year. The spicy Wicked Chicken consists of marinated, breaded and fried chicken strips, thinly sliced and presented in curly, kinky shapes. From May 30 to June 26, Popeyes will serve the chicken with a biscuit, ranch dipping sauce and a mini-bottle of Tabasco sauce for $3.99, the same price as last year.

9 comments on “Popeyes Wicked Chicken Is Making a Return for a Limited Time

  1. Bottomless says:

    OMG, gotta have!!

  2. Bubbs says:

    I made my monthly Popeye’s run yesterday (half-hour from me in the ‘Zoo, MI) … they had the Wicked Chicken signage up all over the windows.

    I got so excited, a pulsing & relentless urgency idling menacingly deep inside my guts. I clamored to the counter, beads of sweat starting to lose grip on my forehead and dripping down my cheeks, and made my demands to the bemused and slightly concerned-looking Bratz doll taking orders while twirling one pigtail.

    “No Wicked Chicken until June, those signs are for next month.”

  3. rob says:

    “curly, kinky shapes”

    Warm up the jar of Vaseline ….

  4. miche says:

    how do these differ from the chicken strips?? tastewise

  5. Beccaboo says:

    I wish there was a Popeyes near me. I would order this, just for the awesome tiny bottle of hot sauce…

  6. Charise says:

    I had these for dinner today from my local popeyes. They were good but nothing to write home about. I also paid 5.34 for mine and not the advertised 3.99 but i did get a good amount of chicken and fries and have leftovers. They would be better if they were spicy though. Just my 2 cents

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