New Texas Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts

I love grilled cheese sandwiches.  I’m a 30-yr old child.  New from Dunkin’ Donuts, the Texas Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  Suggested retail price: $2.99

The new Texas Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich features two slices of American cheese and one slice of white cheddar cheese melted between two pieces of thick-cut Texas Toast and served oven-toasted. Guests may customize the sandwich upon request by adding bacon or ham. The Texas Toast Grilled Cheese, available at participating restaurants nationwide, is Dunkin’ Donuts’ newest addition to its menu of portable sandwiches made to order and available all day long.

31 comments on “New Texas Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts

  1. Matt says:

    They need Dunkin in Denver. That is all.

  2. Nick says:

    Bleh. I wanted to like that Big & Toasty, but their texas toast is unbearably greasy.

    • Fah Fah Fah says:

      Spot on, the bread on the big & toasty had a literal sheen of buttergrease.

    • Twirishlady says:

      I took one bite of the Big & Toasty and spit it out. It made me sick to my stomach with all the grease. I usually don’t mind a bit of grease on my food. Don’t think I will be trying out this new sandwich.

  3. Steven says:

    Yawn. I think in order to have a grilled cheese, it needs to be grilled/griddled. 2 slices of cheese and 2 slices of texas toast in a convection oven just doesn’t do it for me.

  4. Steven says:

    Though, I would be willing to try a grilled cheese between a donut, say old fashioned or a sour cream donut.

  5. Bob says:

    Very Uninspired.

  6. rob says:

    We’ll see how big it is in real life, I’m thinking it is 4 inches diagonal.

  7. LauraFizzPop says:

    I would try this, and probably like it. Grilled cheese sandwiches are my favorite comfort food (I guess I’m a 28 year old child?) so if I see one on a menu I have to try it.

    Still…it’s Dunkin, and therefore likely to be disappointing. It’s cheese and toasted bread, surely they’ll manage to not screw this one up terribly. I can hope.

  8. Stephen says:

    Lots of creativity here! After a not so bad breakfast sandwich, they do this. And I’m with the using donuts as the toast idea. Mmmmmmmm cholesterol!

  9. SkippyMom says:

    3 pieces of cheese is a bit much – even in a convection oven. And I agree – it isn’t “grilled” unless you put it on a grill/gridle

    • Crysta says:

      The three slices of cheese doesn’t bother me at all. I make grilled cheese with three slices of cheese.

      The Texas Toast though… that’s too thick for a good cheese-to-bread ratio, in my opinion. Plus even in the picture, that thing just looks GREASY.

  10. SmoledMan says:

    Nasty, just nasty. Why not eat a protein salad instead, your heart will thank you.

  11. Smile says:

    American cheese (or Kraft. Come on, we all know that’s just what they’re using) is disgusting. It really is plastic cheese. But something magical happens when you put a slice of Kraft cheese between two pieces of buttered bread and toss it on a griddle.

    It weird, but true. Alone you can’t even stomach the thought of eating that orange rubber square. But in a grilled cheese sandwich? Pure love. Kind of like McNuggets. Repulsive by themselves, amazing in mick’s sweet n sour sauce.

  12. Nick says:

    I think all of Dunkin Donuts’ food has been a failed experiment. The bacon is always undercooked, the cheese is never melted, the hashbrowns are soggy and the other meats are all of subpar quality. I avoid anything but donuts and bagels from this place.

  13. Lylat says:

    $2.99? seriously i like a grilled cheese sandwich but wow at that price i’m better off with The W from wendy’s since its more for the same price and yes i know its a odd comparison.

    • Mike N says:

      I was thinking the same thing — $2.99 for a few slices of cheese and undersized bread? Come on!

      BTW, Jack in the Box does a tasty grilled cheese. Of course, it’s on the kid’s menu, but still… 🙂

  14. Chefprotoss says:

    Weak sauce to the tenth power.

  15. kikurage says:

    This lools good. But I will be disappointed to DD’ low-quality food.
    DD is only “dounts”.

  16. Kat says:

    Seriously for $2.99 they couldn’t have thrown some meat on there or a single egg? Maybe even pair it with a cup of soup? Wth DD?

  17. Clint says:

    For the love of everything holy, Dunkin Donuts needs to stop this crap and just go back to making their donuts in-house and serving good coffee. All of these branching-out creations are terrible.

  18. wrongway says:

    That might be a little too much cheese for me.

  19. SPM says:

    Is it April 1st? $3 for this. Give me a break.

  20. Bob says:

    There is no going back unfortunately. When I grew up DD made their own donuts , fancies and baked goods. You could even sit at the counter and have coffee in a ceramic cup. Now they worry more about the repackaging of the egg patties.


  21. Justin ST says:

    $2.99? I could make Grilled cheese for a week with that.

  22. Jess says:

    My university caf/student convenience store sells regular PB&J sandwiches for $3.50 so I’m desensitized to overpriced simplicity, haha. But I do love Texas Toast. I hope to try this if the local Dunkin circulars in the newspaper offer a coupon.

  23. Kate says:

    As I just ate one of these things, I googled it to find out what is actually in this gross sandwich and found this comment board; excellent! My thoughts:

    a.) greasy greasy bread
    b.) ridiculously messy/crumbly to eat
    c.) cheese was burned on the inside (so they actually toast it open face)
    d.) smelled like plastic
    e.) left a weird fake-cheddar aftertaste

    I usually love DD and their food/drinks but wow, this was a flop.

  24. sam says:

    I had this a few days ago for the first time.. It was ok, considering it’s just cheese and bread from DD. Omg, everyone of you, get. a. life. You don’t like it, you don’t eat it. Why complain about it?!?! Lol. Most of you sound like babies. And it’s just 3 bucks… whoooo, big deal. I can see how that might break your banks. -__- Stop waking up every day and complaining about the food you chose to spend your money on. God didn’t have to let you wake up at all.
    Dun Dunn Dunnnnnnn

    And no, I do not work for DD. lol.

  25. sam says:

    If you wanna complain about something, complain about their disgusting coffee… Now that stuff is gross! Hahahahaha

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