New ‘Shroom & Swiss from Arby’s

While passing by my local Arby’s, I spotted something new in the window.  A poster for the new ‘Shroom & Swiss sandwich.  It isn’t featured on the front page of the Arby’s website, but it’s hidden in there with the roast beef sandwiches.  I’m all for the fried crispy onions and the toasted roll, but other than that, I’m not much of a mushroom fan.  520 calories, 28 grams of fat, 1990 mg of sodium.  Observe:

Arby’s tender and juicy, freshly sliced roast beef with Swiss cheese, freshly fried crispy onions, sliced mushrooms and a deliciously savory spread all on a toasted specialty roll. If that doesn’t brighten your day, nothing will!

12 comments on “New ‘Shroom & Swiss from Arby’s

  1. Adam says:

    It’s a local item according to a rep I talked to. Priced at 3.59 for just the sandwich. I wonder why they didn’t go Angus on it?

  2. J.B. says:

    Now when I read the ingredients and description on this sandwich, it was my dream, or should have been. I love anything mushroom and swiss and I love french fried onions.

    However when I had it last week, it was pretty terrible and to be truthful it actually made me kind of sick.
    I just don’t think roast beef translates well into this kind of sandwich the way a burger does.

  3. Aaron says:

    Had it awhile ago. It was fine, nothing special. Mushrooms weren’t very mushroomy. But $5 for the combo was a pretty good deal.

    Not sure why they’re not calling it a roastburger.

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      I was wondering the same thing, as it looks just like the rest of the Roastburgers. Apparently they don’t put the Roastburger seasoning on the meat, so they don’t use the name.

  4. maxchain says:

    It’s OK, I guess! It didn’t ruin my day, at least.

  5. Christopher says:

    A little salty, but definitely more flavorful than the other Roastburgers

  6. Pat says:

    Mushrooms are the new bacon apparently… Mushrooms suck.

  7. Beccaboo says:

    The first time I had it, they forgot the mushrooms and I didn’t notice until I had almost eaten all of it. The second time, I didn’t like the mushrooms. and the third time, I asked for them to not put mushrooms on it and put extra crispy onions on it. IT WAS FANTASTIC. I love the sauce they put on it.

  8. GRANDMA M says:

    THE BEST SANDWHICH EVER ALMOST BETTER THAN SEX you have to try it to beleive it. Nothing makes me happy.

  9. Jake S. says:

    I had it the other night and I felt that the mushrooms added alot to the beef, the melted cheese was delightful, the horseradish sauce tangy and topped it off well. The toasted bun was a bonus.

  10. Guitpik says:

    Best mushroom & swiss I’ve ever had!

    • Britt says:

      I would have to agree with you there. The roast beef is delicious (as always) but the sauce and crispy onions make this sandwich!! I love mushrooms and crispy onions so this sandwich was like heaven! Does anyone know what kind of sauce that is? I think it has to be one best I have ever tasted! My Boyfriend got one a day for like a week straight for lunch because he loved it so much.

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