New McNugget Sauces at McDonald’s

These days, fast food chicken nuggets have a lot of options when it comes to dipping sauce.  I remember when all we had were the simple Sweet & Sour or Barbeque sauces… and through the years we get some more variety with Hot Mustard sauce.  Last winter McDonald’s released a Sweet Chili nugget sauce to coincide with a Winter Olympics promotion. Well the Sweet Chili is back and a few other newcomers are now in the mix.  Long overdue if you ask me.  Honey Mustard, Spicy Buffalo and Creamy Ranch round out the new McNugget sauce offerings.

I’m all about the classic Sweet & Sour… What’s your go-to McNugget sauce?

And if you’re interested, here’s a GrubGrade review on McDonald’s McNuggets.


42 comments on “New McNugget Sauces at McDonald’s

  1. Roger C. says:

    These sauces are not new…

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah, not really new… I think they are sorta in a new realm with the nuggets though. I’m positive they’ve been offered (well at least a couple of the “new” sauces) with the chicken selects in a slightly different size. I guess the option to ask for the chicken selects sauce w your mcnuggets was always a possibility…

  2. Justin says:

    Hot Mustard. One of my three favorite condiments from ANY fast food place.

  3. SkippyMom says:

    Hot mustard. Definitely my favorite.

  4. Marvo says:

    Hot Mustard FTW. Although looking the displays at the McDonald’s I was at, it appears it might no longer be available.

  5. Manavee says:

    I’m pretty sure they had a ranch sauce before…I guess maybe now it’s just creamier? And I swear I they’ve had the sweet chili before.

    Not sure if this is a nationwide thing, but my Mcdonald’s had a new Rolo Mcflurry advertised which I tried today (although googling it, it looks like maybe they’ve had this before in the past?) Anyway, I liked it; the caramel was nice and thick; the chocolate was kind of hard which some might find off-putting, but I liked the texture when put up against the soft serve.

    • Adam says:

      Where is “your” McDonalds haha? I want one! I saw that on Are you in SoCal?

      • Tracy says:

        We are in South Jersey and my son came home saying they started making them in his McD’s this week so they are speading thru the country.

        Also, they just started with the buffalo dipping sauce and he loves it. I do too because it’s spicy but not overwhelming. He doesn’t use it on nuggets though. He pours them on a chicken sandwich.

      • Manavee says:

        I’m in the southern Chicago suburbs.

    • Chase says:

      Actually, I used to work for them. They have always had all of these sauces with the EXACT same name since 2002 and they did come out with Sweet Chili last year. That’s only because Chipoltle Sauce never sold and got wasted, a lot. So, they decided to do a cosmetic refresh of the packaging. This is important for their new contemporary store look. They REALLY DO NOT WANT ‘YELLOW AND RED’. Each and all stores will be rebranded and toned down over the next couple of years. Read the press releases this has been discussed before. To be a global and more streamlined business they need to create a more uniform brand appearance. They also are looking to compete against all the companies that are stealing their “gen y” people that around their twenties and thirties. We eat a lot, but its not McDonalds. Why? Bad embarrassing memories, unhealthy people, and its not inviting. The evolution became clear in the McCafe launches, but this was an expensive upgrade. Now phase two will be twice the cost and require a lot of face-lifting and furniture buying!

  6. Jim says:

    I can’t remember the last time I actually purchased McNuggets. I but them for my daughter, but she never gets sauce. The sweet and sour would always be my choice when I did buy them though. I wouldn’t mind trying that buffalo sauce one.

  7. rob says:

    Hot Mustard because usually fast food only offers Honey Mustard.

    Offering Hot Mustard is a maverick move by McDonalds, the kind of bold, out-of-the-box thinking on which empires are founded.

  8. maxchain says:

    I usually mix a Honey and a Hot Mustard together. Their Honey Mustard seems to be less sweet/spicy than the sum of its parts, but maybe I’m imagining things.

  9. Patrick says:

    Spicy Buffalo for the win.

  10. Francois says:

    Old school hot mustard before they changed the recipe.

  11. Rhiannon says:

    I enjoy the ranch and bbq sauce. That is, whenever I eat Mcdonalds chicken…every 5 years.

  12. Ub says:

    Rolo mcflurries I believe started nation wide this week from what I heard. New sweet chili sauce rocks. They had it during the olympics for a limited time but now it’s on the menu for good.

  13. J.B. says:

    I love the sweet and sour sauce which also goes great with their fries.
    After that would be the sweet chili sauce and then the hot mustard.

    With the exception of Arby’s honey mustard sauce, McDonalds has the best sauces on the market.

    • Otto says:

      Arby’s sauce w/ Wendy’s fries = deliciousness!

      As for the McD’s sauces, I am a loyal BBQ fan (nuggets, fries, burgers) – but it sounds like I need to try the Sweet Chili. Unless the changed the recipe, I had the ranch a few months back and it was soupy and oily, not good.

    • J.A. says:

      No way, the Polynesian sauce from Chick-Fil-A is the bomb!!!

  14. Steve says:

    Gotta go Sweet and Sour. I do like the Sweet Chili though. And there was a bout a year in college where I would go big box with no sauce. College.

  15. Ike says:

    Just plain honey for my McNuggets.

  16. Shannon says:

    The only sauce I can remember ever trying and the one I always get with my McNuggets is Sweet ‘n Sour.

  17. Raiders757 says:

    There’s something about McDonald’s sweet ketchup that goes so well with their nuggets and fries. I’m going to have to break tradition and try the hot mustard sauce. It sounds like a really tasty change of pace.

  18. MikeB says:

    Hot mustard is by far my favorite. Goes great with french fries and the burgers too.

    I have to agree with many of you – these sauces are not new. I tried to honey mustard a couple days ago and it was nothing special.

    McDonalds has always had the absolute worst ranch dressing.

  19. gina says:

    Canada has had honey mustard for awhile now I think…
    Go to is def sweet and sour, while Honey Mustard is a close second!

    We also had a cranberry, and an apple one during christmas.

  20. Shannon says:

    Our McDonalds has always had Honey Mustard. At least as long as I can remember…

  21. Elle says:

    Sweet & sour, duh! I like it with my fries, too.

  22. Robert says:

    Sweet and Sour is my favorite. Going to be trying the creamy ranch though. I’ve even put the Sweet and Sour sauce on my burger. Best Sweet and Sour sauce on the market, period.

  23. Nick says:

    During a Mulan Promotion many years ago the nuggets came in a takeout shaped box and they had a Seszchuan sauce. That was my favorite.

  24. Cori says:

    What about the curry sauce available in Europe? I wish they had that in the US.

  25. Kerry says:

    What the heck! I’ve been eating the creamy rand and Buffalo sauce for years. Then again, I’m from Buffalo so maybe it was a limited release? But they’ve also had it in WV for at least a year too. I feel cheated!

  26. The sauces have always made the nuggets the delicious treats that everyone loves. I trust that the new sauces will only add to McNuggets Mania. Long may they reign!!!

  27. Matt says:

    The new honey mustard recipe sucks they should change it back

  28. Paul says:

    Agree with Matt. The old Honey mustard was the best; the new one is nasty. They just ruined Mcnuggest for my whole household!

  29. dani says:

    Seszchuan sauce was the best sauce every! during the mulan promotion years ago! wish they would bring that back!

  30. Jonathan Lloyd says:

    The only reason to buy McNuggets has been the sauces. While the Sweetened Chili sauce was a great addition, the rest of the new sauces are flops. Until they bring back their previous Honey Mustard (far superior to any honey mustard I can find at any price – and I’ve tried dozens) I’m done with McDonalds.

  31. marie says:

    my favorite sauce use to ne sweet n sour now my favorite is the creamy ranch

  32. Ztrain says:

    I sooo wanted to get all the Smurfs!

    I only got Handy (who I love!), Chef, Jokey, Greedy and Clumsy.

    I sooo wanted to get Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Brainy! You know the classic characters!

  33. My favorite sauce was always HONEY…NOT honey mustard, just Honey. It was the first sauce they offered with the nuggets but now it would seem it’s being fazed out everywhere.
    That’s fine because I’ve fazed out McDonald’s.
    I fry my own chicken at home and eat it with my own honey…WAY better!

  34. Amanda-Beth says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not only 1 who enjoys dipping fries in sweet and sour if their is enough left. I may just have to give the sweet chilli a try with nuggets and perhaps pit some of creamy ranch on a Burger what can I say I like ranch. Atm my favorite non mcd’s dip is spinnach dip. I put it on lots of stuffs.

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