New from McDonald’s: The Chickenless Sandwich Burger

Arghh!!!  I wanted to try the new Premium Chicken Sandwich from McDonald’s so I hit up the drive-thru and placed my order.  My order was the Classic Crispy.  The box was right, the bread was right… from what I could tell, everything else was right except for one crucial ingredient.  The chicken.  Observe:

Looking good so far… nice box, nice bun.

What’s this?

Not chicken.

Not Crispy.

Nice description… maybe next time.

So mark this up as another drive-thru botch to add to the list.  I still ate the burger once I made my discovery 3 miles away… it was OK, but just not what I ordered.  I liked the bakery-style bun and hated the gross glut of mayo which seems to be the MO of the Golden Arches. I like hearing fast food mishap stories so share a comment if you please 🙂

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  1. Andi says:

    It’s rare that anything epic happens with my order (aside from the forgotten item when I’m in a fast food withdrawal rage climbing over the counter asking why they forgot my McNuggets) that’s worth remembering.

    But one time, I went to Burger King and ordered fries and a Whopper Jr. no tomato no mayo. They left of the tomato but still gave me mayo. I went back for them to fix it and they gave me two Whopper Jr.s all fixed up to the T, mayo and everything. I went back again. This time, my patience was rewarded with a full blown Whopper, no mayo, no tomato and pretty darn perfect. Sadly, I had already eaten my fries so it wasn’t completely perfect.

    Then there was the time I ordered a single stacker and got a double one and the many times I ordered the value fries and got the small. Those have been great moments in being poor and hungry.

  2. Roger C. says:

    The person who made your order must have been on drugs. I’ve never seen this happen before!

    This must have been a recent hire from that National Hiring Day they had a month or two ago…

  3. SkippyMom says:

    I can’t believe they did that. HOW can you screw that up?

    Rarely do I get out of the house and even more rare do I eat fast food [but love to drool over yours] but I have a story from last night – swear!

    We had to buy the kid a bunch of stuff for her new apartment and decided a few $1 menu items were a good nosh while we popped from place to place.

    Simple order. 2 cheeseburgers, 1 hamburger with no ketchup or mustard [mine] 1 fry, 2 iced teas.

    We received 1 normal cheeseburger, 1 plain cheeseburger and a hamburger with ketchup and pickles.

    Explain that eff up.

    And the mayo is so over the top at McD’s you are right.

  4. Marvo says:

    As messed up as this is, it would’ve been even more so if this happened after going to Chick-fil-A.

  5. Tyler M says:

    SUPER FAIL on McDonald’s part

  6. TonyJaguar says:

    The last one I remember was JITB fish and chips, I got two pieces of chicken, and one piece of fish. I went back. I wanted fish real bad.

  7. Heidi S. says:

    And I thought my local McDonald’s was the most incompetent. Eh.

  8. Bunny says:

    Everything except the beef patty looks good.

  9. Scott says:

    Ha at first I thought this was a new menu item….. I was thinking WTF?!

    But yeah I have had some pretty solid mistakes in my day. Taco bell is good at it because they mess up burritos all the time and you CANNOT tell until you bite in.

    The best place to get a mess up though is Chick-fil-a. Not only are there mess ups typically nothing big (like giving me nuggets instead of strips) but they go to extra effort to fix it as well. One time they gave me the wrong breakfast order. I went in to ask for mine. They proceeded to give me my correct one, a free calendar, and 5 free chicken sandwich coupons, not too mention they let me keep the wrong order. Those guys know how to run fast food.

  10. David says:

    I ordered a cheeseburger from Mc Donalds and they gave me a cheeseburger with out the meat. So basically they just gave me a cheese sandwich.

  11. ChrisSh says:

    One of my mother’s favorite stories involves her going to Burger King after work one night just starving and wanting a double whopper more than anything in the world. Unfortunately, she only had enough cash to get a regular whopper, so she decided to settle for that. When she got home with her sandwich, you guessed it, they screwed up and gave her a double whopper. Sure, it doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but it made her week!

    And I agree on the mayo – at all fast food restaurants – there is always way too much so I always order without.

  12. Atleye says:

    I remember ordering a Whopper with everything but mayo and pickles. When I opened the wrapper I found a Whopper with triple mayo, pickles, and onion (triple all three ingredients). Absolutley repulsive stuff.

    • Kevin says:

      hahahaha, whoever made that was such a genius smartass

      My worst experience at McDonald’s was just getting 2 McChickens instead of McDoubles… but it wasn’t at the drive-thru so I didn’t care much.

  13. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    This isn’t a mix up, but I’ll tell you why I will never eat at wendys ever again. One day at about noon I decided to grab some food. I also was driving by a wendys. They had a new mushroom swiss burger so I figured that would be great. I placed my order for just the burger, paid for it and parked my car to eat. When I unwrapped the burger I noticed something quite wrong. The bun was soaking wet. Not damp but saturated and dripping with a clear fluid. Instantly one other thing cought my eye. Hair. Lots of hair was stuffed into the burger. Horrified and mad, I ran towards the entrance and proceded to puke on the main door. It had to go somewere. I also decided to leave my burger in the puddle of puke, so hopefully whoever screwed with my order had to clean it up. I didn’t dare venture inside because I had the severe intention of punching someone in the face. True story. That was about eight years ago and I will never step into a wendys again. The thought makes me both quezzy and angry. Not the best combo.

    • Mikey says:

      Had a similar experience with Arby’s one time. Took me 10 years to get over it, and I had to go to the other Arby’s in our town. Makes me gag just thinking about it.

  14. mitchery says:

    This made me laugh real hard. St first I thought it was a genius menu item called the Chicken less Sandwich Burger…all the ingredients of a chicken sandwich but with a beef patty instead of chicken…kind of unique and clever I thought…but then I realized it was a botch up and that just made me laugh…This is a classic Ryan and I think these things deserve there own category on Grub Grade if you ever encounter more of them.

  15. Helldog says:

    Burger King does a pretty good job of going easy on the mayo if you order your food with “easy mayo.” I think it even shows up on the slip as “easy mayo.” The Original Chicken Sandwich can seem like a surfboard covered in mayo if you don’t know to go easy.

  16. RoleModel says:

    I asked for a Southern Style Chicken Sandwich at McD’s with extra lettuce and extra onion.

    I got the extra lettuce and onion alright. What didn’t I get? The chicken. HOW?

  17. rob says:

    Once I ordered a breakfast sandwich combo from McDonalds and they gave me enough sandwiches and hashbrowns to feed an army, it was like eight hashbrowns.

    I should have pointed the mistake out to them but instead I took it home and had the feast of a lifetime.

  18. Mike N says:

    Hey Ryan, you didn’t call 911 when they screwed up your order? 🙂

    • Ryan says:

      Hehe… I should’ve, but then I’d be just another one on the long list of lunatics that end up on the 6oclock news 😀

  19. Eric says:

    More of a gift than anything else, but I remember when the quad stack came out at BK way back, my friends and I stopped to grab lunch. One of my friends got the quad stack and noticed they had actually given him 5 burger patties. We just found it funny that the sandwich had so many burger patties that they couldn’t keep track.

    Also, I used to get a bunch of free taco bell because my roommate (for the past 5 years) refused to eat anything with sour cream, and they put it on a good 50% of the time even when he requested they didn’t. Fortunately, he never learned to check his tacos/burritos before getting home.

  20. K. Rock says:

    I ordered a cheeseburger from a Mcdonalds at an airport. I walked all the way back to my gate, opened the wrapper, and realized there was NO BURGER on my burger. Just ketchup, and the customary sprinkling of onions. I hiked all the way back and cut the line to express my anger.

  21. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    I went to Burger King with a friend to use a “buy one, get one free” Whopper coupon. Her’s was normal. Mine was normal except for one small thing. Instead of a Whopper patty, it was made out of 2 Whopper Jr. patties.

  22. says:

    Regarding “glop of mayo:” all orders are customizable. Tell them “light on the mayo” and they will remember to do so.

    Moreover, giving a direction like that may make the food handler more aware of the order and give the right meat next time.

  23. Bottomless says:

    I can no longer eat at a Long John Silvers. I ordered the usual fish and chips combo. Simple. I got the fish, but to my surprise there was a “prize” in the battered fish. A long blonde hair. Half in the fish, half in my mouth. It took everything I had not to just throw up right there. The manager was very apologetic, and offered me another meal and a refund. I just got the refund and will never go there again.

  24. Shana says:

    I got a burger from Whataburger once..lettuce,tomato,cheese,mustard,pickles,bacon,jalepenos BUT no meat. I shoved some fries in it and it was actually quite tasty!

  25. Shannon says:

    We were at a burger king drive thru. My boyfriend wanted to try the new jalapeno and cheese burger at BK. So we go through the line and we ask for no onions or tomato on the two burgers. My friend also didn’t like tomatoes. We pay for our food and on the way home, my boyfriend notices that they added tomatoes to the sandwich. He could hardly eat it. He doesn’t want to go back to that burger again.

  26. christine says:

    About a year ago i stopped at a mcdonalds on the highway, the kind you cant turn around to go back to once you leave. I orderd a Big Mac combo. Once i left i realized what i had was a bun with a ton of letus and mayo, nothing else. I now dont leave the parking lot till i double check my order

  27. […] change, it’s not an unusual occurance.  One time I ordered a chicken sandwich and got a burger patty in place of the chicken.  I get really excited if I come across a fast food place that misspelled something in their […]

  28. Dave says:

    Went to Culver’s one night, and drove away with both my order, and the order for the car behind me. Didn’t realize it until home. For once, a screw-up that turned me into a happy little boy.

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