New Daily Double Burger from McDonald’s

The McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger is $1.19.  It used to be on the Dollar Menu and was replaced by the McDouble which is the same thing minus one slice of American cheese.  So an extra slice of cheese is 19 cents.

Double Cheeseburger vs Daily Double

The McDonald’s McDouble is described like this:

Take two. A slice of melty American cheese between two 100% beef patties, topped with pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard on a toasted bun.

So if I told you McDonald’s was offering a slightly different version of the McDouble for 89 cents extra and called it the “Daily Double”, what would you expect for your extra 89 cents?  The Daily Double is $1.89 and replaces the pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard with lettuce, tomato and mayo.  Yup, 89 cents for some shredded iceberg, a single slice of tomato and mayonnaise.  Are you kidding me McDonald’s?

Drive-thru Menu Board Ad

I don’t really like the bacon at McDonald’s, but at least bacon would make this “upgrade” seem more like an actual upgrade.  To me its a lateral move if anything.  Sure the price of tomatoes may be continually rising slightly, but we’re talking one slice of tomato, a smattering of worthless lettuce and mayo.  The lack of onions, ketchup and mustard sucks the flavor right out of this burger unfortunately.  There’s no extra cost for those condiments so I’d recommend getting a little something other than LTM.

I’m prepared to hear your thoughts readers… is the McDonald’s Daily Double a ripoff or what?  I think the McDouble and Double Cheeseburger are good deals by the way, I just think the Daily Double is an insult to consumers.

138 comments on “New Daily Double Burger from McDonald’s

  1. Adam Bomb says:

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw this at the local McD’s a few weeks ago. I caught it right away and was all like “wtf mcdonald’s?”.

    • JN says:

      Sure, we’re talking about McDonald’s, not a custom gourmet burger tavern, but you all are too harsh on the daily double. It’s 6 years after the OP, but I wanted to comment because the daily double seems to have died off. I’ve found it at a few locations recently (and yes, I ask for it sometimes just to check if it’s still around). I say it’s s good as the mcdouble. Sure, they replace the ketchup mustard onions and pickle with lettuce tomato and mayo. But why is that bad? It is cheaper for a reason: the ingredients are cheaper. But the big fresh slice of tomato with the mayo make it great. Also, ketchup and mustard are free, so you can ways add them yourself. IM(very)HO, the daily double is at least as good as thd mcdouble once you add a little ketchup and mustard. If you want them on your buck sandwich and don’t dd them yourself you’re really freaking lazy. I actually miss the double with that big slice of tomato and mayo.

  2. Justin ST says:

    I had this in Chicago this summer. I thought there was more meat in the burger, or that it might have been better quality. I dont think it is what you think it is. I’m probably wrong, that was just my impression.

    • Ryan says:

      Shoot… that made me do some more research and I realized that the Daily Double should be compared with the McDouble. The Daily Double only has one slice of cheese! So yeah, I just altered this post. Can’t believe I missed that before… this makes the Daily Double even worse.

      • JoeGuy says:

        Tried it last night; really liked it. The tomato and mayo was switch; and patties seemed bigger than a double cheeseburger. With the $1.00 Premium Roast coffee was $3.09. I skipped the fries; and was pretty full.

  3. Alice says:

    Isn’t that just a Big Extra with a second burger patty?

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      The Big N’ Tasty (nee Big XTra) is made with a quarter-pound patty. This is made with the little patties.

  4. Dan says:

    I think it’s a ripoff. It would cost a lot less to order a plain McDouble for $1 then add the lettuce, mayo, and tomato at home.

    • larry says:

      Bake some rolls, whip up some mayo, and grind some chuck while you’re at it..the savings really start to stack up. 😉

    • Seeker says:

      Yep. A mayo packet is free, lettuce and tomato can be charged $0.25 a piece for $1.50 compared to $1.89. Usually if I get mac sauce on a McDouble for a pseudo-big mac I ask to have it “substituted for ketchup and mayo” and that doesn’t charged. It goes down as a substitution. Otherwise it’s an additional $0.50. This is practically the McD’s take on a whopper jr.(minus onions) and not very well done for the price.

  5. Kevin says:

    Seems like the kind of item to be gone soon

  6. Dave says:

    This might not be such a bad deal, when you consider how much they were selling the “Big & Tasty” for. I’m assuming the B&T was a fair bit bigger, but have no way of knowing.

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      They still sell the Big N’ Tasty and it is made with a quarter-pound patty, whole-leaf lettuce (not iceberg), tomato, onions, ketchup & mayo on a sesame-seed bun.

      • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

        Oh yeah, *whispers* and the pickles.

      • Derek says:

        The Big N Tasty was recalled by Corporate within the United States. And is no longer available. I worked for McDonalds when it happened and it was a no excuse order to every store whether corporate or franchise to stop selling it.

        Also, the difference between the Big N’Tasty and the Daily Double is 1/20th a pound of meat.

  7. Adam says:

    Did you try emailing a McDonald’s rep for an official description?

  8. Uncle G says:

    The patties used for all three of these burgers are the same as the single burger or cheese burger as well as the big Mac. All of these come with rehydrated onions, so I don’t see why this new burger would not come with them as well. It does seem a little over the top to charge an additional 89 cents for some green and tomato. Haven’t seen this one yet here in NY.

  9. Brad says:

    Dude, I used to be able to get lettuce on my McDoubles for free… then they started charging for adding it, now this? Ridiculous.

  10. Lylat says:

    This sandwich sounds like something on a game show lmao!

  11. kendra says:

    i used to get hold the mustard and ketchup and add lettuce and mayo to my mcdoubles anyway…i wonder if now they’ll charge me for this mccrap. So so lame. i’m hating it…

    • Olivia says:

      You still can. I have a friend who substitutes mayo, swiss cheese, and mushrooms on their McDoubles and they still cost 1 dollar. You probably got charged for the tomato though. To add mayo and lettuce is free 😉 I doubt this will be very popular, because to add it to a mcdouble is actually cheaper than purchasing the “daily double”. I work at a Mcdonalds and there are some really weird things like this. For example, a sausage mcmuffin with egg actually costs more than a sausage mcmuffin (1 Dollar) add rounded egg (only 1 additional dollar). You are paying for the convenience of ordering the Daily Double, and if you take the time to simply add it to a mcdouble you will save money.

  12. Justn says:

    The reason I like the McDouble is the ketchup and pickles!

  13. Thomas says:

    Why the word DAILY? If you eat enough of these, you can get a daily serving of vegetables?

    It would be cool if it was a special daily deal or something, but I guess that is too much work for McD’s minimalist appraoch.

  14. richard says:

    I was in Vancouver, Canada this summer. They had a burger for $1.69 (in canada money), same thing but minus 1 beef patty and add bacon. I think it was called the cheeseburger deluxe.

  15. Dave says:

    Cue the Jeopardy music… “McDonald’s hamburgers for under $2, Alex”.

  16. Dave says:

    Actually, McDonald’s should offer a variation of this, by removing the mayo, and adding bbq sauce & bacon. Maybe call it the “Western Daily Double”.

    • Ryan says:

      I’d like that. I’m not a big fan of the bacon served up at McDonald’s. They should scrap their current bacon and go for an improvement like Wendy’s did.

  17. Adam says:

    I don’t get the fuss. We know food costs are rising, and that Micky D’s has a proven concept with value cheeseburger concepts. What this is is solid business strategy. You rebrand something with small tweaks and raise the price. You take it to a test market to see how it does. It’s much smarter than just raising the price on what you already have.

    For a business, it makes sense. And last I checked, McDonald’s wasn’t a nonprofit.

  18. Reggie says:

    For people like me, who don’t like pickles and mustard, a double cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and mayo sounds perfect. And $1.89 doesn’t sound like a bad price for it either.

  19. raiders757 says:

    “The lack of onions, ketchup and mustard sucks the flavor right out of this burger”

    That was my first thought when reading the description of this “Daily Double”. Removing those three ingredients, removes the simple essence of what makes their value burgers somewhat worth eating. Those little re-hydrated onions pack a big punch of flavor, and are what made me go from hating onions as a kid, to realizing their importance in the world of food. The second you remove them, the McDouble, and the single become almost worthless. This “Daily Double” was already a failure by adding mayo, but even more so for excluding the onions. Then to charge more for it? WTF?

    Adam does have a good point in his post above though.

  20. Ali says:

    I got this by accident without really realizing what it was going to be a few months ago. I was traveling and just ordered the cheapest value meal on the menu. I did not like the burger and didn’t finish it. I was definitely missing the normal condiments. Should have just gone with a Happy Meal.

  21. mcdonalds charges me 10 cents for every mayo/ketchup/sauce packet i ask for in my area. it’s been like this for about a year now. i’m not surprised at all by this high price… it’s sad.

    i’ve been going to mcdonalds less and less… five guys more and more.

  22. somesteve says:

    rolls eyes. pretty lame offering from McDonald’s. It seems pointless and reeks of uncreativeness.

  23. KTK says:

    I kind of wonder less about how this is a rip off vs. the McDouble and more about how long they’ll be selling the McDouble for $1. They already removed a slice of cheese over the regular Double Cheeseburger to keep it there.

    I was actually working at McD’s in 2002 when I was 16, and that’s when they introduced the Dollar menu. Considering the rise in labor and food costs in the last 9 or so years, I’m surprised all that’s changed is a slice of cheese. I don’t think the massive drought in Texas is helping beef prices either.

  24. Thomas says:

    To anyone who has tried this, how much Mayo do they add? I remember I once got Mayo one of the dollar burgers, and they just added a ton. I think I’ve asked for Mayo twice since then, and they clearly seem to think asking for mayo means I wnat a tub of it on my burger (years apart).

    Hopefully they have a controlled amount for this. But Mayo and fast food does not work for me.

  25. jenne says:

    complete ripoff! I don’t miss the onions, and I do like mayo on my burgers…but please..for 89 cents more? I miss their 39 cent burger Sundays… that used to be Sunday lunch for us!

  26. SPM says:

    Looks like a $4 burger from Five Guys to me.

  27. ZachM. says:

    McDonald’s is still suffering from the $1 Double Cheeseburger days. They fired several VPs over the loss they took on that burger, all due to the cost of the second slice of cheese. Burger King picked up the slack for a while. The compromise was to have a double cheeseburger with 1 slice of cheese, still for $1. Anything at McDonald’s with MAYO and/or TOMATO is serious business requiring months of meetings. Remember the McLean? “Hot side Hot Cold side cold!” presented in a duo container. I thought I was getting 2! They avoided the extra expensive and labor by NOT having sliced tomatos for years, nor mayo on a burger, excluding the stuff on a Filet-O-Fish of course. The 89-cents includes a generous ceiling for the expected hike in tomato prices due to drought, torrential rains, tornados, and hurricanes. No thanks Mickey-D.

    • SPM says:

      Umm yeah I think you mean the McDLT with the hot side cold side. As for the $1 Double Cheeseburger, this can be debated, but it was never a loss leader, just something with a very tiny margin. Not too sure where you heard that several VPs were fired over this burger, being that it was the franchisees that were really complaining about it, but I would love to see your sources.

      • Dave says:

        Speaking of McDLT, now that was a great burger! I will never understand the reasoning behind why they discontinued it, something to the effect of the double-sided styrofoam box was causing too much polution or whatever. They could have easily switched to a cardboard-based box, but for whatever the reason, it seems they just wanted to kill it. “Big & Tasty” was never as good, and their Deluxe Angus burger is a totally different taste altogether which doesn’t appeal to me.

    • Ub says:

      Zach you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Nobody got fired over the $1 dbl chsb, it was a huge success it just had to be phased out and the McDouble brought in due to rising beef prices and franchise owners pressure. It wasn’t the McLean hot side hot cold side cold it was the McDLT.

      If you are going to ramble on then at least try and have a clue what you are talking about.

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      The Filet-O-Fish has tarter sauce on it, not mayo.

  28. Dave says:

    Here’s a thought… Keep a bottle of ketsup and mustard with you in the car if you order this. Seriously… How much would a little squeeze of each have cost McDonald’s?

  29. Griffin says:

    buy 80/20 meat.. season it.. freeze it… purchase potatoe buns… helmanns mayo, Vine ripe tomatoes, and cheap iceburg lettuce… Welcome

  30. willytonka says:

    I don’t think this is new. A few years ago they introduced this burger as their “grown up” burger and then nixed it about a year later. It was one of my favs basically a quarter pounder with lettuce, tomato and mayo. I for one am happy to see it back on the menu.

  31. Robert says:

    McDonald’s had this burger for years in the 90s. Are you all too young to remember that?! *starts to freak out* You could get a combo meal with small fries and small drink for $1.99. Considering how much more expensive fuel/operating costs are now, I don’t find $1.89 for just the burger out of line. I too agree that the dollar menu madness is EXACTLY why you have to pay $3.79 for a freaking Big Mac. But chains are too terrified to abandon the concept because people think everything should always be the same, ever, and they will be personally offended if anyone dares to price something accurately.

    But really, I’m surprised to see not that many of you know what this is. Like, I grew up on these! And, for the record, they taste nothing like a McDouble. The toppings really do change the flavor entirely. I find it worth the extra cents from time to time.

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      I remember the All-American meals being $1.99 in the ’90s, but that was just a regular hamburger or cheeseburger, small fry, and small drink.

    • Olivia says:

      The McDouble is only a draw for customers, McDonalds doesn’t really make money from them. Thats why a cheeseburger is 30 cents more even though it has one less slice of meat. I am fairly certain they know what they are doing because we still sell the other burgers, and they are likely to have a pretty accurate estimation for the elasticity of demand of their other products. They can’t charge more than a dollar for a McDouble because the demand curve is perfectly inelastic. In a market where similar burgers at other fast food chains are offered for a dollar, they are fairly close to being price takers. Your assessment is inaccurate, but some of your observations are correct.

  32. Burger seriously needs some pickles, onions, and ketchup and/or mustard. I had one yesterday. It was very bland as served. There was one piece of raw onion on it–basically all that did was to make me need a breath mint. The patties were the small size ones as used in the regular hamburger and Big Mac.

    • Zach says:

      You say you want onions, but complain about the onions on it? Really? This is to compete with the Whopper Jr and Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe at other chains. It’s not a $1 burger.

    • Olivia says:

      Its called “sub reconstituted/red onions” or “extra slivered onions”-You guys act like the burgers can’t be customized.

  33. Morgan says:

    I thought about this as soon as I saw it advertised!! McD’s is constantly ripping off consumers. In my area, they charged .15 for extra toppings; so I ordered the McDouble with tomato and lettuce, which comes out to $1.30. Now, they want to charge $1.89 for this damn Daily Double!!! Unbelievable!! Also, the McNuggets are a rip off too! Think about it. Y would I pay $2.69 or whatever the price is for a nine piece when all I have to do is order 3 four pieces for $3 and get more nuggets!!! They think we’re stupid!

  34. Tyler says:

    Seriously? You think your bitching is gonna matter? THEY MAKE MONEY. YOU SPEND MONEY. no matter the price, youll pay it guys … ignorance

    source: business

  35. ShellyBelly says:

    They don’t sell the Big N’ Tasty anymore, so I thought this was a pretty good thing. Sucks its on smaller patties, but if they don’t bring the BNT back then this will have to do. =/ I havent tasted it yet though.

  36. TheFuzz says:

    I had one of these the other day and was pleasantly suprized. For MY taste this was alot closer to the mark on what an American burger should taste like. As far as the price, who cares. If a few cents is going to spin you off into a tizzy of angst then perhaps you should consider your choice of restaurants.

    • Ryan says:

      I don’t think the price by itself is the issue at all. Trust me, I waste a lot of money as it is. The issue is this:

      McDouble: A slice of American cheese between two beef patties, topped with pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard on a toasted bun for $1.00.
      Daily Double: A slice of American cheese between two beef patties, topped with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a toasted bun for $1.89.

      The pricing doesn’t make much sense. The Daily Double is just a way to advertise a “new” product and people will buy it at pretty much any price. The thing is… it’s not new at all. They used the Taco Bell approach and mixed around a few ingredients, gave it a new name and started an ad campaign with it.

      In the end, it doesn’t matter much because I’d choose the McDouble over the Daily Double 100 times out of 100 just in terms of taste.

  37. Amber says:

    This has been around since the 90’s i ate it every weekend in high school, my friends abd i lived off of them….and it is my favorite burger aside from the big Mac (can’t eat a big Mac n drive too messy!) I don’t have a problem paying 1.89 for it… I for one am not cheap and don’t complain for no stupid reasons… If u don’t wanna pay don’t order it! There are 20 other burgers on the menu!!!

  38. Chefprotoss says:

    Wow, you guys sure are defensive over a mediocre burger where the price doesn’t make sense.

  39. Bruce says:

    Immediately after I ordered this a few weeks ago, I realized that I had just paid for a McDouble, with lettuce and tomato, for an extra $0.89. After eating it, I preferred the McDouble, even if the Daily Double had been the same price.

    Personally, I would prefer that McD’s scrap the $1 menu, if it means bringing down the cost of the other menu items. I think that $3.xx is way too much for a Big Mac, just like $2.79 is way too much for a Filet-O-Fish. I couldn’t tell you the last time I ordered a menu item at regular price (excluding Egg McMuffins).

    If McD’s REALLY wants to win me over, they should bring back the Cheddar Melt. Anyone remember those? The Cheddar Melt was a burger, with sauteed onions and cheddar cheese sauce, on a rye bun. Now THAT was tasty!

  40. Danyelle says:

    the big n tasty is not still on menus nationwide.

    I work at a McDonalds we do not have it. you may still have it in your area but they are not still on all menus nationwide

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      According to McDonald’s corporate, the Big N’ Tasty should be in every restaurant nationwide.

      • Alex says:

        That is not true. I was working at a McDonald’s when the Big N Tasty was no longer served. You can still make substitutions and basically make your own Big N Tasty from the Quarter Pounder, but its annoy for the person ringing up your order (I hated those computers, so slow.)

        This sounds to me like their making up for getting rid of the Big N Tasty. From what I remember since I no longer work for McDonald’s, a person would be charged somewhere between .25-.40 Cents for adding lettuce or a slice a tomato or onions. This is total profit for McDonald’s and is no way a deal at all.

        I can get a Whopper Jr. for a lower price; so what if it has one less beef patty.

        Also, this may not be correct since I have no written facts, but when a cheese burger with everything on it is wasted, its a waste of .09 cents.

        $1-.09cents in cost = .91 profit X # of cheese burgers sold.
        This is why McDonald’s makes so much money.

        • Chefprotoss says:

          You aren’t factoring in food costs, labor and overhead together. Only through that will you get an accurate idea of profit margins. Labor should hover around 30%. Hopefully below that.

        • Dave says:

          I don’t know where you heard the cost of making a cheeseburger was .09 cents. I had heard the reason why they removed the double cheeseburger from the dollar menu was because they were about breaking even on it, which is why they removed one of the two slices of cheese and introduced the McDouble to the dollar menu.

  41. Tom Sands says:

    Dude you don’t get it. By adding lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, it is healthy enough to be consumed on a daily basis (hint, DAILY double).

    I actually just saw this in a banner ad, and was really hoping it was a two burgers for $1.89, which would actually be a deal.

  42. Zach says:

    The author is an idiot. If you go by his logic, why pay $3 or more for a Big Mac if the only difference is sesame seeds, NO condiments, and a little sauce? This is a good deal. Reminds me of the Big N Tasty. They need a product like this to compete with the Whopper Jr.

  43. Mike says:

    Your forgetting about the slivered onions they put on. they take out those puny minced onions and put on those large cuts of onions.

  44. Chefprotoss says:

    Yeah, you and your dumb opinion! I want a blog that thinks exactly like me!!! Everyone else is an idiot!!! YARGGGHHH!!!

  45. Jay says:

    WTF guys. First off, the Daily has onions.

    However, it’s $2.29 here. Also, double cheese is $1.75. Where do you guys live that they charge 25 cents for toppings? It’s 40 cents here, 50 cents for tomato. This is across the entire NE Ohio region, although some stores have the Daily at 1.99.

    There’s no such thing as a Big N Tasty here.

  46. Babaganoush says:

    It’s McDonalds people! They should be paying us to eat their food!

  47. Wren says:

    Wtf i read most of this thread and now i want to kill myself. I was interested in margins on a mcdouble, not bitching about fifteen cent lettuce or how dumb the execs at mcdonalds are. hint: they don’t eat mcdonalds.

  48. I saw this in SF… I thought it seemed better than a McDouble. The bun seemed a bit bigger too.

  49. Andrew says:

    I LOVE the Daily Double. I had it in Chicago this past summer. When I got back to San Diego, our McDonalds doesn’t have it. I went to San Francisco this past weekend and they have it there. I’ve tried just adding my own lettuce, tomato, and mayo to a stripped down McDouble, but it doesn’t taste the same. They cook the meat with another spice that they don’t put on the McDouble.

  50. ramzy says:

    the patties from the mcdouble and the daily double are completely different. the mcdouble uses the same patty as the cheeseburger’s, while the daily double uses the same patty as the big mac. completely different, and much better tasting. im a huge fan of the daily double

    • Bob Marley says:

      I work at McDonalds and the patty for the bigmac and the freakin 69 cent hamburger are the same lol

  51. freda says:

    Ramzy-the patties for the mac, hb, cb, all doubles are the same meat..since we don’t have a daily in our area yet unless they use different meat it will be the same…there is reg. meat, quarter meat and angus. Depending on the sandwich that is the beef choices..regular beef is distinquished by weight for the mac and small burgers vs. quarter meat.

  52. Ann says:

    The deal breaker on this daily double for me is I thought right away “oh tastes like a whopper! “The kill joy I am I would warn McDonald’s that their meat is no where near as good / taste not quality ( we are talking fast food here people ) !
    I won’t order this again. McDonald’s needs to back up the menu is getting a bit to much and the press isn’t good on most of the new items. Just saying

  53. Derek says:

    Actually, I don’t think it’s as much of a rip off as people think.

    Sure, in some places, the McDouble is only a dollar, and the Double Cheese is 1.19. But, where that isn’t true, such as inside of a walamrt mcdonalds, it’s actually the better deal. There being no McDouble and the Double Cheese being almost 2 dollars anyways.

    Now, my gripe is the false advertising. Everything about it says it has Lettuce, mayo, a slice of cheese and a tomato, what it doesn’t say is that the Daily Double also does have Slivered Onions. Or the same ones used on the Quarter Pounders, or the Big N Tasty.

    Now, infact, it is the Big N Tasty, with 1/20th less meat. Made with 1/5 a pound of meat instead of 1/4.

    And on those comaping it with the Whopper, compare the ingredients. It is almost the exact same set up of condiments. Though I beleive McDonalds taste better myself, ((I’ve had bad experiences with BK.))

    And Finally, it’s a promitional thing right now. It is good, it is a remake of the Big N Tasty, and if anyone remembers, the Big N Tasty used to be on the Dollar Menu in some stores before it was recalled by corporate. I forsee a drop in price following the trend as soon as the media hype and the promitional stage is over.

  54. Kent says:

    I’ll stick with a $1 McDouble, hold the ketchup, and add my mayo at home. Most times, lettuce and tomato just make the burger parts slide around and mess me up.
    Regarding the big N Tasty, although it’s not on our local menu, it’s still listed as an item on the McDonald’s website (as well as the southern-style chicken, which isn’t on our menu, either.)

  55. Jules says:

    Okay so i am a huge Jr Whopper fan and this is real close. I thought is was ÜBER delicious. I just added a bit of ketchup and my mouth was in heaven.The cost? Hmm not so much but it was a great burger.

  56. Andrew says:

    I agree with most of the post on here, this is a ripoff. I work for McDonald’s and I’ve actually checked. It’s actually cheaper to buy a double cheeseburger plain and adding the tomato, onions, mayo, and lettuce. And you get the extra cheese…

  57. […] prices, but I sometimes I kind of scratch my head and wonder… What?  Why?  (case and point, the Daily Double).  For the most part, fast food should be quick, easy and cheap in my opinion.  To make myself […]

  58. Bob Marley says:

    obviously my name is not bob marley but i work at mcdonalds and counldnt risk this, but this is just a walmart version of the big and tasty basically u could add all these items for 50 to the mcdouble so its just a rip off btw dont eat mcdonalds breakfast

  59. AchyElf says:

    Ah-ha! McTrickery! We’ve been down this road before. They need to invent some tastier, original sandwiches. Maybe they need a new reasearch and development team.

    Five Guys is great, but I don’t even consider them “fast food”.

  60. DeeDer says:

    I actually ordered this yesterday and mine came with onions. I bought one again about 12 hours later and had to tell them to hold the onions. It seems sort of like the Double checker burger they serve at Checkers (some cities call it Rallys) except its missing one slice of cheese.

  61. BandDad says:

    I will not pay 89 cents for some lettuce and tomato. Give me the McDouble which is a great value. I have been known to create my own Double McDouble by buying two McDoubles and reassembling them into one sandwich on one set of buns and throwing away the other bun. I don’t need the extra bun’s carbs or calories and it makes a great meaty sandwich.

  62. Terrence says:

    Yup. Straight rip off. What ever happen to the triple cheese burgers?

  63. […] sour pickles and mustard throws off the balance of ingredients.  Bacon would work better with the Daily Double (also oddly priced).The original McDouble is fine the way it is.  Toying around with bacon or lettuce/tomato just to […]

  64. Tammy says:

    I can hear the Jeapordy music playing now.. are we switching from Monopoly to Jeapordy? The basic thing about McD’s is that they can never get your order right.. well more often than not! So what does it matter what comes on the sandwich?

  65. crystal says:

    I work at McD’s and it has slivered onions on it so this website is wrong about it not. its reg bun, reg meat cheese, reg meat with mayo, onions, shred lettuce, and a tomato and it come to 2.13 so it would be better to get a mcdouble and take off what you dont want and add what you want for 30 cents extra

  66. Dave says:

    Tried it… Still not as good as the “Big & Tasty”, or “McDLT”. I miss those two… Guess I will stick with Culver’s.

  67. andie says:

    Finally tried it last night.

    Without the tomato.

    It’s 1.99 over here before tax 🙁

    I think from now on ill just get a plain mcdouble add shred. Mayo, onions, and pickles for a dollar thnk you. It’s the same thing if you don’t like tomatoes.

    When I worked at the golden arches they charged 89 cents for tomatoes, and Bacon ..25 cents for mac sauce :/ I think they catched on that people were making mini macs by adding mac sauce shred and pickles to mcdoubles n double cheese burgers.

    Also found out that fries are no longer on the dollar menu

    They’re charging 1.19 before tax for a small fry. 1.89 for a medium and 2.56 for a large… Stupid. If I were corporate I’d see that if they wanted to gain money they would lower their prices so more people would buy it. (gas station trick)

  68. Rmb says:

    It wasn’t always a rip. It has been around for over 15 years in some locations and is supposed to have two cheese slices, two meet, sliced onion, tomato, lattice and mayo on a sesame bun. When they nationalized it in 2010 or 11they needed it up hard core. next time I’ll be ordering a double burger, no pickle, no ketchup, add tomato and shredded lettuce, then use a packet of mayo. It erl actually be cheaper.

  69. Chris says:

    Looks like a double WHOPPER JR. to me.

  70. BooBoo says:

    You know what I miss? The McDonalds chicken fajitas! Does anyone else remember them?? Oh man, I pine for them every time I see a McDonalds-they were the SH*T!!!!! Wish to God they’d bring em back! *single tear*

  71. Will says:

    I remember these from the early 90’s in Indiana. This isn’t new and, adjusted for inflation, it’s pretty well the same price as it was back then. Just saw the sign in the window the other day and had instant nostalgia. Now if only they’d bring back the styrofoam burger boxes(environment and my health be damned!)!

  72. Joey says:

    I should have read the comments before I got duped. I thought it was a meal ??? The flyer at the counter says its an “extra value meal “. So I figured it was a great deal with the drink. Wtf ???? $1.99 for just the sandwich? Why list it as a value meal??? It should be listed as ripoff sandwich !!!!!!!

  73. wmjindsm says:

    You do have to watch which stores charge for extras. They accidently punched in red onions for my McChicken and it cost 50 cents I believe. Also, they like to charge for things like extra Nugget Sauce, so for any extra i may want, I ask for it after I get my food, not before I pay for it. I just wish the stores would tell you when you are being charged extra and it’s not a surprise later. Albert Lea, MN charged extra for extra pickles. The Des Moines Burger King charged to add onions.

    • Danielle says:

      Albert Lea sucks! I just moved from there, and I actually worked at the McDonalds at Trails Travel Center. It sucked. Haha. The managers made us start charging for extra sauce and stuff.. I didn’t like to. Lol.

  74. skeeter says:

    This is indeed a ripoff. Sometimes I order mcdoubles with tomatoes and they charge e .20 cents – so $1.99 seems way too high – add some extra meat like the old big & tasty, and then you’ll have something here!

    All the good burgers were taken away:

    big & tasty

    • Soon you can add McDouble to the list of burgers that goes away. I suspect Daily Double is designed to phase out McDouble quietly.

      Inflation, gas, and food costs mean the era of a double cheeseburger for around a buck is gone I’m afraid.

  75. Amber says:

    Mcdouble: Two 100% beef patties simply seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, a slice of melty American cheese and topped with tangy pickles, minced onions, ketchup and mustard
    Daily doube:Two 100% beef patties, season to perfection, and melty American cheese topped off with lettuce, slivered onions, mayo and one juicy slice of tomato.

    So instead of for the daily double they have onions instead of pickles, added mayo and no ketchup or mustard but added tomato.
    And I work they’re and trust me it’d be cheaper buying the daily double bc it’s 30cents for extra anything so itd be the mcdouble (1.00) added onion (.30) mayo (.30) and tomato (.30) and extra cheese (.30) with no ketchup or mustard or pickles ( which they do not subtract for).
    So if u were going to make. Mcdouble into a daily double it would be 2.20 so your notsaving much but that 30 cents your saving could go a long way.

  76. Dennis says:

    I tried it a couple of days ago and thought it was very good. Just didn’t know it had onion slivers, would ask to leave those off. I don’t think .89 is too much to ask for the lettuce, tomato and mayo. It’s a nice change of pace in a lower cost burger.

  77. McSleazy says:

    What a complete rip off…should be a higher quality cheese or beef patty, and have a special sauce. That would make it worth 2 bucks.

  78. Jack says:

    I will go in to McDonalds and ask for a Double Cheeseburger BUT add some lettuce and a slice of tomato with the other ingredients, and I offe to give them a five dollar tip for doing so…WOW, they jump on it. It might sound ridiculous to pay that fee, but the customer service goes thru the roof.

  79. Fast Food King says:

    What the h are you people complaining about? Do you not understand how a business works?

    Yes, it is a mcdouble. They add 15 cents worth of ingredients to make it taste a buck’s worth better, and you pay for it.

    Think you can make it better at home while not cutting into your work/personal/family/driving/everything else time? Go ahead and do it.

    The rest of us who don’t just love to kvetch about EVERY. LITTLE. THING. have better stuff to do.

    Like eating daily doubles.

  80. The Heathen says:

    Whatever the price, I like having the option of having fresh lettuce and tomato on my McDouble-ish burger (and it tastes fresh, thankfully). It tastes more like a whopper, and it doesn’t fall apart like a whopper and it’s still under 2 bucks. I hope they keep the option on the menu, and keep the McDouble there too. Sometimes I just want real crunchy lettuce and onions instead of the soggy stuff I get on their cheaper burgers. Just saying.

  81. Popleisdumb says:

    I don’t get it… here they are $1.99 so I could just buy a McDouble and a McChicken that has lettuce and mayo on it for the 2 cent difference…

  82. hammerman says:

    Weird….The mcdouble is the tiny little beef patties and the daily double is the large patties

  83. I had one today, it definitely seemed higher quality than a McDouble, the bun was in better shape and the meat seemed better. at $2 it’s still cheap and I think it’s a worthy option for a burger at McD’s

  84. Tyrone Small says:

    The daily double do taste better with Mayo opposed to mustard and katchup,but the beef patties are extra small and thin. The patties were bigger and thicker in the McDouble.

  85. Glen fifer says:

    All in all McDs sucks ,

  86. Courtney says:

    This article is incorrect. The Daily Double had onions

  87. I love the Daily Double burger, it has a different taste than the double, I don’t know what it is but I love it. Love it!!!!11

  88. notAmoron says:

    Judging by these comments, eating at Mickey-D’s must make you retarded.

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