New Cheesy Bacon Bowl from KFC

Everything is better with bacon right?  Introducing the Cheesy Bacon Bowl from KFC.  Basically taking the Mashed Potato Bowl and adding bacon.  $3.99 for a limited time.  Check out our FULL REVIEW.

We start with a generous serving of our creamy mashed potatoes, layered with sweet corn and loaded with bite-sized pieces of crispy chicken. Then we drizzle it all with our signature home-style gravy and top it off with a shredded three-cheese blend. It’s all your favorite flavors coming together.  Now with bacon.

Available Monday at participating KFC locations.  Here’s the commercial:

27 comments on “New Cheesy Bacon Bowl from KFC

  1. Justin ST says:


  2. Brett says:

    Glorious. I am gonna put on a tonne of weight when I visit the states this January.

  3. Claude Vignola says:

    Eurrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! Dégueulasse!!!

  4. SkippyMom says:

    And the obesity epidemic of America marches on.


  5. fah fah fah says:

    “failure pile in a sadness bowl”

  6. Jade says:

    Something tells me KFC bringing this out isn’t a cause of obesity; rather, it’s a symptom. Poverty, food deserts (where the only food outlets are convenience stores and fast food places), lack of food/nutrition education and a nation of car owners (and a nation not easy for non drivers to live in) contributes a whole lot more to obesity rates than bacon does.

  7. Mikey F Baby says:

    Also, I’m not sure if I have seen this on GG yet. White Castle has Loaded Fries (cheese, bacon, ranch) for I think $2.49 or something. Had them the other day and they were really good.

  8. Old School Mike says:

    It’s about time KFC came out with another menu item with bacon, they should give away free coronaries with each purchase.

  9. Chefprotoss says:


  10. Sascha says:

    Come on! A couple sprinkles of bacon on an otherwise fairly healthy meal (in comparison) with the potatoes and the corn. Really, this is not the problem.

    On the subject of KFC, what’s with these “What part of the chicken is the nugget?” commercials? I’d like to know what part of the chicken is the popcorn, because I’ve never seen that either.

    Pretty sure Mickie D’s and Wendy’s advertise their nuggets as all breast meat, same as popcorn at KFC. Stupid ad campaign!

  11. somesteve says:

    Rachael knows whats up. This is very Denny’s of KFC. I can picture the board meeting, “what was Denny’s last 2 big menu-wide promos? Bacon…cheese…behold: Cheesy Bacon Bowl!”

  12. kikurage says:

    It looks like Japanese food “donburi”.
    My appetite is still sinking.

  13. Mike N says:

    Personally, I think chicken is one thing that bacon doesn’t make better, at least fast food-wise.

  14. SPM says:

    I never quite got the appeal of crispy fried chicken sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes.

  15. Ed H says:

    Epic fail.

  16. HerpDerp says:

    Looks delicious!!! I might have to go get one after work!

  17. this guy says:

    I’m 6’3 and 175 lbs with very low fat percentage and I’m going to eat 5 of these and say (expletive deleted) to the people hating on fast food because they want to blame somebody for their obesity. Its your fault, don’t eat it.

  18. Herbderpisafool says:

    They should stick to chicken, these things are gross

    • Ed H says:

      At the locations I have visited they can’t seem to get that right either, the chicken tasted and looks like it was poached in oil not crispy and fried.

  19. Ronny427 says:

    I started making this when I was twelve in my parents kitchen with McDonalds chicken nuggets. The nostalgia will bring me back to buy it:) I see the problems w fat and cholesterol, but completely harmless (imo) once a month:)

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