New BK Toppers from Burger King

New at Burger King… BK Toppers.  Boasting “More Beef, More Value, the BK Toppers are available in 3 choices.  Mushroom & Swiss, Deluxe and Western BBQ and are priced at $1.99 each.  That Western BBQ looks pretty familiar to me… So what looks good to you?  See our FULL REVIEW of all 3 BK Toppers.

13 comments on “New BK Toppers from Burger King

  1. Nick says:

    Not a huge fan of BK’s onion rings, but I can’t turn down a rodeo cheeseburger.

  2. id like to know what kind of sauce is on the deluxe. looks good 🙂

    bbq doesnt taste good to me unfortunately.. and pass on mushrooms and swiss.. zzzz.

  3. Justin ST says:

    Tried these last night, and they were pretty decent. I liked the sauces.

  4. SkippyMom says:

    The deluxe, but would have to know the sauce first. I don’t do bbq on a burger either.

    Justin did you eat all three? Impressive!

    • Justin ST says:

      LOL, not all three, but technically I did because the deluxe has the stacker, thousand island like sauce.

      I got the Western BBQ and the Mushroom Swiss and I was surprised. The Western BBQ uses Sugar Ray’s Spicy BBQ sauce and the onion rings, while the Mushroom Swiss uses “griller” sauce. I don’t know how to describe it…uh, it reminded me of Alfredo sauce a bit, but I’m probably way off.

  5. Lylat says:

    wow these look good i should go and try these when i can well not the mushroom one i hate mushrooms

  6. Lee says:

    So is there a difference between the Rodeo Cheeseburger and the Western BBQ burger?

    • Ryan says:

      All the ingredients are identical. The Western BBQ BK Topper may have a slightly larger beef patty, but it’s not a big difference at all. I don’t have the beef patty weight of the Rodeo unfortunately.

      • Chefprotoss says:

        I think it was 2oz. They used to advertise the double cheese burger as being a quarter pound of beef. This was during the double cheese burger war between BK and McDonalds a couple years ago.

  7. NikkiBlondz says:

    The Deluxe is delicious!! They’re just the right size. Be careful, they can also become addictive 🙁

  8. jesika lin says:

    the still image on the deluxe burger looks borderline pornographic. in the best way possible. oh god im so hungry. i literally might put pants on and go get this right now.

  9. Dave Giles says:

    I found the BK toppers to be pretty tasty. At least the Mushroom and Swiss Burger and the Deluxe Burger. Although the Deluxe Burger tastes a lot like a Mc. Donald’s Big Mac, and the cheesy sauce on the Mushroom and Swiss burger tastes a bit too sweet.
    As for the Western BBQ Burger, they can feed it to the dogs! It tastes horrible! Why even waste your money? They should’ve just come out with a simple Bacon Cheddar Burger instead. Anyhow, they’ve done an otherwise decent job.

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