McRib is Back at McDonald’s

So the elusive McRib is going to feel the spotlight once again.  Multiple reports across the web and commentary here at GrubGrade are making a claim that the McDonald’s McRib is making a return this week.  A limited time offering at participating locations.  Here’s our McRib review from last year.  Thoughts on the McRib? Tasty sandwich or just a lot of odd hype?

18 comments on “McRib is Back at McDonald’s

  1. matt in the hatt says:

    i knew they were gross and still bought one last year, and then threw up for real

  2. Jim says:

    Saw the local McD’s board say McRib is back here in East Tennessee

  3. Robert says:

    Saw it was back and had one last week. Love those things.

  4. Crysta says:

    Not interested in trying it. It looks so gross, and it reminds me of the “barbecue pork rib patty” the Army used to have in its MREs.

  5. Mike N says:

    I love the Simpsons episode about the Krusty Burger ‘Rib-wich’ which is an homage to McRib lovers….

  6. TonyJaguar says:

    Not a fan.

  7. Seeker says:

    Buying a Hungry Man Boneless Pork rib and adding a bun is the same. Also cheaper.

  8. Sascha says:

    I don’t know what they do different, but no, no pork riblet meal or sandwich from Hungry Man or anyone else compares to the McRib. It truly is an icon.

  9. Jeff D. says:

    I LOVE the McRib!!! This is very welcome news. I actually love them so much I sent Mcdonalds an e-mail early last year telling them that I miss them because my area (SF Bay Area) hadn’t had them for like 7 years. They sent me 2 free McRib coupons a week before the return last year!

  10. somesteve says:

    Always nice to see the word “elusive” in print. What a great word! I don’t remember the McRib but hey people really seem to get behind it.

  11. wibia says:

    I actually like it. thanks for the heads up. I usually get one or two a year.

  12. HerpDerp says:

    McDonalds is awful… and this thing also looks awful. Perfect match for McDonalds.

  13. Herbderpisafool says:

    McRibs are awesome and will be nationwide starting Oct. 22nd so all you McRib lovers nationwide will be able to get your fix for a limited time

  14. Rusty Shackelford says:

    The McRib is proof that Americans will eat anything, especially if it is somehow marketed as being “exclusive.”

  15. wolmar says:

    I finally tried one last year, it was the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth! EEEWWW!

  16. Ronny427 says:

    The McRib is the only sandwich I will still purchase at McDonalds. I feel like I grew out of their food after the age of 30. I will, however, be back for the McRib until the end of time:)

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