Free Steak from Outback Steakhouse

Have you heard of this 1 million steak giveaway from Outback?  Go to now before the FREE STEAKS run out.  Enjoy!

To celebrate the oak flavor of our new Wood-Fire Grill, we’re giving 1,000,000 steak lovers a taste: a free steak dinner with a side. So stop reading mate, ’cause these beauts will be gone in a jiffy.  Limit one per household.

19 comments on “Free Steak from Outback Steakhouse

  1. Mike N says:

    They’re already all out of free steak in my neck of the woods. 🙁 They offer you a $5 off coupon, though. I’ve never been to Outback, but for free I’d be there!

  2. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    Hmm… Dunno about this one. Went to the site and my brouser said the security certificate was funky. I went ahead and bypassed that. Then to get your free steak, you are asked to give away a bunch of personal info on a page with a three min timer. Seems fishy to me. Few things in life are free and this is waaaay more invasive than liking outback on facebook and getting a coupon. 1,000,000 free steaks? Super fishy…

    • J.B. says:

      Allegedly I got mine.
      I gave them one of my P.O. Boxes though instead of my home address so they may or may not send it.
      The 4 minute timer was a little strange too.
      It was basically a data mining operation, plus they know when you come in you are likely going to bring your family and also spend money on other stuff.
      This whole campaign probably cost them about $2 million after everything is all done.

  3. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    Just did the math and it would take tens of thousands of cows to make this promotion. Plus it is about 15 million dollors given away if you were actually charged for this. This is an odd promotion.

  4. SkippyMom says:

    Thank you – so cool. Hopefully their service [at our local Outback] has improved. But, free food is free food. heehee

  5. Ted says:

    Looks like a bait and switch to me, only $5 coupons available.

  6. Roger H says:

    No bait and switch on my end, they’re sending me a coupon for a free steak. Let’s all keep in mind that it doesn’t say how big the steak is, we’re likely to get coupons for about a 4 oz. sirloin.

  7. Mike says:

    Somewhere on the site it say’s it’s a 6oz sirloin free with the order of a side. Still waiting for my free coupon email.

  8. Minh says:

    @Roger H.

    I believe it says on the T&C that it’s a 6oz. Outback Special with one side.

  9. drpep says:

    It says it’s a 6oz sirloin.
    I was told after signing up “sorry 1 per household” on my first attempt at registering. Tried my parent’s address and received the same message even though no one had registered.

  10. Verno says:

    Allegedly mines in the mail. We`ll see.

  11. rob says:

    I figured from the start the offer was for a tiny steak. If I go to a steakhouse 6 ounces isn’t going to cut it, I usually have a pound or more of beef chicken or fish with dinner.

  12. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    From reading these comments, one would think everything on the internet is a scam.

    This is real. If it said you’re getting a coupon, you’re getting a coupon.

    • Mike N says:

      But it’s hard to blame someone for thinking that. There’s a banner ad floating around that promises a free sample of Jif-to-go (which is kind of a neat idea, actually) but if you click on it it brings you to a marketing site similar to those “get a free $40 wal-mart gift card” sites. The small print says you’re requesting marketing phone calls, emails, snail mail, etc.

      • Ryan says:

        It was on the regular website along with the promo site so I figured it was legit. Right now on main Outback website it says, “If you missed out on our Great Aussie Steak Out one million free steak giveaway, you may still get a $5 off coupon, now until August 29th.”

    • Justin ST says:

      It’s a conspiracy.

      Only the government knows the truth!

  13. Brian says:

    drpep, I received the same message. Oh well, no big loss.

  14. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    It was the timer that gave me the creeps. Yes, it is outback’s site though. Great deal, but they sure made it look weird.

  15. Raiders757 says:

    I tried their wood fire grilled steak a few months ago, and wasn’t all that impressed. It was good, but I could have done much better at home on my own grill, which is probably why I rarely order steaks when we go out to eat. Sadly it seems that Outback has gone down hill. Maybe it’s me, but the last few times I’ve patronized one of their establishments, I left less than impressed. Right now it seems our local Texas Road House is the king of the chain steak restaurants. Better food, better service, and a better atmosphere.

    Oh, and all of my local Outbacks claimed to be out of free steaks, and also offered the five dollars off of two meals coupon. Thanks Outback, but I’ll pass this time around.

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