Free Firecracker Chicken Breast on February 3rd

Click away!  Free grub at Panda this Thursday.

What better way to celebrate Year of the Rabbit than with our Firecracker Chicken Breast. It’s prepared with marinated chicken breast, crisp red and yellow bell peppers and succulent onions – all wokked to perfection in a zesty firecracker sauce to kick off the new year with a spicy bang!

2 comments on “Free Firecracker Chicken Breast on February 3rd

  1. VikingBreakfast says:

    I am soooooooooo there! They tend to be expensive most of the time.

  2. Bubbsy says:

    I’ve gone in for their “free single serving” promotions before, don’t go into it thinking the BIG promotion is for a free single order of firecracker chicken. The “free single serving” is a little container approximately the size of a dixie cup. You could dump the whole thing into your mouth comfortably, it’s no more than you would get as a free sample from the sweet old lady at the grocery store.

    Funniest thing – you actually need to print and cut out a coupon.

    While it is nice that they occasionally offer a free sample of their entrees, …. most people pop in reasonably thinking the promotion is for a free order of firecracker chicken.

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