Food News: Under 500 Calorie Turkey Burgers from Hardee’s

I don’t know many fast food joints that serve up turkey burgers besides Fatburger (mmm…  I’m craving Fatburger Onion Rings). Hardee’s is now featuring a trio of Charbroiled Turkey Burgers to join the competition. All under 500 calories. Observe:

Hardee’s has teamed up Men’s Health Magazine to create three delicious Charbroiled Turkey Burgers. They’re just as indulgent as our other burgers, but all under 500 calories. Each sandwich is prepared with a thick, juicy turkey patty and is available in Original, BBQ Ranch or Mushroom & Swiss.

  • Original Turkey Burger: Charbroiled Turkey Patty, Red Onions, Tomato, Lettuce, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise and Dill Pickle Chips (480cal, 17g fat)
  • BBQ Ranch Turkey Burger: Charbroiled Turkey Patty, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce, Red Onions, Tomato, Lettuce and Buttermilk Ranch Sauce (460cal, 15g fat)
  • Mushroom & Swiss Turkey Burger: Charbroiled Turkey Patty, Sauteed Mushrooms and Two Slices of Melted Swiss Cheese (480cal, 17g fat)

15 comments on “Food News: Under 500 Calorie Turkey Burgers from Hardee’s

  1. TBT says:

    Love the site…this is actually very interesting. I have been weaning myself off fast food. Based on your previous reviews, I have tried going with healthier options such as Filet-o-Fish, or based on Men’s Health’s own reviews, the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.

    This is a great addition to options for when I am tired of soups or salads, etc.

    Big question though – Hardees does not exist where I live. Will the west-coast equivalent (Carl’s Jr.) have this item? I sure hope so!

    • Ryan says:

      I would bet eventually Carl’s will get Turkey Burgers too. As of right now, looks like it’s just Hardee’s.

  2. Adam says:

    Interesting concept. Arctic Circle also does a TB. It’s weird though, if they’re going for ‘healthy,’ why keep the mayo, ranch, and swiss? Sounds like they are still going with ‘safe’ beef flavor profiles, as opposed to a spice/condiment mixture that might better compliment turkey (one of the best turkey burgers I’ve had is some Clyde’s Rest. Group – it is flavored with thyme, apples, and red onion). But I would try them regardless. I wonder what their meat to fat ratio is?

    • Chuck says:

      I agree- why not just have a plain version with no sauce or mayo? My guess is that its probably like a standard 85/15 lean to fat with a mix of dark and white turkey meat?

  3. rob says:

    How is this an improvement over a grilled chicken sandwich?

    Wendy’s Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich
    370 calories

    Burger King grilled chicken

    McDonalds premium grilled chicken club
    530 that’s with cheese

    What part of the turkey is the patty made from? If it’s dark meat it should be juicier than the chicken breast but they better price it accordingly cause that is cheap meat, turkey drumsticks cost next to nothing.

  4. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    I also wonder what the fat ratio is and the size. Either way sign me up. If it wasn’t for the fact that most of hardee’s delicious burgers are upwards of 50 grams of fat(I think the moster burger is well over 100) I would get them all the time. Are they available now?

  5. jperonto says:

    I would love to see a review on these!!!! They look yummy.

    • Randy BoBandy says:

      I am really addicted to the Mushroom and Swiss Thickbuger. And I try to limit myself to one a week as a large combo has more fat and calories than an average daily diet of a man should have in one meal. Saw the new option today and tried the new Turkey Burger Mushroom and Swiss. Thought in a worst case senario if it was truly nasty, I would run back through the drive through and get the real thing. I was actually floored by how good it was! Was a little smaller than the thickburger, came on what looked to be a multi-grain roll. But had all the flavor that I have come to love from the regular beast. Was not really like ground up turkey, more like a filet of turkey breast in the shape of a patty charbroiled with the kiss of an angel :-). Give it a try, highly recommended.

  6. ChrisLad says:

    The pictures aren’t very appealing. I agree with Adam, why slob mayo on there if it’s suppose to be healthy? A slice of American Cheese would make it look better and be healthier. I think bacon would have been a better compliment as well. Think club sandwich only with a turkey burger.

  7. maxchain says:

    As a consumer of all things Mushroom and Swiss, it’s my duty to make the roadtrip to the nearest Hardee’s (which is actually kinda far from here) to try one.

  8. Chris says:

    Had the original, minus tomato. It was decent. Patty had sort of a ‘fake’ texture, but the only other turkey burgers I’ve had were home-made, and it didn’t taste BAD at all. I’d say unless you’re just super interested in it, wait until you get a coupon in the mail (or print one off the website but it’s just for a free Coke Zero at the moment).

  9. El Jaye says:

    Just tried my first Turkey Burger from Hardee’s. Did the BOGO b/c I had a coupon. My co-worker wanted one so I said: “Let’s go for it!” Not bad! I agree with Chris who commented earlier, it seemed sorta fake (the texture gave me a processed food feeling), but overall it was a good sandwich. I was pleased to see the multi-grain or whole wheat bun.

  10. Gail says:

    It tastes great, but what of those of us trying to decrease cholesterol intake? What is the cholesterol content?

  11. Mary says:

    Had it today. It was disgusting – made from spongy faux-meat.

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