The Return of the Grilled Chicken & Pecan Salad Sandwich from Arby’s?

Few fast food menu items have received as favorable a review on GrubGrade as Arby’s Grilled Chicken & Pecan Salad. Back in 2009, Heather gave this Market Fresh sandwich an “Exceptional” rating. Good luck finding it, however, as Ryan will be the first to tell you. While the sandwich is offered in certain locations, it’s not on the national menu, and does not show up on Arby’s website. However, with the launch of Arby’s Good Mood Food promotion, the Grilled Chicken & Pecan Salad is back; maybe.

The above picture is from a coupon advertisement I snagged from my local school newspaper. Also advertising the Chicken & Pecan Salad Sandwich in a never-before-scene “whole grain wrap,” Arby’s might be primed to give this cult favorite another shot. Still no word out of the Arby’s camp on the Market Fresh sandwich or the new wrap concept, but as of right now, both are going for $4.29 as is, and $5.99 as part of a combo. I’d also add that the locations out my way (Utah) have never previously offered the Grilled Chicken & Pecan, indicating that this at least could be a “test” run for a national relaunch. Does anyone have any insider info on this?

25 comments on “The Return of the Grilled Chicken & Pecan Salad Sandwich from Arby’s?

  1. Manavee says:

    I saw it on the menu recently in the Chicago area. It had been a while since I had been to Arbys, so I just figured it had never left!

  2. SkippyMom says:

    I can skip the wrap, but that sandwich looks delicious. I wish they would throw some grapes on there, tho’. Hoobooy! lol

    Okay, I’ll take my own grapes. ;D

  3. Alex says:

    Arby’s tweeted me and said it would be available at all US locations next week.

  4. Bubbs says:

    SkippyMom – Never fear, the sandwich does indeed have grapes and apples in the chicken salad mix, just like it did years ago! (you can see them in the picture if you take another look)

  5. lz says:

    Saw this in Auburn, MA Arby’s this weekend.

  6. Justin ST says:

    I just had it in Michigan. I didn’t think it was so hot. I liked Tropical Smoothie’s version better. That’s the best fast casual Chicken Salad sandwich I have ever had.

  7. Royal says:

    Had this in Tampa, FL today. It’s back, baby!

  8. Ryan says:

    Returning nationwide this Sunday…? (per a comment on the GG facebook page)

  9. J.B. says:

    Tried some of my brother’s yesterday and it was pretty medicore.

  10. Beaudex says:

    I just had it in Ontario, OR…..yummy. I had the wrap. I’d love to know the calorie & carb count

    • Susie says:

      The wrap has 630 calories, 41 g fat, and 46 g carbs… While the carbs are only marginally higher, the wrap has twice the calories & almost THREE TIMES the fat of their Roast Beef sandwich. Even the uber-fatty sounding “Bacon Cheddar Roastburger” is waaaayy better for you.

      Gotta love American food marketing!

      • Adam says:

        Can you explain the American comment, please. “Light” has different connotations. Chicken Salad has, traditionally, been marketed as a “light” option. It is my opinion that only in a nutrition obsessed country, like this one, do we always think of “light” in terms of calories and fat, and not in terms of the dining experience. If you watch the commercial, the rhetorical appeal is for something that does not bloat you or leave you full. Perhaps not entirely true, but it’s a “summer” option none the less, unlike a traditionally viewed burger, which tends to be processed, overly fatty and overly salty, with little in the way to balance those tastes and sensations.

        Sorry, but I am feeling American pride given the week’s circumstances, and would like a more ardent defense that this is a purely American phenomenon of marketing 🙂

        • Susie says:

          Don’t get me wrong, I am a flag-flying, troop-supporting, 100% American girl. And my husband & I were in tears Sunday night when we heard the news.

          I was more commenting on the way that the food (restaurants & manufacturers) marketing in our country operates. Yes, Arby’s is marketing this as a “light” option. And yes our county (tries) to be “nutrition obsessed”… but wait, the obesity rates of this country are unprecedented? Clearly there is a disconnect somewhere… and food marketing is greatly to blame, in my opinion. You can’t tell me that if you were on a diet, and you’d seen that commercial (boasting all of the nutritional aspects… grilled chicken! fruit! nuts! whole grains!) that unless you took the time to track down the nutritional info, you would probably choose that item, proud of your “healthy” decision.

          Look, with a marketing AND food background, I could write pages on this topic. But suffice it to say, I’m anything but un-American. I just get really disgusted by commercials sometimes, like this one, that do nothing but perpetuate the weight problem in our country.

          • Tim says:

            Susie, i completely agree. It is sad that the Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich actually has less fat than this. It is all marketing. I’m about sick of “whole grain” labels as well… you can take lard and stick a whole grain sticker on it and sales will go through the roof.

  11. Ryan says:

    I work at Arbys and it is returning as a Limited Time Offer as it stands right now. Who knows what the future holds

  12. Duke says:

    Just had one in Ohio. It was great!

  13. vince says:


    The return was just launched as a part of the nationwide Good Mood Food marketing campaign, which started with the 3Chz Angus Bacon a few months ago.

    The are back EVERYWHERE until the end of Augus1 when the ad’s stop running on tv (which are about to air soon for the chicken salad, and have already been running for the ANgus for a few months.), which is mandated by the big bosses at Arby’s. After then, it is up to the individual locations to decide if it stay’s or goes, depending on their sales.

  14. Deanna says:

    My mom had one yesterday and said it wasn’t like the old Chicken Salad. In fact, she said it wasn’t very good.

  15. jesi says:

    so exciting arbys is coming out with wraps again… i used to get the turkey bacon ranch sandwich as a wrap and it was suuuper good. i never like it as a sandwich. ill have to check this out! im actually SUPER disappointed with the quality at my local arby’s so i was going to be done with them forever, but ill give it another shot for this sandwich.

  16. vince says:

    Deanna and justin – – oddly enough it is the same recipie as the old sandwich, they just changed the name to highlight the grilled aspect.

    The recipie is 100 percent the same, and real simple. Just diced chicken, slicked apples and grapes, pecans, and mayo to hold it all together.

    Trust me, I know this for a fact . Maybe the name change just has people feeling like they’re tasting something different.


  17. wibia says:

    I think that it is 5/9 for the launch. They just sent me an e-mail about this to do a promo.

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