Food News: Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake and Sweet & Smoky Sandwich from Zaxby’s

Add another fast casual chain to my list of places I hope to hit up during a mid-September southern road-trip. Have you ever been to Zaxby’s? The fried chicken chain has some 525 locations nationwide, and they’ve been rapidly adding to their menu. This summer, they’ve introduced two limited time only offerings – A Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake and the Sweet and Smoky Sandwich.

The Strawberry Cheesecake¬†Shake features both Strawberry and Cheesecake syrup, and clocks in at 780 calories, 20.5 grams of saturated fat, and 95 grams of sugar. The Sweet and Smoky Sandwich is composed of the chain’s trademark chicken fingers served up between Texas Toast with a drizzle of “sweet honey” and “Smokey Mustard sauce.” It weighs in at 800 calories and 6 grams of saturated fat before adding the crinkle cut fries the company is known for. Ever been to a Zaxby’s? What’s your go-to menu item there?

21 comments on “Food News: Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake and Sweet & Smoky Sandwich from Zaxby’s

  1. Justin ST says:

    I have. I just had the chicken tenders, fries and bread with the Zax sauce. It’s pretty good.

    I just went there driving by on the I-75 somewhere in the south.

  2. Tyler M says:

    Yes, love this place! I usually get the large chicken finger plate with Zax sauce or honey mustard. You get a lot of food for the price.

  3. Peter says:

    There used to be one on campus at Ohio State, but no longer… I’m pretty sure Raising Cane’s drove them away.

  4. J.B. says:

    That looks great.
    Add this to another place we don’t have in Michigan…

  5. Manavee says:

    Both of those sound seriously awesome. However, I’ve never even heard of Zaxby’s. From the website, it looks like it is mostly a southern thing.

  6. Justin ST says:

    I went to a Raising Cane’s in Vegas. They are basically the Five Guys of the Chicken Finger business. That’s all they focus on. They make their sauce, which is like the Zax sauce, in the building. Zaxby’s gets it from the factory like McDonald’s and it really isn’t the same. I actually made Raising Cane’s sauce at home and it tasted better than the one I got from the restaurant.

    If I had to recommend one or the other, I’d probably go with Raising Cane’s. It’s fresher and less processed.

  7. Thrash says:

    Zaxby’s is OK, their chicken is fair to middlin… nothing to go out of your way about. Something about their tenders is wrong, a gut burn after effect, not from spices or anything like that, just an unsettled feeling. One thing that is good about them, they have Cherry Minute Maid soda on the fountain!

    • Eric says:

      It’s actually strawberry Fanta unless it’s different at your Zaxby’s. That mixed with coca-cola is delicious.

      • Beth K. says:

        Nope – it is Cherry Minute Maid soda. It’s delicious! You can only get it in the fountain in a few places & can’t buy it in stores.

        • Eric says:

          Yeah, looks like some have Fanta and some have Minute Maid. Though both are cherry it looks like, not sure why I was thinking the Fanta was strawberry.

  8. Adam says:

    Ok, so I gotta ask about these fries though. Crinkle Cut? Are they any good? Actually crisp?

  9. Eric says:

    Usually go with the Nibblers combo. They let you upgrade from soda to milkshake for just over a dollar I think and I’ve done that to try some of their interesting shakes. I wish I didn’t have to pay for extra Zax sauce, but I’ve been told to ask for sauce on the side as it comes on the Nibblers and you get way more.

  10. K. Rock says:

    I like Zaxby’s. In a perfect world, I would get their wings and things platter which has chicken fingers, chicken wings, fries, and the butter soaked Texas Toast they serve. Yum. BUT, since I have no desire to eat 1000 calories at one sitting, I always get their house salad with grilled chicken…hold the butter soaked Texas Toast.

  11. Jim says:

    We’ve had one here, TN, for a few years and they are opening a second location on the other side of town. I’ve been once, forget what I had. I’m not a big fan of any fast food chicken joints. I do hear people like their salads though.

  12. larry says:

    Zaxbys, Raising Canes..tasteless chicken strips served with a decent sauce. Nothing I would drive out of my way for and very seldom dine at either.

    I’d much rather have some Chik-Fil-a strips any day.

  13. Lizz says:

    Wings & Things – ftw. God, I miss Zaxby’s. Got addicted to their food during college in Florida – now I live in Colorado and can only get it occasionally during visits home. Sad, but true.

    The Zax sauce is amazing.

  14. Chelsea says:

    My go-to is the Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich Meal, with extra ranch and tounge torch and blue cheese crumbles. It’s heavenly.

  15. Mandy says:

    I have an unholy addiction to Zaxby’s. I usually get a Kickin Chicken meal with an extra Zax sauce to dip the fries in.

    For your first trip, I would suggest getting the Wings and Things because it lets you try the hot wing and the chicken fingers.

  16. Natalie says:

    Zaxby’s is one of the restaurants I miss the most. I love their zax sauce w/ chicken tenders and the wings are good too.

  17. aryana says:

    Zaxbys is great! i usually get the Cajun club basket with zax sauce and sweet and spicy sauce for my fries..its awesome.

    I think you should get the chicken finger platter or the wings and things. Those are there signature meals.

    and the fries are soo good!

  18. Kelsey says:

    Typically I get the Nibblerz meal (which is muy delicioso for the record) but today I was seduced by the Sweet and Smoky sandwich meal…which was equally satisfying. Completely worth it….very filling. I WAS however dissappointed in the Strawberry Cheesecake couldn’t hold a fist to the one Sonic had only breifly. There was hardly any cheesecake flavor to it(CHEESECAKE FLAVOR is the only reason I wanted it) but, the Sweet and Smoky is worth a try. It was 10x better than I expected.

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