Food News: Shamrock Shake Back at McDonald’s

It’s that time of the year again. March is upon us, and thanks to a text via McDonald’s of Utah’s twitter account, I learned the seasonally themed Shamrock Shake is being offered at select locations across this country. It’s already hit the streets in NYC (much to the chagrin of calorie counters) and although my local McDonald’s wasn’t carrying it as of Thursday, they’ve reported that the shake will soon be available to order.

My only question is whether or not I dare to chance another McDonald’s shake, or if I should save my sugar-induced rushed to Chick-fil-A’s latest Banana Pudding shake?

Have you ever had a Shamrock shake? What are your impressions of the minty treat?

16 comments on “Food News: Shamrock Shake Back at McDonald’s

  1. Sheri says:

    We make our own

  2. skippymom says:

    We too make our own – mint chocolate chip ice is a fav’ in this house – but as far as FF shakes go – this IS the bomb diggity. In fact my hubs promised me a Big Mac tonight and I may just up the calorie count with one of these!

    Thanks, once again, for the heads up.

    ::please have the shake, please have the shake::

  3. maxchain says:

    Ah hell, even these are getting the McCafe treatment, and the needless price hike that accompanies it? I don’t know if I can be bothered.

  4. J.B. says:

    Not a bad shake, just had one.
    I still prefer the Vanilla one out of all of them so far.
    I only have the chocolate to try and I will try that tomorrow.

  5. Isaac says:

    I had one today, after always wanting to try one. I gotta say, I thought it was kinda weird. Maybe it was just the McDonalds location I went to, but it tasted a little bit like mint mixed with key lime. Odd.

  6. jesika says:

    we have them here already in MN. i tried them for the first time in last year and got addicted, i got one every few days or so. theyre delicious, my favorite shake!

  7. Mike N says:

    They need to bring back Uncle O’Grimmacy! I still have a hand puppet of him somewhere…

  8. Chelsea says:

    i just tried it for the first time last week when i was in oceanside, ca. i normally am a big fan of mint flavored shakes, but i didn’t really like this one. the mint taste just seemed kind of off to me.

  9. steve says:

    I’m drinking it right now, it’s too sweet for me, but the mint flavor was perfect.

  10. SJH says:

    Mine tastes like a mint-lime mix, too…quite a strange flavor.

  11. JSW says:

    Tried one for the first time a few days ago. Mine tasted like mint and lime too. Didn’t like it.

  12. KLM says:

    I don’t go to McDonald’s and very rarely drink milkshakes, but my work has a tradition of getting the tasty treat on St. Patty’s Day every year. I am a health nut, mostly-vegan and eat mostly whole unprocessed foods, but the Shamrock Shake is an exception I am willing to make once a year. The taste is strange, in a good way, and I’ll gladly go to the gym for an extra hour today to drink one.

  13. Steve in MN says:

    Since they cut the size while leaving the price jacked, McD’s can go pound sand on their shakes – I will never buy another. For that kind of money I’ll go to Culver’s or one of the few surviving real ice cream places and get a real shake, not an ice milk substitute that’s now about 2/3 as big as it was last year.

    For what I pay for a “large” [sic] shake, I can buy about a quart of Edy’s at the supermarket. Add blender and enjoy.

  14. Echo710 says:

    Today at my local McDonald’s, I spotted the first shamrock shakes of 2012.

    It seemed a little early (I wouldn’t have expected to find one until at least after Valentine’s Day)… but I wasn’t complaining.

  15. I have never tried a Shamrock Shake, but I would like to though. Steve I’m from North Carolina, but I’m from Minnesota as well. I like Culvers, but they don’t have any down here.

  16. TK says:

    These are okay. They’re better mixed with choclate. But if I’m going to drink something so fattening I’d rather it be Chick Fil A Banana Pudding milkshake that is more then worth the calories and it’s delicious. And I can pretend it’s healthy because it has the word banana.

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