Food News: Quiznos Brings Back Black Angus

Do I dare? My last few trips to Quiznos have ended in disappointment, but the sub and sandwich chain is at it again, this time promoting its new Black Angus on Rosmary Bread sub.

Looks good, but can it possibly live up to the promo and the price? And how will it compare to Arby’s take on Angus?  FYI, a regular Black Angus on Rosemary Parmesan is 752 calories, 24 grams of fat (11.5 saturated) and packs 55 grams of protein.

UPDATE: Quiznos is now advertising on their facebook page that if this is not the best sub you’ve ever eaten, they will reimburse you with a $10  gift card.

5 comments on “Food News: Quiznos Brings Back Black Angus

  1. The Papa says:

    I’m sure this is something like 8 ridiculous bucks.

  2. SkippyMom says:

    I don’t know Adam. That picture doesn’t look too appealing. I wish you luck if you take one for the team. Let’s us know. 🙂

  3. maxchain says:

    I’m sure it’s every bit the salty nightmare it was the last time I had it. I’ll stick with Arby’s.

  4. Seeker says:

    Best sub every eaten or $10? That’s quite the bold claim, while they do have some rather decent subs nothing is really good enough to be the best. Quite tasty, but rather heavy on the sodium. I’ll likely try it with a coupon in moderation with another.

  5. Mattitude says:

    My favorite Quizno’s sub hands down, I usually buy two and get the heartburn later…enough said.

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