Food News: Quarter Pound Fajita Ranch Grillburger from DQ

Yeah, yeah…we know you all can’t wait to get your hands on next’s month’s Blizzard of the Month, but Dairy Queen is keeping things sizzling during the summer months with a new addition to their Grill Burger line. The Fajita Ranch Grillburger sounds good:

Join the fajita fiesta with the all-new 1/4 lb. Fajita Ranch GrillBurger from DQ!  Melted pepper jack cheese, fire-roasted peppers and onions, crunchy tortilla strips and a spicy fajita ranch sauce top this burger for a taste-bud pleaser so good, that it will leave you wanting another!

The burger is priced at $2.99 at clocks in at 600 calories and 34 grams of fat (11 saturated, 1 trans). Has anyone tried it yet?

10 comments on “Food News: Quarter Pound Fajita Ranch Grillburger from DQ

  1. skippymom says:

    Why would they put crunchy tortilla strips on this? There isn’t anything crunchy about a true fajita – that is weird. I guess it is in lieu of onion rings maybe [that would go on a burger for crunch].


  2. ugh tortilla strips… i don’t think i’ve ever had them outside of a salad and thought “THIS WAS A GREAT IDEA.”

  3. leslie says:

    If DQ stayed past last call, this might sell. I see nothing pleasing about this thing. Looks like Eddie Murphy’s welfare burger. I’ll pass.

  4. Aaron says:

    Had this weeks ago. Super bland. And I like Dairy Queen.

    You’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t get a flamethrower.

  5. Seeker says:

    My usual staple is the flamethrower, but I’d venture to try that if it’s reasonable. DQ has the better quality burgers I’ve had out of most national fast food chains.

  6. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    Ranch and tortilla strips? I will actually try this to see what depths of awfull it actually reaches. I’m curious how horrible this has to be.

  7. Joe Cool says:

    Sounds pretty decent to me. I’ll try it if I visit a DQ soon.

  8. Francois says:

    There is a DQ near me that does stay open after last call and I had this last week. Unfortunately I was too drunk to remember if I enjoyed it or not. However, I do remember being particularly gassy the next day.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I just had this earlier today and had to find a review to put some where. This is the first burger that I have ever only could take 2 bites of and not finish. There was no way I could scarf it down. I tried to pawn it off to my hubby, even he wouldnt eat. It was disgusting! I have never had anything like this. Now here we are 7 hrs later and im sick to my stomach and on the toilet. Lol. I would NOT recommend! Just get what you usually do. Theyre not worth it, thank god theyre only limited time. This is the first bad review ive ever written anywhere!

  10. Laura says:

    THIS BURGER IS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! I could eat one for every meal of the day!!!!!!! Maybe those who have had bad experiences with it just got some bad cooks in the back.

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