Food News: Popeyes Better-for-You “Louisiana Leaux” Menu

Looking to eat healthier on the road this summer but don’t want to sacrifice going to your favorite fast food stops? If you’re a Popeyes fan you’re in luck. The chain is introducing its “Louisiana Leaux” menu of healthier options. Here’s what they’re offering:

9 comments on “Food News: Popeyes Better-for-You “Louisiana Leaux” Menu

  1. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    I think popeye’s has the best fast food fried chicken on the market. I’m skeptical about this though. None of this looks or sounds good… At all. =/

    • Annie Benson says:

      I dunno. I wouldn’t hesitate to try either the Po’boy or the Meal (as long as they hand out BBQ dipping sauce for the tenders, that is). I mean, if the nearest one wasn’t a good 35 miles from my house, that is.

      Fried chicken goodness, this isn’t. But somewhat to my surprise, I’ve found that chicken is surprisingly edible even when it’s not thusly presented.

    • Person says:

      I had the naked chicken a few years ago. Obviously, it wasn’t anywhere close to as good as their fried chicken, but it was pretty tasty.

  2. Jesse says:

    Popeyes and healthy in the same sentence?

  3. Reviewscout says:

    As a guy who studied different diets his junior year, I find the benefits a little stingy compared to a salad from Wendy’s now. The pictures make the chicken products look absolutely fried. Wtf?

  4. christian says:

    the naked chicken is nothing new…Popeyes has had this before in 2005…
    however i think they called Blackened Naked Chicken….having had both I’m almost positive it’s the same recipe…

    it’s very tasty…it won’t curb your fried chicken craving….but it’s a great tasting chicken with a lot of flavor….i was actually pretty excited to see it on the menu yesterday since i did get it a lot back in the day….

  5. Crusader says:

    For F*** sake, do any of you care about healthy eating? Do you think you can eat fried meals all the time?

  6. J.A. says:

    Crusader, if you’re looking for people who really care about healthy eating I think you might be on the wrong site.

  7. Leaux Beaux says:

    What matters to me is if it tastes great. In this case I had the 3 piece Louisiana Leaux combo with the naked tenders and green beans at Popeyes and it tasted great. Because I’m trying to save some calories right now, I decided to drop the bread and add separately 2 more of the naked tenders. So, while I love that fried chicken at Popeyes, sometimes I can enjoy the new healthier stuff too. I encourage everyone to give this a try, not because it’s low calorie, but because it tastes great.

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