Food News: Outlaw Burger and Outlaw Chicken Sandwich from Jack in the Box

Solid reporting from, who’ve let us in on the latest menu innovation from fast food chain Jack in the Box. According to BurgerBusiness, the Outlaw Burger and Outlaw Chicken Sandwich will be hitting stores starting today.

The burger and sandwich feature “bourbon barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato, hickory-smoked bacon, American cheese and onion rings and are served on sesame-seed buns.” Nutritional information has not been released for both these products, which will be served on a limited-time only basis.  Here’s the TV spot:

12 comments on “Food News: Outlaw Burger and Outlaw Chicken Sandwich from Jack in the Box

  1. Kevin says:

    Wow, those are huge?

  2. ColinKSU says:

    Those look delicious.

  3. Ryan says:

    Jack needs to come to Maryland.

  4. gbear says:

    Had this today and it was good…I just wish that when you order something that’s spicy its was actual spicy

  5. somesteve says:

    2Pac would approve.

  6. Obbop says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!! A talking ping pong ball with a smile upon its non-pointy little head!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nary a Jack-in-the-Box ’round these parts.

    Atop the Ozark Plateau where road-kill ‘possum stew is considered haute’ cuisine and a pot-full will feed a tassel of younguns for a week or more.

  7. kiki says:

    I was craving something with BBQ sauce so I picked one of these up in a small combo. The burger definitively hit the spot but they forgot to put the onion ring and charged me for curly fries without asking me.

  8. RideItCowguy says:

    The cowgirl at the end is so funny she rehearsed that line forever and got it just right. Hilarious facial expression and delivery. It always makes me laugh.

  9. taylor says:

    this burger is the best!!!!!!

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