Food News: New Super Reuben Comes to Arby’s

Arby’s is apparently giving new attention back into their Market Fresh Sandwich line, promoting their Reuben Sandwich while offering a new and heftier version of the Reuben to go along. Check out the “Super Reuben.”

So how do you make a Reuben super? Well, take warm toasty rye bread, pile on thinly sliced corned beef, melted natural Swiss and tangy Sauerkraut with creamy Thousand Island dressing – then add turkey for a double dose of delicious! Now that’s Super.

At 790 calories, 33 grams of fat (9 saturated) and 2710 mg of sodium, you might want to bring a friend for that one. Or you could just take a chance on the latest value sandwich to join the menu board. For limited-time only, a variation of their popular Jr. Roast Beef sandwich, the Jr. Pepper Jack, is being offered. At just 260 calories and 12 grams of fat, it boasts a slice of Pepper Jack Cheese atop a Jr. portion of Arby’s roast beef. Now that sounds like it would go quite well with some Three-Pepper Sauce.

14 comments on “Food News: New Super Reuben Comes to Arby’s

  1. Chefprotoss says:

    I tried arbys rueben a couple years ago and wasn’t a fan. The kraut was tame, the bread was soggy, and the corned beef was awful. A sad representation of one of the greatest sandwiches ever. I want funky kraut and corned beef briskit, not corned beef loaf.

  2. Justin says:

    I tried that Reuben too and I had the exact same reaction: this sucks. But I think I’ll still try this.

  3. larry says:

    For me there are 2, maybe 3, core sandwiches that need to be done right.

    1) BLT – this might be the king of all sandwiches. In fact, as proof that a BLT is hard to screw up, Arby’s Market Fresh BLT was edible.

    2) Reuben – the only reason this sandwich isn’t king is because there is only one proper way to do it. A BLT can be done on good bread, a good roll, a good sub, etc – where a Reuben needs to be good corned beef, good kraut, decent to good swiss, good rye bread, and either russian/thousand island or perhaps some mustard. In my area you pretty much have to make your Reuben at home to get a good one but it’s worth the effort.

    And as much as I like a good turkey sandwich (I roast a turkey breast about once a month), there’s nothing “super” about adding turkey to a Reuben.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      Mustard on a reuben? For shame larry… =P

      • larry says:

        Ha! I don’t know where that came from.

        Actually I’ll sit down with a freshly cooked corned beef and a jar of good mustard and chow until my salt meter goes off. So, from time to time, a little mustard does find it’s way onto a sandwich that contains corned beef.

      • Raiders757 says:

        I’m not a Reuben connoisseur, so please don’t throw rotten veggies at me for saying this. The very few times I’ve had one, I asked for mustard in place of the disgusting Russian or Thousand Island dressings. I just can’t do either one of those on anything, and mustard goes very well with corned beef. Mayo based dressings like thousand island have no business being anywhere near a beef product of any kind. Mayo in general for that matter.

        I guess the question to ask, is it still a Reuben when mustard replaces the dressing, or does it become something different? I have to ask myself this, because I’m of the belief that when you add anything other than cheese and butter to a grilled cheese, it is no longer a grilled cheese sandwich. I can’t help but roll my eyes at these so called gourmet “grilled cheese sandwiches” that have become so popular. It’s like adding ham or a burger patty to a BLT and still calling it a BLT. Oh well, like I said, I’m not a Reuben expert, so what do I know.

        • larry says:

          Yeah, I’m typically a purist when it comes to foods and their names so I get the BLT thing.

          I agree that a good mustard goes well with corned beef so I don’t mind the substitution of mustard from time to time.

          Does that mean it shouldn’t be called a reuben? I don’t know..but it’s still a great sandwich.

  4. Chris says:

    I’m not a Reuben expert like the rest of you are, apparently. I love the Arby’s version, especially the wrap. Even if I ever do try a “real” one, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy the ones Arby’s makes for me.

  5. SmoledMan says:

    The only true Reuben sandwich is at Katz’s Deli.

  6. Laura L. says:

    Katz’s Deli reuben is ok, but since their pastrami is so much better than their corned beef, I always swap the corned beef for the pastrami. I guess it makes it not a reuben, but it is excellent.

    • larry says:

      Ditto on the pastrami at katz’s.

      IMO, my reuben is as good as katz’s (I prefer seeded rye too) but if I’m smoking at home I’d rather be doing ribs then corned beef so I get pastrami where I can.

  7. Homer says:

    It is what it is! And what it is, is….very tasty and will buy again.

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