Food News: New Big Dipper Pizza from Pizza Hut

New at Pizza HutThe Big Dipper.  A pizza, bread-stick dipping creation of sorts.  Get a one topping Big Dipper for $12.

5 comments on “Food News: New Big Dipper Pizza from Pizza Hut

  1. Ilovepizza says:

    This pizza is SO good.

  2. Francois says:

    My roommate ordered this the other night and it’s just “eh” like basically everything else from Pizza Hut. Definitely edible, but not memorable.

  3. Scott says:

    Fiffy-cent a “slice”, plus marinara to dip it in? Looks like a winner to me.

    No other pizza joint around here does it for me, so Pizza Hut is the only gig in town.

    As I write this, Domino’s is teasing me to the lower left with an ad special. Hmmmm….2 Medium 2-Topping Hand Tossed Pizzas for $5.99. May have to try that also, since I haven’t done Domino’s for probably a decade or so. How have they been able to survive without my patronage for so long?!?!

    Maybe have a taste-off @work.

  4. Mikey F Baby says:

    Off the specific topic, but Domino’s has a lunch special; small 2-topping and a 20 oz drink $6. Which is perfect for me. Didn’t even taste that bad.

    As for Pizza Hut, it seems like everything they do tastes the same. When they need a new product, they just increase the size of a menu item. Oh well!

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