Food News: Monopoly Back at McDonald’s

 Starting Tuesday, September 27th, Monopoly returns to McDonald’s.

For your chance to collect all the hot properties and win instant win prizes like Walmart gift cards, cash, and free McDonald’s food, stop on by your local arches and purchase any of the following menu items:

As a personal aside, this also marks the only time all year I bother to buy Hash Browns, as they remain the cheapest way to collect game pieces. The contest will run through October 24th. Happy hunting!

22 comments on “Food News: Monopoly Back at McDonald’s

  1. Griffin says:

    Good time to get my Mcnugget on!

  2. Mikey F Baby says:

    Another year to win a bunch of small fries! whohoo..

  3. Natalie says:

    I’m not going to lie, even though I never win, the monopoly game always makes me more tempted to go to McDonald’s than other fast food places.

  4. Dan says:

    According to, the Big Mac has 2 game pieces, not 4 as reported.

  5. Lisa says:

    I dont even eat at mcdonalds but Im going to get drinks and yogurt parfaits or whatever to get some pieces.
    this monopoly gimmick WILL work on me! 🙂

  6. CraigRussell says:

    In most places, all size drinks are a buck…so along with the hash browns, pieces are cheap! Ha!

    • Mike N says:

      Good point! Actually in my area they are (or at least were) .89 to compete with the gas stations. Although technically I think the cheapest way to get pieces would be to send in an SASE, but I can’t remember the price of a stamp. 🙂

      They used to just give you a piece if you asked at the counter; as you know the have to have ‘no purchase necessary’ or else it’s an illegal lottery.

      @Adam – I keep hoping for a good Filet-o-Fish deal (with ketchup!) I love the sandwich but they’re rediculously priced.

  7. kikurage says:

    It’s a good marketing ideas.

  8. Sandy says:

    I’m a sucker for this game. I’m such a loser though, I keep all the game pieces in a little dish, then I forget about them and find them 6 months later. Never learn…do the same thing every year!

  9. Manavee says:

    I sometimes wonder what percentage of the non-instant win prizes (that is, the ones where you have to collect all of the greens, purples, or whatever) that they actually end up having to give out. I’ve got to imagine it is 10% or less. It would take someone recognizing or going to the effort to look up whether they have the “rare” piece and then going about getting the other more common pieces. I can’t imagine that happens too commonly.

    It’s kind of a brilliant contest, in a way. And I’m totally a sucker for it as well.

  10. Shaunte says:

    This is the best time of year to get McDonalds food! My fiance are determined to win something this year!

  11. Donkey says:

    So far today…

    2 Hash Browns: $2.17

    4 Game Pieces yielding:
    1 Free Breakfast Sandwich (Excludes McMuffin) ~ $3?
    20 Digital 4×6 print from Snapfish ~ $5 retail (so they claim)
    Total $8.

    I’m up $5.83! I’ll keep everyone posted. I gain weight during these promos.

    • Donkey says:

      Yesterday for lunch, I went again… shameful.

      20 McNuggets: $5.41

      4 Game Pieces yielding:
      1 Free Small Frappe or Small Smoothie: $2.29.

      Total Spent: $7.58- 2 Hash Browns, 20 McNuggets
      Total Retail Value: $10.29
      Difference: $2.71

      Still a net profit!

      • Donkey says:


        1 Sausage McMuffin (no game piece)
        2 Hash Browns
        $3.25, or $2.16 if you’re counting just the Hash Browns

        4 Game pieces yielding:
        1 Free Regular McFlurry or Fruit’N Yogurt Parfait
        Retail: $2.79
        30 Coke Rewards points
        Retail: No retail, but I can trade it for a 20oz soda coupon or 32oz Powerade, so call it $1

        Running Totals:
        Total Spent: $9.74
        Retail Winnings: $14.08

        Difference: $4.34

        A Winner is you!

  12. boz says:

    I bought Two large value meals .Trying for 20 game pieces (half the monopoly board) in one visit . Surprise sucker only got 4 game pieces (on the 2 drinks) because they were out of game pieces and forgot to tell me at the window . $12 down the drain , no winners , count me out , I will never go back .

  13. somesteve says:

    always an interesting promo.

  14. Jedi-Witch says:

    Looks like I’m not about to win a damn thing anyway. …not one GF item is in this competition

  15. Jedi-Witch says:

    I stand corrected. ..soda water …& that’s only if they know how to get it, some outlets claim to not have it, while some have to actually be told how to get it.

  16. Georgia Zink says:

    My BIG MAC had only 2 game pieces, not the promised… Big Mac® (4 pieces)

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