Food News: McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish now 99 cents

Just in time for Lent: McDonald’s is now offering the Filet-O-Fish sandwich for just .99 cents in select markets. I’m not a huge fan of fish sandwiches, but even I couldn’t pass up a great deal on this American icon while out to lunch on Friday. With its perfectly square white fish filet, half a slice of semi-melted American cheese, and soft and squishy bun, even it’s small size can’t obscure its curiously addicting taste. I’m partial to mine with ketchup as opposed to tarter sauce, but at just a buck each you can get yours anyway you want.

Normally the Filet-o-Fish retails in the 3 dollar neighborhood – a ridiculous price for such a small sandwich is you ask me. But it’s one of the better value menu deals out there at only a buck, and is also being offered as part of a medium sized extra value meal at $3.99.

Also for Lent, McDonald’s is marketing it’s Double Filet-O-Fish in select markets. The price wasn’t being advertised at my local Micky D’s when I stopped in on Friday, but the ads have been up around town. You can read Ryan’s review of the Filet-O-Fish here, and if you’re a fish sandwich fan, be sure to check out our guide to the top fish sandwich picks!

44 comments on “Food News: McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish now 99 cents

  1. Manavee says:

    I’m sorry but the Filet O Fish is disgusting. It’s the one thing on McDonald’s menu that has zero nostalgia value for me and I thus can’t give it a pass for tasting terrible. It needs to be totally revamped….I hate how the tartar sauce sticks to the top of your palate….it’s just plain nasty.

    Friggin’ Burger King has a better fish sandwich than McDonalds!

    • Cosmo says:

      Obviously, you have ZERO taste buds. You may not like it but that doesn’t make it disgusting. IMO, everything at Burger King is disgusting. The fish sandwich is the ONLY thing I like at McDonalds so don’t say I’m a Mickey D lover. They do pile on too much tartar sauce though.
      TY, Chef Cosmo

    • Dan says:

      MacDonald’s has no rhyme or reasoning for their price of their fish sandwiches. We went to three different franchises in our area and got three different prices. One MacDonald’s raised their price 1.50 just as Lent started! Next Friday we’ll try Arby’s. At least they have consistent pricing in the Denver area with their Alaskan Pollock sandwiches at 2 for $5.

  2. skippymom says:

    Ketchup? You are so nasty. Ick. But I would take one for a buck. I certainly won’t pay 3.19 for it. It is the lowest sodium option on the menu if you leave off the cheese – and low sodium at micky d’s is hard to do.

    • Adam says:

      LOL, I’m nasty? Skippy, have we EVER agreed on anything :)??

      It’s a giant fish stick. I are fishsticks with ketchup as a kid. Sorry for reliving my childhood happiness haha

      • skippymom says:

        Oh sweetheart – you know I love you guys! and yeah – I get the whole ketchup thing. It just kind of grossed me out [you would think with 5 kids I would be past that stage. Not so much.]

        And yes! I got me a FoF today – it was yum. Thank you.

        Forgive me? 😀

    • rob says:

      What’s the problem with sodium?

  3. somesteve says:

    rather have a Big Mac…on fridays too.

  4. maxchain says:

    Yes, McDonald’s-specific Big Mouth Billy Bass ripoff that was funny maybe the first two times, really.

  5. Jade says:

    Ugh, here in the UK we get so ripped off! The beef is grass-fed as standard (nothing special, here all beef is so it’s just the norm) and yet we still have double cheeseburgers on the value menu. No £1 filet-o-fish for us though, £3-ish and the tartar sauce is GROSS. Just mayo, pickle and onion with no mustard or other seasoning. The UK is the country of fish and chips, you’d think they’d improve it a bit!

    • Billy says:

      Uh, you realize that grass-fed beef thing was an April Fool’s joke from a few years ago, right? All of McDonald’s beef comes from Australia, so whatever standard your country has does not apply to imported beef.

      • Bill says:

        Actually being a senior executive in for McDonalds Coorp in Oakbrook, Il (its world headquarters) our beef comes from Africa, not Australia.

  6. Keith says:

    I have to agree with skippymom: ketchup? Gross. I’m a huge advocate of eating food the way it’s meant to be presented.

    I think Adam mentioned he doesn’t like “whit sauces” once and I’ve come across several people who have said this. Nevermind that mayo, sour cream and ranch dressing all taste completely different…. I’m not sure how you can write for a food blog when you have strange food hangups like that.

    I think Adam should probably stick to his glorification of cereal 🙂

    • Adam says:

      To be fair, I almost always get things served “as is” when I do a review 🙂 But c’mon, ketchup is THE american condiment. I didn’t mean to start a riot here haha!

      • Chefprotoss or dan says:

        You should try a mcdouble with tartar adam. It is awesome. Kind of like the fabled “big shef”.

        This is also a love it or hate sandwhich. I prefer it to all the others. I like it for the same reason people like jack in the box tacos. They really should be horrible but for some reason they are awesome.

        • Keith says:

          I suspect that Big Mac “special” sauce is just tartar sauce minus a squeeze of ketchup for color 😛

          Adam, ketchup may be the American condiment – but I sure hope you don’t put it on hot dogs!

          • Cosmo says:

            Oh, how I ate my hot dogs, and everything else, with ketchup and now find that practice so disgusting. And I know it seems a bit odd, but I think the fish sandwich tastes a little better with ketchup. I just wonder why they put SOOOO much tartar sauce on it.

      • Kassie says:

        I loveeee the fishy with ketchup too! Mayo is repulsive n so is tar tar sauce. Yuck. Sooo nasty. I like ranch though.

  7. J.B. says:

    Ketchup on a fish sandwich might be one of the most disgusting thigs I have ever seen in my life.

    Have not seen them in my area for 99 cents though and I might not since we got coupons a week ago for a buy one get one free fish sandwich.

  8. Justin ST says:

    Even Somali pirates wouldn’t eat this.

  9. IBeAnonymous says:

    Ketchup! Ugh!

    Tartar sauce on the fillet-o-fish is amazing!

    McDouble’s are meant to be eaten with “no ketchup, extra pickles”.

    Every burger should have mustard (maybe mayo or some special sauce), but ketchup on a burger/sandwich is blasphemy! Craziness! Ketchup is only allowed for dipping fries, and even then it’s only allowed when you don’t have ranch to dip your fries in!

    • Cosmo says:

      Pickles? On a fish sandwich? You must be kidding. Yea, gotta love that hot pickle. Now THAT’s disgusting. (Has flashbacks to the Weinerschnitzel Polish Sandwich.) Nothing like a large hot pickle. Ugh!

  10. Mike N says:

    I put ketchup on my fish sandwiches too, so there! I haven’t seen the .99 filet-o-fish, but here BK has BOGO big fish, which makes it 2/$3.79, which is a pretty damn good deal as it is truly a big sandwich.

  11. Scott says:

    Extra tarter AND ketchup for me please, and a McDouble with Mac sauce.

    Delicious (and cheap!)

  12. Adam Bomb says:

    Ha ha, their double filet of fish reminds me of my experience with the Deep Sea Double from Rally’s. Soooooooo sick with a bellyache. I don’t think humans were meant to consume two stacks of fried mystery fish 😉 Oh but the fries!

    About another fish sandy: My fave is BK, I know I know, I’m in the minority. How about the currently available Wedy’s fish?

  13. Scott says:

    No 99 cent McFishes in the Tampa Bay area, BTW. Had to settle for 2 hamburgers and a McDouble, all with Mac sauce.

  14. ChrisLad says:

    What’s the hang up with using ketchup? To the one snobby comment about “the way food is suppose to be served”…. Seriously? It’s McDonalds. Everything there is an insult to carefully prepared food. But it is fatty, fast, and cheap. You cant “ruin” anything at McDonalds.

    • Billy says:

      I think the point is, this is a blog reviewing menu items, so you probably shouldn’t replace one of the two toppings a sandwich has and expect an accurate review. I mean hell, switch out jalapeno sauce for sour cream at Taco Bell, and you’ve basically gone from a fiesta burrito to a burrito supreme! Not the same thing.

      • Adam says:

        This post is not a review, it is a food news post about the sandwich being offered at 99 cents. We have previously reviewed the FoF as is. If this post bothers you, I suppose you could read the past post, which I’ve linked.

  15. jimmydabaker says:

    FoF with ketchup, and sometimes i shove a few french fries in just for the whole fish & chips thing. It’s just like sittin’ in London!

    • amanda says:

      Best. Way. Ever. No tarter, stack of fries on top and i like to squirt ketchup on bite by bite so it doesnt soak into the bun. Purrrfect! 🙂

  16. Funny how everyone has a different opinion about one thing that tastes the same no matter what part of the country you are in. In fact the Filet-o-Fish is the only thing on the McDonalds Menu I enjoy (with the addition of lettuce) and unfortunately no 99 cent FoF here it the Seattle area, but we do have the double.

  17. Charlene says:

    It’s not even worth 99 cents! It is now the size of a half dollar. It used to be huge and really great. I stopped buying it.

  18. Anon Ymous says:


    Are you insane

    the best part is the tartar sauce

    you dont deserve the filet o fish

  19. Fish lover says:

    This fish sandwich is delicious! They have it here in Mableton Ga for 99 cents on Tuesdays! Great deal! Hope it stays at this price for a while. The best part is def. the tarter sauce! Yummy! =D

  20. Andrew Wiskow says:

    I worked at McDonald’s in 1990-1991, and I remember one of the older workers there telling me that when the Filet-O-Fish was first introduced, they used ketchup instead of tartar sauce because there was no tartar sauce at McDonald’s. I’ve done some searching recently trying to confirm this, but I’ve had no luck… Nevertheless, I enjoy them with either ketchup or tartar sauce, just to mix it up. 🙂

  21. […] But something about the science of the sweet and salty, acidic and syrupy nature of condensed tomato product did resonate with me. I should mention, at this point, a potentially damning and unhealthy obsession of my refined sense of taste for the simplicity of the chemical combination known as Heinz 57. In simpler terms: I’m the kid who doesn’t get out of Chick-Fil-A without grabbing at least 17 packets of ketchup. I love it, and put it on everything, included slathering on Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. […]

  22. Mel says:

    I just ate the fish filet and I feel so sick. The room is spinning, I have a massive headache and feel nausea

    ugh I will never eat Mcdonalds again

  23. Greg says:

    DHey look i have to stand in defense of Adam here. Some of you are to invested in following people to validate what you do. The guy says thats how he likes his, not telling you to have yours that way. Infact he did say you can have it anyway you like. I think hes the perfect guy as a food ctitic, to try something different when he pleases. We all know it comes with tartar as a standard sauce. What difference would it make if he said thats how he likes it… Are you eating his sandwich. Get out of the herd mentality and appreciate an opinion of different vectors sometimes. Plus, i know some of you WILL be trying it with ketchup even though you write your crap. Too bad i dont have it for 99c where i live. Kiss off.

  24. david gelfanks says:

    YOU SIR HAVE TERRIBLE TASTEBUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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