Food News: Hand Breaded Chicken Fillet Sandwich from Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s

Summer says fried chicken, and what better way to celebrate than by sticking it between a bun? That’s exactly what Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are doing with their new Hand Breaded Chicken Fillet Sandwich.

A freshly prepared, premium, all-white meat chicken breast hand-dipped in buttermilk, lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown, then topped with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a seeded bun.

The sandwich clocks in at 650 calories and 33 grams of fat (6 saturated) at Carl’s Jr., and 740 and 35 grams of fat (6 saturated) at Hardee’s. Both chains are also offering coupons for $1.00 off on their websites.

24 comments on “Food News: Hand Breaded Chicken Fillet Sandwich from Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s

  1. Bubbs says:

    Considering this is an ordinary fried filet sandwich, without bacon or cheese food product or onion doodles or jalepeno zingers or a neon-colored “special sauce”… that is one appetizing sandwich in the picture in all it’s simplicity.
    But I do always get a kick out of the marketers who apply the term “lightly breaded” to anything that’s breaded, regardless of how heavily breaded it is. (I’m not complaining, more breading = more delicious fat-soaked crunchies dripping the oil/chicken juice down your chin and neck…. and yes this is a good thing).

  2. Pat says:

    I’ve tried this. Maybe it’s the way they prepare it at my local Carl’s Jr., but it tastes strange… Couldn’t finish it. Chicken was rubbery and tasted like rotten chicken.

    • Chris says:

      Similar experiences at my Hardee’s. The chicken just tastes off…although mine is mostly a texture issue…like it’s…wet or something, I don’t quite know how to describe it. Very chewy. The breakfast chicken is the same too, which sucks because I used to -love- the chicken biscuits.

      • Michael says:

        Exact same experience. Chicken had the texture and tasted like rubber. I think the oil they chose was a bad oil. something definitely tasted strange.

    • elizabeth says:

      Yes same thing with me the chicken was rubbery and i couldnt finish it i tryed but the breading was burnt and the chicken didnt really taste or feel like chicken

  3. Rodzilla says:

    Any ideas for the discrepancy in calories?

  4. rob says:

    I don’t know why they tend to make a big deal of “hand breaded,” to me a fillet breaded by a machine is better than one breaded by a fast food worker who is probably not even in this nation legally, I am less likely to get the Hep or E Coli from the machine, as a matter of fact I would prefer that none of my food was touched by human hands, just invent a machine to make everything. I know they are supposed to wear the plastic gloves, but “no hands” is even better than “hands wrapped in plastic,” if hands were such a great thing they wouldn’t have to wrap them in plastic to begin with, why not just call it the E Coli Sandwich?

  5. Adam says:


    I have no idea, but I don’t understand why every fried chicken sandwich HAS to have mayo at a BBQ place. To me, mayo and/or any added fat (butter, for toasting) is to provide flavor but also a hydrophobic surface to keep the bun from being killed. Hence, an aioli on a burger, which leaks moisture. Why use it here? I’d rather see like a spicy mustard or honey mustard.

  6. Rodzilla says:

    I think it must be the bun.

    Hardees version is 327g 72g carb
    Carls version is 285g 58g carb

  7. Melissa W. says:

    Uuuuuuugh. I am scared of this. The hand breaded chicken pieces were so bad. Both times the chicken was soggy and the breading was falling off. Not even edible. What works in the test kitchen doesn’t always work in the real world.

  8. Biff McGee says:

    It tastes like crap! Don’t bother. Even tried a Western bacon today that tasted like garbage. Carls Jr’s quality is going way down. $8 for a lousy burger that made me sick half-way through! Sux.

  9. larry says:

    IMO, Hardees had the best chicken sandwich 30+ years ago. I can remember getting off my morning shift as head custodian 🙂 at McDonalds when I was 16 and heading over to Hardees to grab two chicken sandwiches. Dressed with mayo and lettuce only, they were really simple and really good.

    As I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past, I’m pretty particular about my they strips, sandwiches..whatever. I do enjoy the Hardees hand breaded strips primarily because my litmus test for strips is, can they stand alone (sans dipping sauce) and Hardees strips, imo, can do that.

    Unfortunately for me, I started an Atkins eating plan a few days ago so by the time I saw this sandwich, fried chicken was not on my eating plan.

    As soon as I knock out a few weeks of Atkins though I plan to splurge on this sandwich. (But will still probably toss the bun)

  10. Anon says:

    Just had it since I used a BOGO coupon.

    This sandwich is plain… just the way I like it. Lettuce, tomato, mayo, bread and the hand breaded fillet which taste similar to the Chick-Fil-A breading. There was a lot of breading on the ones I got and it tasted good.

    For a typical chicken sandwich with veggies, this one is pretty good.

  11. Virtualguy says:

    I’ve been eating chicken sandwiches from Hardees (& Carl Jr.’s) for many, many years. The chicken seems to always be a little fresher than other fast food places, with the exception of Chick-fil-a. I manually pinch off the breading from one side of the chicken fillet, throw away one half of the bun, but the other half of the bun on the unbreaded side of the chicken, then, it’s just right. Fewer calories, less fat, very tasty! That’s doin’ it my way. 😉

  12. John says:

    It’s a chicken fillet sandwich. Not a chicken breast sandwich. Take a bite out of one and look at it and you’ll probably wish you cut it in half instead. What to look for is the horizontal layers of glued together processed meat slices. A real chicken breast will have a diagonal texture. Type in ‘glued meat’ into a youtube search and see what your getting.

  13. Bob says:

    John, do not libel Hardee’s, if it is glued it is not a fillet. They would be fined for false advertising for selling something as a breast fillet that is actually chopped and formed.
    I purchased one of these this last weekend and it certainly looked like real chicken to me.

  14. John says:

    Hey Bob… Bon appetit. Your probably right. What was I thinking?

  15. John C. says:

    I had the exact same experience tonight as Pat, Chris and Michael. So put off by what I just ate. It was weirdly fibrous and I just couldn’t nail down what made it so strange.

    It’s going to stay with me for awhile.


  16. Jkril says:

    Carls jr is going down the drain. All their chicken sandwiches tastes like crap. Rubbery and disgusting and the prices are a ripoff and inflated. Shaw yourselves the dough and go to chickfila instead. At least you’ll be eating a real chicken not some fake processed crap like carls jr has. Ate some chicken nuggets the other day at McDs and even that tasted better than Carls jr had. I’m done eating from this disgusting overpriced restaurant!

  17. Jkril says:

    Oops major typo: it’s SAVE, not SHAW. Damn iPhone keyboard. XD

  18. Qracker says:

    I am amazed at the negative comments. The very reason I’m out here looking for information about this sandwich is that it’s the best I’ve ever eaten! It reminded me of the Broasted chicken we used to eat when I lived in the midwest. Great batter, not greasy, simple. And it was absolutely a chicken breast. I completely agree with the folks who cringe at the cheesy saucy silly things that are done to some chicken sandwiches. I can’t wait to get more!

  19. Stacy says:

    I first tried thier sandwich with the BOGO coupon and it was great. I had 3 guests with me who also got the same thing and they are hooked on it since.

  20. Bethany says:

    This tastes just awful!! The texture is rubbery and the flavor is just…off… It makes me sad that this was the replacement for the delicious Big Chicken!

  21. Dee says:

    Yeah, I used to love getting the Carls Jr Chicken Club (came with all the alfalfa sprouts, other good stuff with good chicken) but now got one of the BBQ chicken things, it was bad, the chicken is like fake chicken, the consistency is all wrong. They went down hill.

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