Food News: Domino’s Artisan Pizza

Something new is coming to Domino’s:  Artisan Pizza.  Full details and pictures of the pizza are not yet available, but we’ll update when we find out.  Could this be the next big change for Domino’s Pizza?  Here is a pic of a portion of the pizza box:


From anonymous:

The Domino’s Artisan Pizza will be rectangular. The crust is a small dough ball stretched into a large pie with a rolling-pin, like a Brooklyn crust you can get now except with a rolling-pin. It comes three ways. Spinach and Feta, Sausage and Peppers and a Pepperoni-based pizza (details not clear).  Also whoever cooks the pizza has to sign the box.

So what do you think?  Anyone have any info on this? 


From GrubGrade reader Justin Houston:

I have a buddy who works at Domino’s and just finished training to make these on Wednesday. Actually got to try a slice or two as well! Here’s a few details:

– My friend said there were three varieties: Spinach and Feta, Sausage and Peppers, but the third (and the one I ate) was actually a Salami and Roasted Veggies.

– It’s a rectangular-shaped thin crust pie without any cornmeal at the bottom. Don’t expect char or bubbling or anything like that, of course…it’s still Domino’s. However, it was light and chewy without being tough or a nuisance. Fairly pleasant.

– The amount of cheese was much less than normal, but that should be expected on this kind of pizza where they are clearly trying to mimic “authentic, handcrafted” pies. In fact, I really didn’t miss it all that much. Makes me wonder whether I’d miss the mountains of mozzarella on the standard versions.

– The big thing he let me in on was that you cannot add items to the Artisans, only remove them. This isn’t a new crust and they don’t want people treating it as such. That kind of blows, as I’d love to add chicken to the spinach and feta.

– The price was what really surprised me. I see chains use words like “artisan” and assume it’s an excuse to jack the price. With only one size available, the pricing standard seems to be $8, which was WAY more reasonable than I was expecting.

– The whole package with actually pretty darn good, but I must admit two things: I was incredibly hungry at the time and my buddy is absolutely fantastic at turning out quality Domino’s pizzas. He’s kind of a Pizza wizard. A pizzard, perhaps?

I hope people find this helpful, and I hope this information stays the same when it goes public, as I’d be more than willing to throw down some cash for another like my buddy made.

41 comments on “Food News: Domino’s Artisan Pizza

  1. Randell says:

    Nice! I’m interested. I like the breaking news here on grub grade.

  2. Adam says:

    Color me intrigued…

  3. Hmmm, sounds like a nice change. I haven’t even tried the “new recipe” yet, two successive D operators near me have closed the doors – Dominos may deliver in 30 minutes, but not to me!

  4. i’ll be keeping a look out for this.

    current fav dominos pizza: philly cheesesteak pizza… replace the mushrooms for bacon. 😀

  5. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    I did a survey online about these pizzas a few months ago. They looked pretty decent in the photos.

    Another pizza chain had a similar survey up last month…

  6. larry says:

    Nice job Justin (and Ryan!). While these sound very much like the pizza I make at home, I’ll sure give them a try when they hit the local market.

  7. @graciHas says:

    Sounds like they’ve cooked up a new gimmick. Have a dude sign the box? Please…As if we think machines are making these things? I’m sure it’ll taste good, but this whole thing sounds like another come and go product we’ll all forget about in 2 years. And I used to work for Domino’s so I’m not just some angry customer lol

  8. Shannon says:

    Thanks guys for the info. I had always seen the artisan pizzas among the frozen pizzas, but never at a national chain.

  9. Manavee says:

    The last time I tried Domino’s was when they switched their crusts. It was alright (I think it was better than the old one but it had been years since I had last tried Domino’s), but I became very ill after I got done with the pizza. I was puking all night. I full admit it might have been a coincidence, but it’s hard for me not to associate Domino’s with violent vomitting now.

    That being said, I think Domino’s deserves some credit here. We’re always ragging on places like Subway and Burger King to up the quality of their product. Domino’s actually appears to be taking the perception of the quality of their product seriously and they deserve some degree of praise. I’m skeptical that it will be any better than something I can get at a local pizza place, but I would be open to try it (and cross my fingers that I don’t upchuck all night).

    • sara says:

      Hey! I work at dominos, you might be allergic to the garlic in it or such. You can order a pizza but ask for no garlic crust and than you will probably not have a reaction to it. Just for your info, i work at dominos and people want the old crust so ask for no garlic crust and if they give you one with new crust you will see seasoning on crust and tell then you want a new pizza cause this isnt what you ordered and they will remake you one

  10. Thomas says:

    I don’t know if Dominos is actually performing badly. But all of these recent changes just give me a negative view of them. I know I should be looking at them positively for trying to fix their problems. But month after month the problem still seems to be there, if there is a problem.

    I am sadly a fan of a good amount of cheese on my pizza. So I don’t think I would order one of these, unless it came highly suggested.

  11. pizzablogger says:

    While the major chains will always have the biggest slice of the pizza, the smaller places receiving most of the notoriety are obviously having an impact.

    “The crust is a small dough ball stretched into a large pie with a rolling-pin, like a Brooklyn crust you can get now except with a rolling-pin and the pizza being sentenced to a slow ride through a low temperature conveyor oven”.

    Go to hell Domino’s. –K

  12. Remaining Nameless says:

    I am a franchise owner and have created and sampled all 3 of the new Artisan pizzas. I think the public is going to really like them when they roll out nationally. The Sausage and Peppers is my favorite.

  13. employee says:

    This is going to sick to make! I hate that we are going to have to sign the box. This is going to be a pain in the butt when we are super busy!

  14. Don says:

    Any free samples before we decide or buy?

  15. Raiders757 says:

    I might have to give this a try. I’m not a big fan of Domino’s, but the recent new recipe did improve upon a very bland and boring pizza. I am a little turned off that we can’t pick the toppings we want on our pie, and are forced to a very limited selection only being allowed to make substitutions. Whoever came up with that idea, should be beat down with a rolling pin.

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  17. Mike N says:

    Nice to see Ryan get a shout-out on Slice. And this just a week or so after Adam had his first post on AHT. Impressive!

    Oh, as for the pizza, other than the name it sounds good, especially if they can keep the $8 price point.

  18. Briana says:

    I like how they make a big deal about the pizza being signed by whoever made it. I find the Pizza Tracker ™ informing me every step of the process of my pizza creation to be more than enough.

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  21. PIIIIIzzaa!! says:

    Domino’s crunchy thin crust with pepperoni, italian sausage and jalapenos is actually really good. The best combo I have thought up at least. If you get it as part of the large 3 topping carry out deal it is only 7.99 and can last you for 3 days worth of lunches. An important factor in these frugal economic times.

  22. Domino's Guy says:

    I went through the training. I assure you, there is no “rolling pin” involved in the process. As a matter of FACT, they are not even allowed in Domino’s Stores. There are many other misrepresentations presented here. The bottom line I will tell you is that they do taste good, and you can take that to the bank. I like mom & pop pizza chains just fine, and this pizza will give them a run for their money. Will some foo foo pizza places still have a better pie? Of course, but not for $7.99. The value is tremendous.

    • Raiders757 says:

      I was wondering about the rolling pin, as it seems it would make the crust far too dense, which is not a good thing with any kind of pizza. I doubt it will give my favorite mom & pop pizza shops a run for their money, but when I order fast food pizza, I don’t expect them to. I just hope they’ll come close, which is very rare.

  23. Anon says:

    Domino’s is claiming they were going to publish an article about this new pizza in USA Today, but now that this site (and now others after) have leaked the information, USA Today is no longer interested in doing the story. Domino’s claim they lost $1m in free media value because of this leak.

  24. anonymous says:

    This will be a great new product. Like all it is up to your taste. Noone forces any of you to eat domino’s. I do encourage that you do try the new pizzas. Anyone who bad mouths a pizza chain online is a moron. If you like it you like it and if you don’t you don’t. Why give a negative feed back because you didn’t like the taste. You might encourage someone not to eat the pizza even know they may have liked it in the first place.that’s costs the pizza chain customers and consumers a dinner. You guys make no sense and are idiots!

  25. Dominos Indv manager says:

    Dominos, in the long run, is run by mom and pop. The individual franchisees do not go around waving money in the air. Frankly, this new pizza is designed to help them make money. Most dominos store owners only own one store. This pizza is designed to be tasty and economical for both the customer and the business.

  26. Lena says:

    These artisans pizzas are delicious. Dominos may be giving papa johns a run for their money now. How long have they been working on this artisan pizza concept? Anyone have an idea?

  27. monkey bones says:

    Ive tried it. The crust tastes like a soggy matzah that got rebaked, no pizzaz and bland! Definately could use MORE cheese and probably a mix with some of thier parmesan and provolone, .The concept isnt bad. I dont know what theyre trying to do, it seemed they were on a roll, tha lastet commercials of middle aged white people posing as Dominos people is funny, especially that chunky woman wh is by the oven mumbling something and sounds like she done hits of coke! The one with the grey and brown hair with the big thick glasses who looks like she rode the little bus to school as a child! Thier recent ads are BAD!

  28. monkey bones says:


  29. Trish says:

    My store started selling them yesterday, along with doing in store samples this week. So far they’re going over well. Obviously they’re not like you’d get at a smaller local shop, but for a chain they’re great. They’re definitely unlike anything else we’ve put out!

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  31. HappyNanaMO says:

    Just ordered a spinach and feta artisan pizza from my Domino’s in O’Fallon, MO, and it was AWESOME. I highly recommend it!

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  33. aljacket says:

    I have tried all three. For the most part I liked them, but will probably tell them to hold the banana peppers.

    I did file a complaint about being able to add toppings. I agree with the person above would like to add chicken to the Spinach and Feta.

    I asked for a non-form letter response, and received the following form letter response:

    Thank you for contacting us at our World Resource Center.


    These are “chef inspired” recipes built off of significant consumer research. Not only do we not want to disturb the intended flavor profile, we want to ensure the correct end back as the crust will be thinner than a traditional hand tossed pizza. Any change to the toppings could diminish the taste and might make the pizza less crisp.

    Thank you for choosing Dominos!

    Most sincerely,

    Domino’s Pizza Customer Care ‘

    I sent a reply still complaining. Dominos had my local area manager call me, gave me a pizza credit, and told me that if I want extra toppings just let them know and they will do it for me. She did let me know that in the training for the new pizza they are asked “Customers should be discouraged from adding additional toppings” and “to keep the customer happy”. So the local owner/manger is caught between a rock and a hard place.

    • anonymous girl says:

      Thanks for this post. I’m interviewing at D’s corp HQ today for a CSR position. Overall, I’ve heard nothing but good things about this company and the majority of the franchisees.

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