Food News: Does Burger King Have New Fries?

Very interesting report from our friends at, who’ve let it slip that Burger King is selling new thicker fries, at least in the Chicago market. Has anyone tried them?

I know Burger King’s current (former?) fries have always ranked near the bottom of the barrel for most folks, so I’m curious to see if this is indeed a nationwide switch. Anyone got any more info?

UPDATE: A picture via GrubGrade reader Anthony

62 comments on “Food News: Does Burger King Have New Fries?

  1. Bobby Berry says:

    I thought something was different. I found them in Denver, CO. I am not sure I like them much.

  2. Chad D says:

    I saw a sign in Baton Rouge, LA for new fries at BK yesterday. I had already eaten at Whataburger so I didn’t get a chance to stop by.

  3. Michael says:

    Just had them here in Orlando, FL for lunch. Didn’t know anything about BK having new fries, just happened to go there for lunch. They are an improvement over the old ones, that’s for sure! Visually they are very similar looking to the old Wendy’s fries, and seem to have more of a potatoey taste to them. I didn’t really have time to savor and enjoy them for lunch, so I had to scarf them down pretty quick, but I would say they absolutely are an improvement over the old BK fries.

  4. Daisy says:

    Yes I had them at a Dallas, tx location. They are thicker cut and taste worse than their previous fries!!

  5. Nick says:

    Seems the same in Florida. I’d rather they got new lettuce instead.

  6. Smile says:

    I don’t know, I king of hope not. New does not always equal better (I’m talking to you, Wendy’s). Despite what others may think or say, Burger King has always had my favorite fries. Oh, the blasphemy! Haha. I’m sorry but to me, nothing can beat them.

  7. Jvitale623 says:

    I’ve had them in the metro-detroit area, They were a lot better than the old ones. Thicker and crispier almost kinda hard to describe then now since I ate them last week. Big improvement though.

  8. Paul says:

    I recently tried the new fries, they are exactly like the old ones, but thicker. Its just more of the same bad taste from before.

    • Billy says:

      They’re nothing like the old fries. They taste a lot like Wendy’s old fries. Ya know. Potato-y. Because they’re made from potatoes. I know this site is full of snarky “foodies”, but come on.

      They have cheese fries, but believe me, y’all — don’t even attempt to try them. It’s like liquid American cheese. It’s…revolting.

      • Manavee says:

        I second the cheese fries comment.

        DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT get the cheese fries or the cheesy bacon fries at Burger King. They are absolutely disgusting. Bad fries, bad cheese, bad bacon = Bad, Bad, Bad.

        If you’re looking for something new from Burger King that won’t cause you to throw up, the new apple pie a la mode I thought was actually pretty tasty. It’s not restaurant quality by any means, but for $2, I was satisfied.

  9. Nick says:

    They’re new and they are thicker. I had them yesterday in Willimantic, CT and wasn’t particularly impressed.

  10. Kristy says:

    I had them a few weeks ago. They’re definitely better than the old ones…but they’re no where near as good as McDonald’s.

  11. Anb says:

    Had them here in Colorado Springs the other night. They were alright.

  12. Danny says:

    Yeah, I stopped by a few days back for some fries at a Burger King and got these odd thick fries (which they do in order to fit less into the fry holders, based on the design, it seems) and I thought it was a mistake and asked about it.

    Just another way to cut corners in a climate where less people are eating fast food, I suppose. You really do get quite a few less fries.

  13. SkippyMom says:

    I liked their original ones [the ones from 14 years ago, before they changed] I wonder if I would like these. According to the comments, probably not.

    Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  14. Anthony says:

    They have them in Los Angeles. I took a pic with my cell phone.

  15. SmoledMan says:

    Better off not to try all the new fries – your cardiovascular system might thank you one day.

  16. Manavee says:

    Considering their fries have a general reputation of sucking, I don’t understand why Burger King would be upgrading their fries on the down low. You would think they would be making a big deal of this.

  17. Roger C. says:

    They’re everywhere, and they’re still terrible.

  18. jen says:

    Had them today in nh and I was like wow these are bigger, I liked them a little more then the smaller ones and also noticed that they stayed hot longer, think I got a very fresh batch because they were very hot!

  19. George says:

    I actually just had Burger King tonight, and I noticed that the fries were not the same. I actually like the new fries a lot better than the old. They seem to be cooked better.

  20. hortanz says:

    I KNEW SOMETHING WAS DIFFERENT!!! I don’t like them as much :/

  21. squidycent says:

    i had some yesterday and thought i just got a really good batch of fries. haha they tasted superb in my opinion

  22. Eagles409 says:

    After reading this article I went to BK and tried them last night, they are a huge improvement over the old fries, but that’s not really saying anything. I would say they are like a cross between Wendy’s old fries and BK’s old fries. They are larger and have a more potatoey inside, but they still have that disgusting, plastic, fake potato taste on the outside. The fries are the only reason I don’t ever go to BK, because I do think they make a great burger. These new fries won’t change the fact that I only go there about once a year, but they are definitely better.

  23. Raiders757 says:

    I got stuck having BK last week and somehow even this week. First thing I noticed was that the fries were different. Were they better than the recent pathetic version BK spewed out for years? A little bit, but not by much. They haven’t had good fries since they tried to take McD’s head on and created a fry with a similar recipe in the early 90’s. The new fries are a small step in the right direction, but far from the answer. BK has bigger issues than their fries anyhow.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      Well said.

      • Adam says:

        We get it. You hate BK.

        • Raiders757 says:

          Is that directed towards me, or Chef? If towards me, I’m pretty positive you guys figured that out a long time ago. Hate is too strong a word though. Disappointed is more like it. There once was a time when BK had their shiz together and put out a decent product. I was a Whopper addict big time. That was over two decades ago, and I can’t help but wonder how those in charge let their brand slide to the bottom of the barrel and stay there. For what they’re charging these days, I expect better.

  24. Obbop says:

    If a french fry is not of the crinkle-cut variety that fry is, in my Disgruntled Old Coot opinion, sub-par from the get-go.

  25. Lindsay says:

    They are selling them in my Des Moines, Iowa location that I frequent. They certainly are thicker and I agree that they stay hotter longer because of the thickness. They were crisp on the outside and fluffly and light on the inside. They aren’t greasy like McDonald’s fries can get (although McD’s fries are my favorite!). I thought the outside part of the fry was pretty dry and not oily. Good amount of salt and I could tell they were freshly made.

  26. Adam says:

    Anyone know if they still are coated in potato starch?

  27. Sean says:

    I had these in Buffalo a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure if I had just forgotten what they were like because I hadn’t had them in a long time, but I just had them today and they are different. And I think they are much worse. Similar to Wendy’s but with less crunch. I would not order the fries again.

  28. Manavee says:

    Here’s what I would do if I was Burger King:

    Go full on Beef Tallow with their French Fries and advertise this fact. Are there really that many vegetarians who actually go to Burger King that they would lose?

    1. This would almost assuredly make the fries taste better that whatever they’re currently using.
    2. They might be able to get people who remember “the good old days” at McDonald’s to switch over to their store.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      Would never work. Plus I know a ton of vegitarians that would be super pissed if they did that.

      • Jacob says:

        I would be one of those, although I’m just pollotarian. I quit eating McDonalds fries when they returned to adding beef extract to their fries. There are plenty of non-vegetarians that avoid beef. Plus, Burger King has been trying to win over the vegetarian market lately, so it would go against their past few years of decisions.

  29. Matt says:

    I’ve always liked BK’s fries (more than most) and these new ones are great too. I was lucky to get them hot and fresh out of the fryer and it was definitely a surprise opening my bag and seeing the new fries.

  30. Chipster22 says:

    I had them yesterday and am happy to say that they are much better than their previous fries IMHO.

    As others have also said, I sometimes skipped BK in favor of another fast food restaurant because of the fries even though a Whopper would have been my burger of choice that day. BK will certainly get a bit more of my business now.

  31. Marie says:

    I loved their old french fries – the ones they used to sell before changing the recipe in 1997…anyone else remember when BK had their 2 for $2.22 special in the early to mid ’90s (two hamburger + two small french fries for $2.22)? This was quite a deal compared to the inflated prices of today!!!

    Another blast from the past…Spooners – soft serve ice cream with oreo cookie crumbles on top. I still miss their original version of chicken tenders when they first came out in the late ’80s…

  32. bianca says:

    I was wondering the SAME THING and yup! They do…SO MUCH BETTER! I love them! I wonder why they weren’t advertised???

  33. Chad D says:

    Tried these fries in Natchez,MS today(also saw them across the river in Louisiana) the fries were wider, had more potato filling, and were pretty crispy. The flavor was lacking severely though, they were very very bland even with ketchup. They reminded me alot of Wendy’s old fries before the switch.

  34. Michelle says:

    They have them here in Winston Salem, NC. I opened my bag and was like whoa! new fries! They are not the best, but I think they are much better than the previous ones! Wondering why I have not seen any commercials for them… ?

  35. Stevereno says:

    I had the new fries three times in Utah before looking online. I thought it was a regional test or a mistake. I think these new fries are HORRIBLE!!! I’m actually shocked to see any positive feedback on here. They are soft, mushy, cold, and flavorless. I’m not going back again. The old fries were much better.

  36. jessica says:

    BK’s fries were my favorite fast food fry. not a fan of the new ones. very bland and potatoy. the crispness was missing. i won’t be buying the fries anymore

  37. Chefprotoss says:

    BK isn’t trying to rip anyone off. Think about how much gas was a gallon in the mid 90’s compared to now. Everything is more expensive. BK would go out of business if they did the $2.22 deal now. If you enjoy their product, you should want them to succeed. Otherwise you are just getting a bargin on the back of a failing restaurant. That’s not good eats.

  38. Joe says:

    I havent tried them but BK fries have sucked for many years people keep saying they tasted like old wendy’s fries if thats the case they must tasted 100% better i like the new Wendys fries and also the old ones so if BK tasted like old wendys fries i cant wait to try them

  39. Mike h says:

    Just had them again they are horrible I loved their old ones. They are soft and thicker with less salty taste. I think I saw that they are supposed to be baked and healthier. Not sure but they suck!

  40. Mike h says:

    Oh yeah I’m in Orlando, Florida

  41. john B says:

    I used to like BK fries before they changed to the nasty fries that taste like crap when cold.

    The last two times I have been to BK they seemed so much better, I like the new bigger fries, I hope they keep them. Im glad its just not the BK i go to that has the new fries.

  42. maxchain says:

    They’ve had ’em for a while in the nowhere Indiana town I hail from. Hate ’em.

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  44. Jacob says:

    I tried these a couple of days ago in Georgia and I think they’re quite a bit worse than their old fries. It just accentuates the already somewhat crappy flavor that they had while giving up crispiness (the only thing that made me tolerate them).

  45. George says:

    I think they are terrible. I liked the previous fries alot better

  46. Victoria says:

    Bring back the old fries……don’t like these new ones!

  47. manuel says:

    The worst breakfast sandwich I ever had.
    I da for double toasted bread. I got white muffin
    Not dark at all. And d manager said…. Yeah we double toasted.
    Darn. Never get good food from here.. Not comin back
    to eat here

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