Food News: Dip’n Chick’n from Popeyes

Yet another chicken concoction at Popeyes.  There was Wicked Chicken and Rip’n Chick’n… now there’s Dip’n Chick’n.  Just another way to eat the same chicken, but at least there’s a blackened ranch dipping sauce. 🙂 *** Click here for our full review. ***

Dip’n Chick’n is chicken breast medallions marinated in Louisiana herbs, breaded, fried and served with a double-sized portion of blackened ranch dipping sauce.  It’s served with Cajun fries and a biscuit for $3.99.

10 comments on “Food News: Dip’n Chick’n from Popeyes

  1. Raiders757 says:

    Had these for lunch today. Not a bad deal, but could have used a few more pieces of chicken. I only got seven, but they were tasty pieces indeed. Not surprising, my biscuit was buttery and fluffy good. Sadly the fries, although plentiful, failed due to lack of crispiness. Next time I’m going to ask for mash taters instead of fries, and see if they’ll do it with this deal.

  2. SkippyMom says:

    The nuggets look small. But I am sure they are offering an extra large serving of their dipping sauce because they get tired of their customers asking for extra and then being mad because they have to pay. They just added in the cost to the meal. Good marketing strategy.

  3. Chefprotoss says:

    I’ll pass. If they paired it with a cup of gravy, I would buy it as soon as possible.

  4. Griffin says:

    You know what these kinda look like? Rocky mountain oysters. 😛

  5. Manavee says:

    I tried these today. They were good as most Poepey’s stuff is, but nothing revolutionary. The chicken is cut in fairly thin, small sheets…so you end up getting a higher breading/fry to chicken ratio than you might otherwise get in some of their other products. I love their breading, but I think I would have preferred a bit more chicken.

    All of you white sauce haters should be aware that it is a ranch sauce….but it actually is pretty good. It has onion, paprika, and garlic in it and was very tasty. Plus, it ends up being more of a beige color than white, so I guess it’s safe.

    I did substitute for the potatoes and gravy at no additional charge, and they were great. The biscuit, as always, was phenomenal.

  6. For days I’ve been trying to remember what other fast food company produced something with a similar sounding name.

    In 2007, Krystal (the Southern man’s White Castle), released something called “Chik’n Stik’ns” that came with 2 free music downloads. For real. Totally different concept (as different as chicken served in a cup can be), but really.

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