Food News: Crazy Summer Flavors from Maggie Moo’s

Ice Cream chain Maggie Moo’s is treating guests to a “Maggie at the Moovies” summer celebration by introducing 16 new flavors to their lineup, featuring a new, crazy ice cream combination each week. The combinations are supposed to pay tribute to classic summer fair treats. They’ve already rolled out flavors like “Krispy Treat” (Rice Krispies, M&M’s, Marshmallow Topping) and Chocolate Covered Waffle (Goobers, Chocolate Covered Waffle Cone, Pieces of Sea Salt, Caramel Topping), and running through July 1st, they’ll be featuring a “Root Beer Float” ice cream that combines Root Beer Ice Cream, Pop Rocks, Bottle Caps, and a Marshmallow Topping.

Hey, it’s candy and ice cream. Definitely a win-win if you’re looking to get your sugar rush! A full schedule of the flavor releases (which run through September 9th) can be found on the Maggie Moo’s website.

4 comments on “Food News: Crazy Summer Flavors from Maggie Moo’s

  1. Shannon says:

    Sounds very creative, but I wonder if they taste as good they sound. I’ve never heard of Maggie Moo’s.

  2. Manavee says:

    I’ve never heard of them either, but agree that it looks good. Is it kind of like Coldstone, where they just mix in the other ingredients on site?

  3. Mike N says:

    You know my big problem with Maggie Moo’s is that they refer to their shops as “treateries”… I’m not a big ice cream/sweets fan so I can really pass judgement, but I do love me some coffee or rocky road ice cream, and Maggie Moo’s definately passes muster…

  4. missouri says:

    You had me at “pieces of sea salt”.

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