Food News: Carl’s Jr. Turkey Burgers Debut Today

Well, you asked, and a trip down to my local Carl’s Jr. confirmed it yesterday: Carl’s Jr. will be serving up Turkey Burgers just like its sister chain, Hardee’s.

Created with the help of Men’s Health, the trio of “healthier” burgers – all coming in at under 500 calories – will be offered starting today. In addition to a Turkey Burger identical to the Hardees version (Charbroiled Patty, Red Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, Dill Pickle Chips), Carl’s Jr. will also serve up Turkey variations of their popular Teriyaki and Guacamole Burgers. According to this press release, the Teriyaki Burger (470 calories) will feature Teriyaki sauce, a grilled pineapple, and Swiss cheese, while the Guacamole Burger (490 calories) will feature guacamole and pepper jack cheese.

13 comments on “Food News: Carl’s Jr. Turkey Burgers Debut Today

  1. maxchain says:

    AAAAWWWW. I don’t understand why Carl’s Jr. constantly has to one-up Hardee’s! Can’t they just have the same things?

  2. TBT says:

    Heck yes. I am buying this today for lunch. (BTW I was the one who asked yesterday). Awesome!

    • TBT says:

      Actually it’s pretty interesting that they are serving different varieties…no shroom & swiss? Since I hate red onions, I might have to go for the Guac variety. Teriyaki fast food makes me nauseous.

  3. Mattitude says:

    All 3 = instant disgusting mess

  4. Bob says:

    There’s NO such THING, as a TURKEY BURGER!

  5. FoodLove says:

    Just had one for lunch today. Verdict: Amazing. Get one now!

  6. darren says:

    these turkey burgers are actually pretty good, they make them with some nice sauce to add to the flavor. Definately a tasty healthy alternative to red meat burgers.

  7. Yeah says:

    Just had the teriyaki turkey burger with no mayo and it was actually quite good. I would definitely get it again…

  8. TheKingElRey says:

    Yummy Yummy for my Tummy! Mmm mmm Good!

  9. Carl's jr. turkey buger says:

    it’s not that good…. after waiting 20 min for it, the turkey was cold. the pineapple was on the side of the bun and the teriyaki sauce was everywhere….I’ll be going back to BURGER KING

    • My Two Cents says:

      I’ve had the Guacamole & Turkey and regular Turkey sandwiches and thought both tasted pretty good. I’d order both sandwiches again.

      To Carl’s jr. turkey buger: After working in the fast food industry (many years ago) I know that when you are served something that you aren’t happy with (cold food, sloppily made food, etc.) simply ask to speak with the manager on duty and calmly explain and show them what’s wrong and ask for a replacement item.

      Most places would rather have a chance to fix the problem than lose a future customer. The trick is to remain calm and talk to the manager like you’d want to be talked to (uh, respectfully, that is).

  10. kw says:

    Carl’s Jr should be ashamed of the new turkey burger – it’s tasteless, pressed and formed “turkey foam”. I tried one yesterday; the meat was suspicious reminiscent of a foam rubber……. Carl’s slathers the sandwich with various sauces in an effort to cover up the poor quality of the turkey “burger”.

  11. Stellar says:

    I am gonna get one for lunch this afternoon!

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