Food News: Bacon & Blue Dog and Kickin’ Coney from Sonic

Sonic is adding on to its 100% all-beef hot dog line again this fall, introducing two new hot dogs in the form of the Bacon & Blue Dog and the Kickin’ Coney. Here’s a little more information:

  • Bacon and Blue Dog: It’s a hot dog made with 100% pure beef, covered in crisp bacon, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato and blue cheese dressing on a poppy seed bun (450 Calories, 27 grams fat, 9 grams sat. fat, 17 grams protein.)
  • Kickin’ ConeyA hot dog made with 100% pure beef and topped with chili, cheddar cheese, crispy onions and chipotle BBQ sauce (480 calories, 27 grams fat, 11 grams sat fat, 19 grams protein)


In addition to the new hot dogs, Sonic is also introducing a fall-themed Pumpkin Pie Milkshake that comes with “real ice cream, real pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon blended with pie crust pieces.” It clocks in at 710 calories for a 14. oz shake and 1040 calories for a 20 oz. shake. I wonder if it’s as good as that Arctic Circle Pumpkin Pie Milkshake I had last year?

12 comments on “Food News: Bacon & Blue Dog and Kickin’ Coney from Sonic

  1. Noodlez says:

    Had both of those today. first time I had the new hotdog line. And I must say the Kickin’ Coney was so amazingly yummy. The Bacon and Blue Dog was a real let down for me however.

  2. Manavee says:

    I had both last week, and my reaction was actually the opposite of Noodlez. I really liked the bacon and blue…the chunks of bacon were huge (oddly a lot bigger than the promo picture). The bacon flavor thus really came through and I also liked the blue cheese dressing. Finally, they used a different bun, which seemed to be a bit less bready than their standard hot dog buns.

    My kickin coney was served scaldingly hot (as in, when you take the first bite, and you realize the roof of your mouth is blistering and there’s nothing you can do about it hot). Once it cooled down, I liked it fine, but I liked the bacon and blue better,

    • Noodlez says:

      My bacon was huge also, I was half way expecting bacon crumbs but it was huge chunks. However I found the blue cheese dressing had very little flavor. Maybe it just needed more of it.

  3. nickelmucks says:

    I prefer an all beef hot dog from Maverick (gas station)… They’ve got 20 different toppings for under 2 dollars, a bag of chips 1 dollar and large soda just a buck. $4 for a delicious lunch. Sonic can’t touch that price! Not gonna pay $8 for a hot dog and $3 for a soda sorry.

  4. Alex says:

    I had the Kickin’ Coney a few days ago. I must say, I was disappointed. I found it tasted a LOT like a regular chili dog from Sonic. It was good, but for whatever reason, there wasn’t much disparity between that and the regular chili dog. I’d give it about a 7 for that reason.

  5. Christian says:

    I tried the Kickin’ Coney a couple of days ago and it was very lacking. The chili was scalding hot (and rather bland as well) and the bbq sauce was generic without a hint of chipotle flavor. The onion petals were decent, but they couldn’t save it. I would avoid this one.

  6. Teresa Finley says:

    I tried the bacon and blue and was very disappointed. The only good thing about the dog was the bacon. The blue cheese dressing was tasteless, the lettuce and tomato were both wilted and the bun was hard. The actual hot dog was also tasteless, which I don’t understand since I have enjoyed their Chicago dog many times.

  7. The Pumpkin Pie Milkshake is AMAZING!!!! I was shocked at the real pumpkin flavor! I can’t stop buying them! I crave them every day! I need an intervention!

  8. Tiny says:

    I don’t know why so many people are saying the Kickin Coney isn’t any different from the regular chili coney. I just finished the Kickin and i have to say it is my new favorite item from Sonic and i hope it stays. Yes it does have the same chili and cheese as the regular chili dog, but the bbq and crunchy onions really add something different. It is true that there is no hint of “chipotle” in the sauce, it isn’t spicy at all if anything i’d say it’s sweet, but it really compliments the chili nicely. The crunchy onions were an excellent touch as well (granted mine were still crispy even after a 5 minute ride home in the bag) it really added a different texture dimension and kept my taste buds interested, overall i can honestly say i give this dog a 10/10 it was wonderful

  9. Aimee says:

    The Kickin Coney was messy, but amazing. It wasn’t scalding because someone @ work picked it up, and I hate burning my mouth & tongue, so I always let food sit a little. It was very very good, but could have used a few jalapeno slices.

    In other news, Sonic still takes 10 minutes to make 4 drinks.

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