Food News: A&W Chipotle Crunch Burger

Looks like the All-American root beer float and hamburger chain A&W is the latest to get in on the “Chipotle” craze, adding a sweet and smokey sauce to their new, reformatted burger lineup.  We recently gave you a review of the A&W Bacon Ranch Crunch, now comes the Chipotle Crunch:

Our New A&W Chipotle Crunch Burger has a kickin’ Chipotle sauce, pepperjack cheese and crunchy onions… all piled on top of a 100% US Beef Steak burger for a taste you’ll love. It’s a spice that’s just right!

In addition to the new burger, A&W has also rolled out a Peanut Butter Brownie Crunch Sundae to their menu lineup. You can get more information about both their items on their website.

7 comments on “Food News: A&W Chipotle Crunch Burger

  1. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    I call this one!

  2. J.B. says:

    Looks good, I will have to try it later this week.

  3. Jesse says:

    Hope this is decent, the Ranch burger made me gag when I had it in Minnesota. The Canadian A&W is MUCH better than it’s southern counterpart. Just saying..

    • SPM says:

      Jesse you are right, I have eaten at A&W in Quebec a good half dozen times and it is at a whole other level than the locations I have been to in the USA.

  4. rob says:

    Everyone is putting those crunchy onions on their burgers, looks like a food company came up with a version that is shelf stable and retains their crunch.

  5. wibia says:

    Agree, so many places are putting onion rings and crunchy onions on top. For my money, I stick to raw red onion. Chipotle craze has come back…It was big two years ago…bleh…

  6. Obbop says:

    Many fast-food firms are offering “new” varieties of what are actually rehashed minor variations of the same basic offering.

    I believe it is due to the lackluster economy with fewer folks eating outside the home.

    Personally, I prefer the basic burger/cheeseburger with my preferred condiments; usually lettuce, onuon, at times tomato, pickles removed and, at times, whatever “secret sauce is used… often some variation of Thousand Island dressing but to reduce calorie content somewhat I often ask for that to not be used.

    Basic fare and i hope the meat used is lacking bone bits and is fresh and properly cooked; not rare and not over-cooked; a happy medium.

    Most fast-food joints can do that so often price is my guide.

    Since A&W is often more expensive than their competitors I tend to shun them unless their fare is on sale.

    Are you aware that A&W had and has an A&W Bear as a mascot?

    Some outlets have an A&W Bear costume to assist in advertising locally.

    Most folks have never seen the bear prancing around akin to an idiot but I have.

    For a picture and the sordid story if an Old Coot’s “career as an A&W bear you can read it here:

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