Food News: Asiago Ranch Chicken Club from Wendy’s

I guess it’s gone nationwide since it’s on the Wendy’s website?  The new Asiago Ranch Chicken Club.  We brought you new of this new chicken sandwich last week, and here it is again.  Adam found it in Utah for $4.89.

These aren’t some boring ol’ chicken sandwiches. Meet Wendy’s new Asiago Ranch Chicken Clubs – tender, all-white meat chicken fillets topped with thick-cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, natural-aged Asiago cheese, creamy ranch sauce, hand-leafed lettuce, and hand-chopped tomatoes. Try one of these bold, new clubs in Spicy, Homestyle or Grilled.

17 comments on “Food News: Asiago Ranch Chicken Club from Wendy’s

  1. Natalie says:

    This looks pretty damn tasty, I love the regular spicy chicken sandwich…I’ll have to see if it’s available in Anchorage when I go to Wendy’s next.

    Too bad the new fries suck hardcore though.

  2. Justin ST says:

    I guess Wendy’s is too cheap to bring back the Monterrey Jack? Who cares, I’m slowly phasing out Wendy’s.

  3. Sara says:

    I had the grilled chicken version today. It was a large sandwich with crisp bacon. I would probably order it again.

  4. James says:

    Not only are the new fries worse than the old ones, Wendy’s restaurants always undercook their bacon. It’s limp, fatty, and awful, and it’s a lot cheaper (thinner and smaller) than shown in that photo.

    • greg says:

      Nope, not my Wendy’s. They fully cook it at all the ones I’ve been to in California. They have the best bacon imo out of most main stream fast food places.

  5. Aimee says:

    I concur, I want the Monterey Ranch back. Jerks!!

  6. missouri says:

    $5 for a sandwich? I’ll pass.

    Their new fries rock tho’.

  7. Manavee says:

    I had the Homestyle today. It’s good, but really not much different than their other iterations of their chicken sandwiches. All that’s really different is a piece of Asiago cheese. Is that all it takes nowadays to get a new sandwich line?

  8. Stacey says:

    I had the grilled chicken version of this over the weekend. The slice of asiago cheese is VERY thin – so thin that I could not taste it – and the ranch dressing on it was very watery and overpowered the taste of the sandwich. It was just like a regular chicken sandwich with bacon, tomato, lettuce and ranch dressing. Not worth the premium price. I would not buy this again.

  9. Crusader says:

    Come on guys, you’re being fooled by the corporate fast food heart attack machine. You’re better off making your own burger at home. That way you can use fresh produce and good condiments! Also you can home-made french fries which are the best.

  10. kylemeat says:

    Wow! Hand leafed lettuce? That’s comforting. How do they normally separate a head of lettuce? With their feet?

  11. Sean says:

    I tried the spicy version today. About four hours later it’s kicking back in a bad way. It was good. My ranch sauce wasn’t runny, but the asiago cheese really is too thin. I’d recommend keeping a bottle of Imodium handy for the rest of the day. The new fries are an improvement, but not by much.

  12. Dave in Harrisburg PA says:

    I thought the sandwich was good. Ranch sauce was thick and not overly runny. There was plenty of nice. crispy bacon. Leafy lettuce with a pale, anemic slice of tomato.

    However, restaurant #416 on Front St. in Harrisburg, PA is charging a 30 cent up charge for grilled chicken. I’m not sure if this is being done by corporate or if it’s simply the franchisee in my area.

  13. Ian says:

    Brilliant. Leaves McDonalds in its wake.

  14. Joel says:

    See, I’m a bit of a Wendy’s connoisseur … I eat there quite frequently, and I have been ordering the Combo 6 – spicy chicken, ever since I started going.

    Over the years I started ordering it with out tomato.. and asking them to add cheese and bacon..

    I’d also add a special sauce to my burger called “Ancho Chipotle Ranch” (ancho is a type of pepper, it isn’t anchovies).. delicious.

    They’ve since discontinued that dressing, as it was part of one of the Wendy’s taco salads that is no longer offered.

    In any case, I go to a Wendy’s that makes very high quality burgers most of the time, so this offer was very exciting to me, as it added the bacon and cheese for me, and the Asiago, I found was a very welcome addition. The taste was absolutely noticeable. I was surprised to hear you couldn’t taste it, but I have considered ordering two slices of cheese for an added layer of that particular flavour.

    I have begun using the dressing “Creamy Red Jalapeño” which is pretty good.. or alternately I’ll add a mixture of ketchup and mayo.

    Definitely my favourite item on the menu, and I hope it won’t be discontinued anytime soon.

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