Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month for December 2011: Candy Cane Chill Blizzard

‘Tis the season.  The Dairy Queen featured Blizzard Treat for December 2011 is the Candy Cane Chill Blizzard.

Peppermint candy pieces and choco chunks blended with creamy vanilla soft serve.

14 comments on “Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month for December 2011: Candy Cane Chill Blizzard

  1. Murray says:

    Does anyone else see problems with crushing candycanes and mixing them into soft serve? I’m imagining eating shards of broken glass.

    Still sounds good though. I’d just be careful.

  2. Adam says:

    They are also running a food promotion on their Bacon Cheese Grillbuger. Never had one of the grill burgers but I’ve heard good things.

    • Mike N says:

      Ooo, I haven’t heard of that promo; the Bacon Cheese Grillburger indeed rocks! Some DQs have sweet potato fries, too.

  3. Smile says:

    I was hoping for a gingerbread or peppermint bark Blizzard, so this one seems okay; basically a similar version of a deconstructed peppermint bark. I still wish that they would have swirled in pieces of p.bark, but that’s just because I’m someone who cant’ get enough of the stuff! ;D

  4. Sizzle says:

    Didn’t they run the same blizzard last December? It’s tough for a blizzard not to appeal to me, but I just haven’t been enticed to try it. There are so many better ways to go. I’m not hating on peppermint bark, which I love, but it just doesn’t seem that crushed candy canes in a blizzard would be good.

  5. Han says:

    This sounds good for a try. Apparently it has a cult following too, if you read the comments section of this link: http://blog.dairyqueen.com/blizzard/prepare-for-black-friday-with-a-blizzard-treat/

  6. Amanda says:

    Looks like it might be overly pepperminty for me, I like more of a hint of peppermint . I am also having a difficult time imagining the hard peppermint candy in soft serve.

  7. Alison says:

    Read this as “candy cane chili” at first and recoiled in horror.

    I sometimes get a frozen coffee drink from Gloria Jean’s that has broken up pieces of mints in it, and the pieces can sometimes be a bit sharp, but I don’t think I’ve ever injured myself.

  8. Manavee says:

    I tried this today, and actually thought it was really good. It is very “pepperminty” so if you don’t like that, it might not be for you. I had no sharp shards of peppermint. In fact, most of it was crunchy and granular.

  9. Meagan says:

    I had this today, and it was amazing. I don’t normally go for heavily mint-y things either, but this wasn’t overkill. The ice-cream was light and refreshing, minty, with candy cane pieces and chewy clusters (my fave). But not to forget the dark chocolate pieces which were perfect. I even made the comment that, “adding a peppermint patty would NOT be ‘too much’.”

    I only had a mini, so, I’ll be getting a small soon! (ok…tomorrow. It’s that good.)

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