Coming June 6th to Quiznos: Southern BBQ Pulled Pork Sub and Harvest Chicken Salad

A heads-up to the food companies out there… send me pictures and details of your “not yet released, soon to be available” new menu items and chances are I’ll post them on GrubGrade.  Free advertising, just do the work for me.  You’re at risk of me saying something like this though… I’m not a big Quiznos fan.  I used to like them a lot, but over the years, something went wrong and I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Readers will back me up, leave a comment my friends.  Oops, forgot this was a simple news post.  Coming Monday, June 6th to participating Quiznos locations, the Southern BBQ Pulled Pork Sub and Harvest Chicken Salad.

So what do you think?  Does the new Southern BBQ Pulled Pork Sub and Harvest Chicken Salad look promising? Will Quiznos be able to peel me away from new favorite sandwich chains like Jimmy Johns and Firehouse Subs?  Will a sub, chips and drink at Quiznos end up costing me 12 bucks?  Oh and back to my original statement to food companies, I wouldn’t have known about these new items if not for it appearing in my inbox.  Sadly, I don’t subscribe to many press releases and end up hunting food news down by spending way too much time on company websites.  So thanks Quiznos, and here’s hoping for some positive change.

39 comments on “Coming June 6th to Quiznos: Southern BBQ Pulled Pork Sub and Harvest Chicken Salad

  1. SkippyMom says:

    The few times I have had Quiznos I was underwhelmed. The subs just didn’t seem to meet up to the hype and the price. They seemed insubstantial for what we paid so we stopped going a few years ago.

    Sorry Quiznos.

  2. Seriously, is chicken salad the new bacon (an overrated food item that everyone feels it is 100% necessary to have on their menu)? This is getting out of hand.

    Agree with you on Quizno’s though. High price, moderate quality food=bad value.

  3. heather says:

    any idea if they will be available in Canada?

  4. Mike N says:

    Yeah, I’m a Quiznos hater too… but I love me some pulled pork. Still, I’ll stick to Penn Station for my sub needs (too bad they’re not in Maryland!)

  5. Manavee says:

    Well, I still like Quizno’s, by and large. That being said, I do agree they have major problems in terms of value, and I’m not sure who their market is these days.

    Subway’s pretty much has the market cornered for cheap, somewhat low quality subs. Quizno’s made a half-hearted attempt to compete with their Bullets and Torpedos, but those sandwiches just didn’t have enough to them to leave you full and feeling like you got a good value.

    There are other places like Cosi, Panera, or Corner where you pay a lot but you also will generally get high quality bread coupled with high quality ingredients.

    Quizno’s is in an uncomfortable middle ground…not quite as nice as those higher end shops, but definitely not as cheap as Subway. In fact, their prices are more similar to the higher end shops, but you aren’t getting those higher end ingredients.

    Another thing that is a bit bothersome about Quizno’s is that it can take a long time to get your sandwich. If there is no line, you’ll be fine, but if you are 3 or 4 deep in a line you’re going to be waiting a while. This is opposed to Jimmy John’s, also somewhat of a middle end shop, but they really are very fast with the sandwiches (and you pay more middle end prices).

    All in all, however, I still like many of Quizno’s sandwich creations…certainly a lot more than any of the swill “Sub of the Month” creations from Subway. Quizno’s price point, however, I think remains too high for the quality they deliver.

    • Raiders757 says:

      When the rubber hits the road, Quiznos’ crushes Subway in overall quality. Sadly, that doesn’t say very much. In the fast food sub world, the $5 foot long rules, and Quiznos’ offers very few $5 options. I’m not paying anything more than $5(plus tax) for a 12 inch sub from either place.

      It’s just not worth it for any other option, as their fully priced foot longs cost almost as much as any local mom & pop shop. Paying anything more than $5 for any foot long at either place, is a ripoff. Even worse, on a side rant, paying $5 for a six inch Subway Club? WTF?!

  6. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    Ten years ago I used to eat at the Quiznos near the art institute of alexandria all the time. It was awesome. When they started popping up all over VA about eight years ago the quality went downhill fast. The subs don’t seem toasted as well as before and the ingredients seem… Old. My guess is the convayers on the ovens were sped up to save time and the managers are pricks about food costs. While on paper that stuff seems like a good idea, you can’t fool people’s taste buds. I also read something a couple years ago about quiznos treating their franchisee’s like crap. Combine all these factors, and I want nothing to do with your restaurants. Lenny’s, firehouse, hell even wegmans all have fantastic subs. With competition like that in a two mile radias of my house, you are screwed if your 14 dollar subs can’t keep up.

    • Chefprotoss or dan says:

      Just realized that its a salad with chicken. Don’t put chicken directly in front of salad. Chicken harvest salad or harvest salad with chicken makes more sense. Yes I am an idiot but so is most of the public. Ceaser chicken salad sounds like you used salad dressing instead of mayo on a sandwich.

  7. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    One last thing too, and this is to any fast food restaurant; please stop imitating the competition. Just because arby’s subway and everyone else has chicken salad, doesn’t mean your key to success is chicken salad. From chipotle to fine dining restaurants, I take my money to establishments that keep things simple and are really good at what they do. People don’t go to five guys because any burger will do, they go because five guys serves a superior product at a fair price. Gimmicks only seem to work for taco bell. Don’t treat your customers as if they are eight years old with a pot smoking problem either. If you are going to act upscale, don’t ask me to dip my ten dollar sub in nacho cheese. Your marketing execs are idiots.

  8. Levin says:

    I’m originally from Memphis and a Southern pulled pork sandwich is meat, sauce, and slaw. PERIOD!! Nothing Southern about this!

  9. Bubbs says:

    BBQ Pork and cheese never seemed like such a good match to me. I’m trying to imagine melting a slice of cheddar onto a slab of saucy baby backs….. Is cheese on BBQ pork a popular combination with a large population?
    I’m a believer in zany and unusual food combinations that just *work* for some reason, but this one seems along the lines of nacho cheese on Cocoa Puffs. Just seems wrong.

  10. We Are 138 says:

    I am on the side of the fence that likes Quizno’s, but I have to also agree about the price point being kind of high. I prefer the traditional offerings that they have ( I hate that they got rid of the Meatball sub), but sometimes these new creations can be a little overwhelming. With that said, I can’t see how the BBQ pork sub will last. I guess I am biased since I am from the south and I think I know a bit about real bbq, but when places put either mustard or pickles on a BBQ sandwich, there is something seriously wrong. Slaw is the same way. Cheese, no need for it. If the ‘Q is good, the only thing it might need is a bit of sauce.

  11. rob says:

    I like the Quiz but pulled pork should have cole slaw on it not cheese. The big question is “Will the pulled pork be any good?”

    Imo the chance that the pulled pork will be good is maybe 1 in 40. With sub shops you don’t want to go with barbeque cause if they made good barbeque they’d be a barbeque joint, not a sub shop.

    With a sub shop you want to stick to the basics like slices of ham.

  12. sandi says:

    i used to work at quiznos and i recommend eating there to people who ask about it still to this day. The meats and cheeses are high quality, especially compared to subway, and are cut fresh daily just like in a deli. I do agree that the prices are outrageous and i always do feel like im being ripped off (average total is usually about $10 for a combo when it should be about $7-8 max!) Quiznos has gone downhill in many ways as far as trying to do everything that everyone else is doing to draw in as many customers as possible but what they really need to do is just focus on making good subs at good prices! They just need to nix on the bologna gimmick items but keep the soups!!! The broccoli cheese soup has always been a huge hit, before and after working their its always been a top seller for quiznos.

  13. Tazeen says:

    My friend and I used to be OBSESSED with quiznos in 2003-2004. It was so good back then! The quality has gone down so much since then… It’s so sad.
    Also they got rid of the roasted red pepper sauce that used to go on my favorite sandwich. boo.

  14. J.B. says:

    Can’t wait to try this.
    They did an excellent job with the lobster sandwich, so I have renewed faith in Quiznos.
    They are getting better and making a serious attempt to get better, while Subway is dying on the vine.

  15. Roger C. says:

    I’ll give this a try before heading to Vegas.

  16. maxchain says:

    It’s probably the prices. These guys make the likes of Wendy’s look reasonable.

  17. Shannon says:

    I think they have Caprese and Mediterranean chicken salads coming out soon too.

  18. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    A caprese from quiznos? No thank you. Caprese is all about freshness. Just picked basil, fresh pulled mozzerella(curd turned into cheese), perfectly ripe juicy tomato, a touch of salt and cracked pepper, finished with a drizzle of olive oil and good balsamic. There is no way they can pull that off. Please just try and make a sub that tastes good first.

    Whats next? A confit de mallard torpedo?

  19. Ray says:

    This doesn’t even sound good! Quiznos SUCKS now!

  20. J.B. says:

    Just had it.
    Not too bad.
    Good quality pickles.

  21. missouri says:

    Prices at Quizno’s are too high for the lackluster quality – and my local franchises are coupon Nazi’s – yes, I’m talking to you Scott. They make it impossible to get a decent deal on the overpriced food – Jimmy John’s is my go to place for subs.

    Cheese on a pulled pork sub? Blech.

  22. Roger C. says:

    Just had this too, it’s a winner.

    BTW, some people need to realize this is Quiznos. Just saying. Get over yourself…”caprese must be fresh”, lol!!!

    • Chefprotoss or dan says:

      Yeah roger. If you say you are going to serve a caprese, do it right or go home. Don’t act upscale and halfass it. That is what I love about taco bell. They don’t try to act like an 89 cent burrito is something it isn’t. Thats my two cents anyways =P

      • Roger C. says:

        Once again, this is Quizno’s!

        You know where you need to go in your area if you want good caprese!

        My god, am I really having this conversation?

  23. Raiders757 says:

    I love pulled pork, but I have never found a large chain/franchise that can pull it off. Even the crap they sell in small buckets at your local grocery store beats them out, and that is beyond sad(…as it sucks major balls). Fast food BBQ sauce is always too sweet to begin with, and from my rare encounters with fast food pulled pork, it lacks in any flavor what-so-ever. I tried Bojangles’ latest attempt, and it completely sucked. I can’t say I have any confidence in Quiznos version.

  24. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    I’m not really following your arguement either. Mine is; don’t charge a premium price and act upscale if the food is mediocre. Your’s is; what do you expect it’s quiznos.

    It’s no biggie broseph. No need to get angry. =)

    I just want to see quiznos serve great subs again. I will gladly pay for flavor. Mucking up a dish they have no business trying to make(caprese, coq au vin, carpaccio etc..) just seems silly and won’t fool anyone. The basic subs will still suck. Some people still like quiznos, but a lot more are like me and wish they were even half as awesome as they used to be.

  25. Keith says:

    Lots of great comments here for the most part. I agree with Quizno’s and I think I know where things went wrong for them – 5 dollar footlongs. Quizno’s used to be the anti-Subway – quality and freshness over slimy, mass produced cheapness. But Subway’s 5 dollar footlong promotions started eating into Quiznos’ growth, so they decided to lower prices. Both the quality and amount of ingredients in Quiznos subs fell, just to compete at Subway’s price point. This is also around the time they backed off their subs completely and started to push the bullets, torpedos and sammies.

    I used to love Quizno’s – I gladly paid extra for the quality over Subway. But now I’m not so impressed.

  26. Adam says:

    Dang, I never knew a Quiznos sub could ignite such a debate! I likee Ryan’s take from the “About” section:

    We take the food for what it is. Let’s not go comparing a McDonald’s cheeseburger to filet mignon. Food is our passion. Let’s have fun with it.

    Is pork at a fast food or fast casual place too sweet? Compared to a down-home BBQ joint with a smoker, it might be. I’m more interested in the fact that somebody is willing to go the non-Southwestern flavor profile. Nice to see an alternative meat like pork being used as well.

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  28. James says:

    Take it from me, STAY AWAY from this sandwich. I had this today for lunch and it left me with a nasty sensation in the belly for a few hours afterwards.

    I ordered the sandwich, sans the mustard and pickles; regrettably, I forgot to leave the cheese off. Because Quizno’s dips the meat in that ‘au jus’ liquid, the sandwich becomes a soggy mess shortly after it comes off the conveyor belt.

  29. Brad says:

    That sandwich has my personal culinary kiss of death on it with the pickles/mustard combo.

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