Checkers 2 for $3 Deal: Crispy Fish Sandwich and Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The latest deal at Checkers gives you a choice of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich or Crispy Fish Sandwich for a nice low price.  The 2 for $3 deal is available in my area.  Prices and participating vary.  I’m hoping the Crispy Fish Sandwich is nothing like the Deep Sea Double.

Bring on the flavor! Now for a limited time you can get two of our fresh and flaky Crispy Fish Sandwiches or two of our always tender and juicy Spicy Chicken Sandwiches for one really, really low price! Now that’s Feasting! Feeling wild? Mix and match and get one of each!

5 comments on “Checkers 2 for $3 Deal: Crispy Fish Sandwich and Spicy Chicken Sandwich

  1. Justin ST says:

    It’s 2 for 2 bucks in my area, I believe. I don’t know why your local Checkers/Rally’s hates you!

  2. Shannon says:

    Where I live, the deal is also 2 for $2. With the price being $1, I still don’t feel like the fish sandwich is worth it.

    • Billy says:

      Are you kidding me? Considering a filet of fish is $2.49, it’s definitely worth it! And that Spicy Chicken is the best spicy chicken under $2.50 at any fast food place, ever. At $1, it’s a STEAL.

  3. Serpico009 says:

    2 for $2 in South Central PA, as well. I can vouch for the spicy chicken, they are really good and much better value for the money than the $1 McChicken at McDonald’s.

    I have found that these are almost never pre-cooked or waiting to be assembled when I order them at my local spot; always have to wait while they throw some chicken into the fryer.

  4. Ray says:

    2 for $2.00 just ended, and it is now 2 for $3. At 1.50 apiece, they’re an excellent deal. This is one of the best tasting fish sandwiches I’ve ever eaten at any fast foods restaurant,hands down.

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