Carl’s Jr. Adds Steakhouse Burgers

For those on the west coast… Like Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr. has also added Steakhouse Burgers to its menu this week.

Steakhouse Burgers combine a Charbroiled All-Beef patty, A.1.® Steak Sauce, crumbled blue cheese, and crispy onion strings. Tastes like it’s made by the god of hamburgers

6 comments on “Carl’s Jr. Adds Steakhouse Burgers

  1. Jim says:

    I had one today and it was GLORIOUS
    Love this spot, it’s typical Carl’s grandeur but now with a hot guy.

  2. Fede88 says:

    Burger: looks promising and sounds even better
    The dog: looks rocking! Literally! Genius idea!
    The girls: hot as hell…sorry…as Heaven!
    The Hamblor: he can only be a GOD! I wanna be like HIM!

  3. wrongway says:

    Yay! Finally, a step towards equality with a half naked man on display.

  4. Mark says:

    The Six Dollar Burger version costs $5.99 locally (before tax.) Sort of defeats the original intent of having the Six Dollar Burger, no?

    At any cost, it isn’t very good.

  5. jenne says:

    those “crispy” onion strings are a joke…nearly non existent and mushy in the extreme… A&W does a much better onion string burger, theirs are always crispy.. the combination of the bleu cheese, A-1 sauce, salty baconette, and the mushy onions made this almost indelibly salty.. bring back the Bourbon Burger!

  6. Anon says:

    Finally, had the chance to try this burger using a BOGO coupon. Got a free single steakhouse with my order of a double steakhouse burger.

    Thought i wouldn’t like it… but I did like it. This burger tasted better than Wendy’s blue cheese burger, which had too much blue cheese flavor overpowering the burger. The meat in the double was just right and much better ratio than the single.

    Have to admit, last year I thought Carl’s Jr was doing worse with bad QC, but this year, I’ve again started to enjoy it’s burgers, greatly. I once again find the double western delicious, and Carl’s offerings have been great.

    Good job, Carl’s.

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