Blueberry Waffle Breakfast Sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts

Say whaaaaa?  You remember the Waffle Breakfast Sandwich right?  We reviewed it way back in March 2009.  Dunkin’ has the latest version of the Waffle Breakfast Sandwich using blueberry waffles.  The Blueberry Waffle Breakfast Sandwich. 550 calories, 38 grams of fat. Observe:

The breakfast sandwich you fell in love with, now with blueberries. Two blueberry flavored waffles, scrambled egg, maple flavored sausage, and American cheese. How can it get any better?


14 comments on “Blueberry Waffle Breakfast Sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts

  1. Adam says:

    CFA should make a chicken n waffles breakfast sandwich. Would be better than any bacon and egg nonsense DD comes up with!

  2. Natalie says:

    That doesn’t exactly look like scrambled egg to me.

  3. J.B. says:

    Oh that looks good.
    Dammit I don’t have a Dunkin Donuts near me.

  4. somesteve says:

    can I say yes to you?

  5. Mattitude says:

    I will need one of these pronto!

  6. maxchain says:

    I might have to make the commute to one just to see how short of the promo image the real deal falls.

  7. Nick says:

    Talk about a heart attack

  8. Harvin says:

    I just ate this for breakfast. I took a bite, and the American cheese just didn’t taste right with the blueberry waffle. I ended up eating the cheese and egg together, then enjoying the waffle and sausage as a sandwich. With my curiosity quenched now, I’ll go back to my usual sausage, egg and cheese croissant.

    What I don’t get: why is the sausage square?? DD has round sausages to go on their croissant sandwiches, so why not use the round one on this sandwich, too?

  9. snips says:

    I don’t care what anyone says. When the other waffle sandwich came out, I seriously had one every day for at least a week with my iced coffee. I was in love. I saw this and almost freaked out. Yeah it’s greasy and gross looking, but it’s Dunkin’. A friend just put money on my DD card so I could go get one >.<

  10. Belieber4Life says:

    I tried the same idea at home, and it turned out to be quite delicious. i made it better than i would have ever been able to buy. the waffles were toasty, cheese melty, sausage crispy and eggs fluffy. yummo, as racheal ray would say.

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